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  1. There is something inherently beautiful about the color schemes on some prototypes. Your Rafale A definitely falls into that category. If I may suggest, either a Rafale M or a Rafale B? Both of those production versions should contrast nicely with the prototype. Beautiful build of an older kit!
  2. Hi folks - So along the same lines, when we "see" someone with a "big head", is it the shape of the head or it just because the proportionately he is 7.4 heads tall compared to his body? (I have a "pointy" head with a short haircut, so my hats trend towards the smaller end of the adjustable size scale.) How do helmets/ flight gear/ clothing affect our perception of "size"? How close to 1/48 can something be in scale that we don't notice the difference? If I used a 1/55th sci-fi helmet on a 1/48 figure, would it be immediately noticeable?
  3. "C'est facile!" Maybe even for me.
  4. Okay, I'll admit it. I read the Heading of your RFI post and (because I'm old) assumed that it was referring to the 1/48 Revell F-14D (which is also old). As I scrolled through your images, I thought "Wow. He re-scribed the panel lines, but for some reason his images look 'different from what I expected to see'". Then like the proverbial frying pan hitting my head, I saw this image - I can honestly state I was dumbfounded when I realized it was 1/144th scale! That is very nice work, regardless of scale AND I allot it extra points for the skill working with precision
  5. Hi Stix - You're absolutely right that putting things in B&W make it "look right". I know someone who motorized Tamiya F4U Corsairs as part of action diorama. He created an excellent vignette as well, but putting the images in B&W seemed to add another dimension. Perhaps because that's because that we're conditioned to seeing images from that period in B&W? Here is the link to his thread -> USS Franklin vignette
  6. I would like to echo everyone else's praise. I have a set in-hand and they make me itch to start a Rafale right away. IF Arnaud ever produces a Rafale M extended boarding ladder, I'll definitely queue up for one.
  7. Wow! Those B&W images coupled with the spinning prop are truly convincing and inspiring. It is all built on a foundation of a solid model with good vignette details.
  8. I never even knew that this kit was produced and I wouldn't have immediately picked up from the images that it was 1/72nd scale. Your model indeed looks excellent. Those helos and that squadron in particular were a common sight in my life decades ago. Thank you for bringing those memories back to the surface.
  9. @ SaminCam I'm seeing the same 'spacer.png' text when using Chrome. In Internet Explorer I see blank spaces. In Microsoft Edge, I CAN see the images. @ ZHOU Kun - Thank you posting your images comparing the Tamiya and AMK cockpits.
  10. Wow! Nice tribute build! You're scratchbuilding techniques are on par with many "masters" used by aftermarket companies.
  11. Wow! Those molds were designed 4 decades ago. In your hands, the finish looks very good. {My completely unbiased opinion. In full transparency, I've built at least 3 1/48 Monogram F-4Js that were based on those molds AND I'm a big Phantom Phan.}
  12. I'm basically echoing everyone's compliments on this project - Lovely finish! The perfect balance of realistic weathering without going overboard. Your perseverance to finish a model with assembly issues comparable to a Hasegawa F-14 is extremely commendable. To that let me add a "Thank you for posting your in-progress pictures!" It's informative to read about build/fit issues on a kit, but seeing/reading the solutions to those problems are invaluable!
  13. Thanks everyone and fair points taken. I see different options - 1) Model with crew figures in cockpit with canopies closed. 2) Model with crew figures in cockpit with canopies open. 3) Model with crew outside cockpit. With the first 2 options, the figures would only be easily observed from the chest up. In that case, the proper helmet, anything on shoulders, anything on upper arms and the oxygen mask would be the items of interest to me. With the third option, the full kit would be the visible. Using the path of "least modelling effort"
  14. You posted it first, but I had the same thought. I imagine quite a few married guys had the same thought! @iainpeden What's wrong with a man having that many Phantoms? Have you seen how many pairs of women's shoes are donated to charity? You, Sir, are living the dream of a lot of folks.
  15. Wow. I remember the original boxing of that kit on the store shelves 3 (4???) decades ago. I've built at least 3 versions of models from that kit and struggled with the fit on the forward fuselage every time. You persevered and applied a very convincing finish faithful to iconic movie image. Well done, Sir!
  16. Does anyone know of a 1/48 figure set appropriate for the Phantom FG 1 when operated by the Royal Navy? The crew figures in the Hasegawa/ Revell of Germany Phantom FGR 2 appear to be the "standard" crew figures that Hasegawa used in all of their other Phantom releases.
  17. Wow those stand bases are amazing. Are the custom-made ones 3-D printed or carved from wood? The F6F stand is a clever mini-diorama. Is the smoke/flame trail emanating from the J2M also 3-D printed?
  18. Such an evocative design. It made such a splash on the cover of aviation magazines of the time. Perhaps it was ahead of it's time since the Piaggio P.180 Avanti is successful enough to still in production and they seem to cater/have catered towards the same market? Thank you billn53 for posting images of what was still (at the time) a flying example. I did a quick search of the N-number and didn't turn up anything on her recent activity. I hope she's still a flyer.
  19. I was looking for any updated release date or any other promotional information for the GWH F-14. Would it be unrealistic to assume that any kit slated for release in 2020 will be released in 2021 instead?
  20. Excellent model in squadon markings that are often NOT associated with the RF-4B!
  21. From my home, I can hear the low-frequency "THRUUUUUUUMMMMM" of post-maintenance tests CH-53Es. (At night, the sound seems more distinct. Provence, France has the sounds of cicadas, my area has Sea Stallions.) This image made that sound immediately jump into my head. A few administrations ago, I watched the entourage arrive via the distinct HMX-1 VH-3s, a HMX-1 CH-53E in the scheme you've chosen, and rather anonymous gray CH-53E. You can see the HMX-1 scheme approaching from a long distance away. Your build is really nice in that glossy green HMX-1 scheme. I'm eager to
  22. That's an awesome step-by-step description of your workflow. I need to "bookmark" these instructions for my next gull gray/ white Tomcat. I'm thinking the next one will be this F-14D - {US Navy Photo} Quick question #1 - What do you mean by "Tamiya weathering sets?" Do you mean their powders? Quick question #2 - What are you "streaking" with for the wing sweep streaks? The Tamiya weathering powders?
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