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  1. Thanks Selwyn, much appreciated.
  2. In this photo of G-HAWK, can anyone confirm the bomb types being carried. They look to me to be 500lb / 1000lb sizes and that's generally confirmed in captions, but are they UK or US type weapons? They look to long and thin for UK, but slightly too fat for US - to me anyway. The tail fin shapes are new to me too. Thanks for your help. Photo from BAE Systems
  3. Christmas is a time when yawning seems to be a popular past-time. Here’s an opportunity to practise whilst looking at what I managed to cobble together in 2019 from the loft-insulation. All are brush-painted in acrylics, out-of-the-box builds and 1/48th scale unless otherwise noted. Here we go then ... First of the year was another Rafale was added to the small but growing collection. This is a French Air Force Dassault Rafale B from Escadrille SPA 79 (Tête de loup), Escadron de chasse 1/4 Gascogne on Operation Serval in 2013. This is the Revell Rafale B (with bomb rac
  4. Here is a build of the Kinetic M-346 Master in the colours of the Republic of Singapore Air Force, albeit with a special scheme tail celebrating 20 years of training partnership with the French Air Force. In addition to the home-made decals for the tail, I also included the Yahu cockpit set. Aside from that, it's entirely from the box contents. Some of you will know that this is the first kit from the new "Gold Standard" in the Kinetic range and thus sets expectations for better quality. I think it meets mine and there really are no dramas putting the kit together, except the ones of your own
  5. For those of you interested in Harriers, here are some photos and reminders of the Harrier Special Interest Group's display at this year's show ... Harrier: One of a Kind
  6. UPDATED with very late entry (see end of thread) Here's this year's shelf fillers that were reconstructed from bits of plastic insulating the loft and are now collecting harmful dust and pollutants on the display shelf. Not a particularly productive year, let's say quality over quantity - I wish! No whales or cute cuddly animals have been known to be directly harmed in the making of these kits. Panel lines have generally been left alone too! All models are 1/48th unless otherwise stated and are brush painted. On with the show ... F
  7. Hi ChocksAway


    Please can you pop up a pic of Pollock's Hunter flying through Tower Bridge?


    On BBC Look East news they interviewed him, and it be great to provide a link so others can hear him.


    Thanks in anticipation


    Please PM me


  8. At club night, the first remark I heard about this model was ... "You do know it's not a Harrier, don't you?" ... which explains why my usual instructions and build notes didn't match the parts I was working on. And then I heard "It's a bit big for you, isn't it? ... which also explains why none of the items in my spares box were any use at all and the paint was disappearing faster than usual. Sadly the next remark was not "Do you want a beer?" but "Have you had enough of Harriers then?" And the answer to that is, "No, of course not!" Now it's true to say th
  9. Here's a photo of said model from my club's website ... I used LifeColor's acrylic Light Compass Ghost Grey (FS36375) for the main scheme and Light Gull Grey for the radome.
  10. Correct - my apologies. Got carried away. POST ABOVE REVISED. Time to hang up my keyboard and retire from BM.
  11. Dennis Here's what I have or know about AV-8B colours - feel free to research more and draw your own conclusions using this material to kick start ... I believe the AV-8B scheme entered service with a RAF-mimic of dark grey / gark green / light aircraft grey using FS36099 / FS34079 / FS36440 respectively- the "AV-8B land camouflage scheme" and which is documented in MIL-STD-2161A. The under-side colour was then removed again as per the RAF and became a "wraparound" with FS36099 ad FS34079. The first HTPS (Harrier Tactical Paint Scheme) "AV-8B tactical" was officia
  12. Sadly the photobucket changes have removed a lot of the photos, but pressing on regardless, here are the rest of my 2017 Harrier builds for those that are interested and didn't see my 2017 Yearbook entry ... Following on from the Art Nalls FA2, I decided to have a go at one of the AV-8B II FSD (Full Scale Development) aircraft and chose 161397 ("Ship 2") for its striking colour scheme. It's the 1/48th Monogram kit ... Next up, and long over-due, was a build of the Kinetic Sea Harrier FRS.1. Typically, I chose an aircraft not in the kit, XZ452 whe
  13. Here are my plastic shelf fillers for 2017 ... BUT, before we get there, I have to give you the following politically-correct, cover-my-back warnings before we proceed. If you take offence by looking at aircraft that are … · without pre- and post-shading of panel lines with 50 shades of black and grey · lacking 57 varieties of weathering powder · minus photo-etch and cockpit resin that costs three times the price of the kit · missing corrected and re-scribed panel lines and individual rivets then please leave immediately
  14. The fan blade C3 should have been included in Section 7. I added it to the back of K8 - which I did not split - before fitting. White is the default - but there was some variation due to the scheme in the single seaters so worth checking reference photos for your chosen scheme or wait for someone with the knowledge to pop up on here with the answer! There are a few other instruction errors: Seats supplied are not relevant to TAV-8A/TAV-8S. L24 should be labelled L21 in section 2 K31 is applicable to all fins in Section 12 and PE6 is only applicable to a T52 (not in
  15. Chris Fantastic. It was an inspired idea and reminds us all that we are supposed to enjoy ourselves in this hobby and have some fun. If I have one criticism, it is that you forgot to put thick black panel lines on all the aircraft. I put this down to your inexperience with aircraft modelling. I shall let you borrow my black Sharpie pen so you can make suitable alterations.
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