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  1. CMK’s 1/48 Palouste due for release any day now...
  2. CMK’s Palouste pics
  3. Just had a reply from CMK that their 1/72 Palouste set will be upscaled to 1/48, with more detail, hopefully the master finished by the end of the month. Great news to add detail to this kit or any other FAA air starter aircraft.
  4. Someone converted the CA one here but it needs some more work and is up for the price of Alan’s kit..... https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F113498258891
  5. I’ve got a CA Gannet so will see what the canopy fit is like in comparison. Not trying to fit two total different mark Spitfire lids on!....but if the main hood is similar i.e bulged sufficiently and can be trimmed to match screen and bulkhead, scaled down in 1/48 the Dynavector one could mate to the fuselage or it would be thin enough to be slid back in the open position. The current one looks like a barnacle and hinged up and over rather than slid back.
  6. Had a good look at mine last night and bar the odd air bubble, which is easy to fill it’s a very good casting. As for canopy, how close is the AS.1 lid? I’m thinking if anyone with a spare Dynavector one that could be donated for use for windscreen and canopy, which would probably look fine if left open. Unless some kind soul can vacform one of ours for some ££. If anyone can do either i’m Interested!
  7. Thanks for the pic, Nice tail badge that I have never noticed before. Looks like a thin gold-ish? ‘A’ with a feathered Gannet in flight.
  8. I have alley cat models tanks but they are for ASW/COD Gannets. If we all email CMK, maybe w. e can persuade them to scale up the 1/72 Palouste they make. Want one for either this Gannet or one of the Dynavector Scimitars or Airfix Buck/Vixens in the stash.
  9. My invoice says 006. I fancy an 849sqdn with black and red bands, need to look at what can be used to make the underwing tanks as these also carried colour bands on the fronts.
  10. I too have made it on the shortlist. Now or never decision to send that email!
  11. Thanks for the info John certainly fancy one to go with the classic airframe AS.1 I have and I don’t hold much hope for a mainstream kit being released, although there was rumour CA had one in development before they folded.
  12. Please tell us more, how detailed, price, cast or vac canopy,? Guessing hollow cast?
  13. Thanks for your service to modelling Jeffrey. i managed to get an early & late A-3 canopy that arrived safely today. Two canopies but only one kit to choose what era....or straight on to eBay to buy a second Skywarrior. Safe move and i will be back to see your new products in the future.
  14. Thanks Giorgio. I asked Special Hobby and they confirmed it isn’t theirs/Tarangus model so it looks like ESCI re-issue.
  15. Mmmmm a Viggen JA-37...is this a collaboration with a Special Hobby/Tarangus to release theirs under Italeri like they have with other kits by Special Hobby.....or is it the old ESCI kit brought out of the dusty vaults, which I didn’t think was a JA-37 but an AJ????
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