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  1. rafrobbo

    50% OFF at Hypersonic Models

    Thanks for your service to modelling Jeffrey. i managed to get an early & late A-3 canopy that arrived safely today. Two canopies but only one kit to choose what era....or straight on to eBay to buy a second Skywarrior. Safe move and i will be back to see your new products in the future.
  2. Thanks Giorgio. I asked Special Hobby and they confirmed it isn’t theirs/Tarangus model so it looks like ESCI re-issue.
  3. Mmmmm a Viggen JA-37...is this a collaboration with a Special Hobby/Tarangus to release theirs under Italeri like they have with other kits by Special Hobby.....or is it the old ESCI kit brought out of the dusty vaults, which I didn’t think was a JA-37 but an AJ????
  4. Looking at the sprue pics, the rockets are and their launch platforms are included.
  5. rafrobbo

    Skywarrior canopies

    Hello Jeffrey any news on more stock of the bomber Skywarrior canopies and the version ones in development? regards Andy
  6. Thanks for the info jeffery, I will be popping by your stall with my wallet.
  7. Hello Jeffery, i have read read reviews of the Trumpeter kit saying the canopy isn't right for a bomber as it's for a version? But there are so many quotes and descriptions I am still not sure which is which. Do you have a list of which A-3's your canopy is for and which dates or timeline from early to late at all? I have a couple of A-3's in different variants and a few Steel Beach extras for conversions to make an RA-3B and KA-3B, plus the standard A-3B and a TA-3B. Now I also want a full bump ridden EKA-3 too.
  8. Seen this listed at Hannants by Brigade models as BKC48003. https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/BKC48003 Anyone know more? Searched the net but all I could find on Brigade models seem to be wargamer stuff and Spitfire conversions.
  9. There's a new book out on the F-84F & RF-84F with lots of colourful markings for inspiration, including a painting of the Danish jet on the new decals. Book review here on BM: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235000019-f-84frf-84f-thunderstreak-thunderflash-new-book/#entry2311977 I hope a decal maker picks up a copy to release some more F-84 sheets. If more references are needed PM me.
  10. rafrobbo

    Regarding The CMR Buccaneer S1....

    The original owners of CMR retired and passed the company to the good hands of MARK1 Ltd, however Petr had one unfinished project, the Buccaneer S.1. It didn't fit into Mark1's release plans and rather than let the project go Petr and friends have continued the development along with his old company partner who runs CMR Moulding and Casting. http://www.cmrmodels.eu/models Scale Resin is part of this company, so expect the same high quality of resin parts along with the usual multiple decal schemes, etch, clear parts, masks and weapons to make a comprehensive model. The Mark1 CMR will be selling these for Petr and co at Telford, production going to plan.
  11. rafrobbo

    Hasegawa F-4EJ Kai 8Sq Panthers - Doh!

    That's correct, the early scheme they masked the stencils and so the kit ones are black on grey squares, only after refurb and respray later did they do the stencils in white direct on the blue.
  12. Here are some pictures of the CMR/Rebell Hobby (Maestro) release of the DeHaviland Venom J-33 in the Swedish Air Force (with the parts to allow you to make the early or late versions) made by a Czech modelling friend, Jaromir Senft. Sweden was the only foreign export user of the NF.2/2A Venom (export version NF.51, alias the J33) variant so this CMR/Rebell Hobby model is the real accurate model available .....and definitely NOT the CyberHobby release which is just their poor representation of an NF.3 with some alternative and incorrect sized decals. The NF.3 never flew with the Swedes and has a different shaped nose radome, ejection seats and other details.....before taking into account the errors transferred over from their CyberHobby Sea Venom kit!! This is the model release it was made from:- If you want to try your hand at a resin model, I can thoroughly recommend any of the Czech Master Resin range. They all come with multiple decal options and fine details from careful research by Petr Buchar and friends. Most have etch frets, vacuform canopies and masks too, so a complete set with no need for extras (which, along with their limited production size, will account for the higher price over injection molded ).......well complete except paint and glue. They can also be quicker to complete with the use of super glue so setting times cut down, I have assembled some from my suitcase model box during trips away, just don't get superglue on the hotel furniture! Regards Andy
  13. It is under the CMR moulding and casting company and will be released under the label 'Scale Resin' as per the link from Homebee. If you look on the left side of the linked page you will see the original CMR logo which takes you to 4plus publications which is the new owner of the previous CMR kits, aka Mark1 Ltd.
  14. CMR of old was a two part company making resin aircraft and casting resin accessories for other model companies. One of the owners retired and sold his part making aircraft models to Mark 1Ltd company to carry on the business releasing models under the CMR label (CMR resin models plus their own branch out into 1/144 models). The other part of the company is CMR moulding & casting and the last Buccaneers in the range is being released by this part of the revised CMR label, to complete a long term project for the Buccaneer family.
  15. rafrobbo

    Su-22 1/48 KP Special Edition Karaya

    Still available on the karaya web site, 144 PLN=£25/26 including postage.