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  1. Thanks a lot for this very nice review and for all interested - maybe some might not know me; I'm the author - here is also an animated preview available for this book (see below) which is part two of a complete set of directories for all three Chinese Air Arms: Part 1 on the Chinese Naval Aviation: http://www.harpia-publishing.com/galleries/MCWNavAir/index.html Part 2 on the PLAAF as reviewed above: http://www.harpia-publishing.com/galleries/MCW18/index.html ... and part 3 on the Army Aviation will follow in late April 2019: http://www.harpia-publishing.com/futurebooks Best, Andreas = Deino
  2. ... here is a new review: http://www.moxing.ne...-47268-1-1.html ... and if I'm not completely wrong, it contains the outer wing part optionally down and up as well as the inner part of the wing with the flaps and slats as separate parts ... and also the tails two times folded and unfolded ! IMO looks good, ... but what do You think ? Deino
  3. Hi ... this book might be a good reference to Your model: http://www.harpia-publishing.com/index-ModernIsraeliAirPower.html via: http://www.harpia-publishing.com/ Deino
  4. And another new image of J-15 serial no. 104 ! http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-3jicg9GDTrg/U3mTq4QWbLI/AAAAAAAAIXw/_DmXI5qz7io/s1600/J-15_104.jpg via http://chinese-military-aviation.blogspot.de/p/gallery-i.html#J-15 Deino
  5. Here's another look into the box ... http://www.airwingmodels.de/t654f44-Revell-Panavia-Tornado-IDS.html Cheers, Deino
  6. Or like this one numbered 100: http://bbs.dsjunshi.com/forum.php?mod=viewtree&tid=736113&extra=page%3D1 Deino
  7. Nice ... hopefully it will also include the new toned-downed markings of the black shark for the operational aircraft on board the Liaoning. http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-IUNwRXyTm98/UpyhzjQOZII/AAAAAAAAG7c/kIxKrvb1X50/s1600/J-15_103.jpg Deino
  8. Huu ... no reply ? No-one interested in Chinese aviation or what's going on behind the bamboo-curtain ?? Nothing what could have done better ??? Deino
  9. Just found :wink: :wink: ... by David L. Veres ! http://www.cybermodeler.com/hobby/ref/cp/book_cp_dragon.shtml CHeers, Deino
  10. I would like to introduce to new books I was working one during the last years .... The first one to be published soon as a handbook of the current PLAAF: http://www.harpia-publishing.com/node/117 And the second one a bit later, which just came out last month year more related to the aircraft types and esp. the failed projects: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Dragons-Wings-Andreas-Rupprecht/dp/1906537364/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1346936658&sr=8-1 Anyway It's finally done .... and I hope You like it, Deino
  11. Hey ... that's simply incredible !! ... keep up that work. Nice for quoting my report, but just one minor correction: The one with the longer nose in brown is not a single seater, but a "concept" or You might say "what-if" of the original PLAAF-version with a side-by-side cockpit arrangement. Sadly there's no photo available of this version and this profile is based on the few reports I know. However following latest info I got, this version was to feature not a F-111/Su-24-style canopy but more a A-6-like one ! Anyway... I will follow this one .... CHeers, Deino
  12. Come on ... both the F-22 and F-35 have a lot more panel lines than this one and no-one has any daubts that both are "stealthy". Besides that I agree with You about the missing weapons bays and especialyl the missing brake on the back-spine ! Deino
  13. Very nice ... esp. the exhaust !! Have You seen this ? Cheers, Deino
  14. I can understand the hype around the larger kits from Trumpeter and esp. this one .... but are there any rumors for the small-scale guys (1/72) ??? ... and even some of them could be quite large ! So what about a new B-52 or even better B-1 ... or an update of the Tu-16 to make the latest H-6-versions like the H-6H and esp. the H-6K. ... or what about some transports like the Y-7 and Y-8 ... and then the KJ-200 ????? I also hope for some new smaller birds like the Chinese J-7-series, the Q-5 ... !! So please Mr. Song .... Deino
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