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  1. I did not had that issue, later I built the Kfir C-1/F-21 which is the same fuselage and I was fine there too. Look at these: This is a Finger which has the same nose/fuselage joing, look at the shadow Here is pretty obvious
  2. Awesome!, I have both a SUE and an E IV in my stash waiting for his turn in the bench and this thread is going to be a great source for 'inspiration'. Thanks for sharing!
  3. Lovely build! specially those add-ons you made, I like Cobras a lot, in fact I have stashed two of the old monogram kits, which I must say age really well.
  4. Gosh, it's almost psychotic all that goingo on in such a tight space, good job!
  5. Looking great, I whish you the best, but not without some envy
  6. Cool job!, btw, where did you got that resin?, BM is so bad to my wallet
  7. Those Airfixes scooters are awesome, great fun, what I call a "shampoo build" You did a beautful job mate! congrats
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