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  1. Hi there After over 5 years of building this beast I finally finished it one week ago. It's the well known Revell 1:32 Tornado IDS Version with some "homemade" decals from Harald Hensel (www.Hahen.de) and my friend Jürgen who draw some of them Thank you guys very much! In this build I used a BlackBox resin cockpit, CAM avionic boxes and some scratchbuilding in the wheel wells,the refueling probe compartment and the airbrake. Colors are a mix of all kind of brands (Revell, Tamiya, XtraColor, Alclad, Vallejo ...) The Tornado you see here is 44+94 in the year of 1999. It was the Tornado o
  2. I know for some shape errors that I don't find THAT bad but if you want to show the airbrakes open, you have to close the "openings" in the housing as these were only present on the prototypes.
  3. Thanks all for your help Colin: E-Mail sent!
  4. Very nice sharp and clean build! Congrats to this beautiful Tornado
  5. More or less I would really like to do a GR.1A bird from Marham like this one: http://www.airliners.net/photo/UK---Air/Pa...GR1A/1162633/L/ Sadly the XtraDecal sheet which covers 2. SQN is oop But also in Jon Lake's Tornado book, there is a picture of a No. 13 SQN Tornado in winter camouflage and the XtraDecal sheet featuring 13. SQN is still available. Thats why I'm also looking for some pictures. To see which squadron did paint some of their Tornados in winter camouflage so that I can choose the jet / squadron, I have decals for
  6. Hi Dave, thanks for that! I think I will have to order it You mean the "AirData Series"? Hi Shaun, not always. I found a picture in the book "Tornado - MRCA" from Jon Lake in which the green was overpainted. I think the biggest problem for me is finding some decals in 1/32 I can use....
  7. Hello there For one of my next Tornado projects in 1/32 I'm now searching for british Tornados wearing a winter camouflage which was temporarely applied on some Tornados when training in Norway. My search for pictures was not so succesfull as I only found one picture on airliners.net Hopefully some of you can help me here Thanks in advance!
  8. Please don't forget the airbrakes! HB has replicated the airbrakes from the prototypes which have a completely different interieur as on the production aircrafts!
  9. Very nice build! Just one small issue: You forgot to spray some "metalparts" on the back http://data3.primeportal.net/hangar/zoltan...on_02_of_46.jpg
  10. Thank you all for your kind words Yes the decals were coated with future. But maybe the paint beneath was to rough or uneven. I think the decals look a lot better on my next two projects
  11. Hi there Long time reader of this forum and now I thought it is time to say "hello" My name is Dominik and I'm from Germany. I mostly build 1:32 jet aircrafts but not solely. Here is my rendition of Revells 1:32 F-4F Phantom kit. I build it mostly out of box with no improvements on the kit except of some harness improvements on the kit seats made from Tamiya tape. I now know that the Revell kit has some minor shape errors I will have to correct on my next Phantom This Phantom was build nearly 4 years ago and it was also the first one I tried to do some panel wash and weathering. So on
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