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  1. Pretty sure I`m not going to have to explain the inspiration for my latest in-flight diorama......! (Prop blur courtesy of Flickr photo editing) Thanks for looking.
  2. Perfect, thank you very much for the links, really helpful and a real time saver.
  3. Thanks for the opinions chaps. Have to admit I quite like the VF-191 option but finding these decals in 1/72 seems to be a bit of a deal breaker. Got time so no rush.
  4. Thanks George, much appreciated. It`s put me in a quandary now though. I want to model the last gun kill so do I do the 1967 incident which is reported as a `pure` gun kill of go for the 1968 kill which was a mix of both gun and missile but finished off with gun..??
  5. Hi all, Just for clarity before I start planning my next dio, I`m of the understanding that the very last gun kill by an F-8 was by LCDR Robert Kirkwood of VF-24 on the 21st July 1967. Can someone confirm this is indeed correct and if anyone has any profiles or added information it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, tc
  6. Thank you all for the comments, it`s much appreciated. Spad, indeed the props are blurred using Flickr photo editor. A slight `cheat` I know, but feel it adds to the dio when presented in forum format.
  7. As you may already know it`s been 50 years since the making of the BoB movie. Leonard Mosley`s `making of` book was probably one of the first books I read as a child and the front cover always drew my attention. It seemed fitting that if I ever came to make a BoB movie diorama, I would choose the front cover. Just need to find a correctly sized frame to protect the base and this will be done but as it`s a day past the actual anniversary of the real BoB, it seemed right to post this up now. The kits are 1/72 and the only really issue I had during the build has the continual humming of the movies theme tune...... Thanks for looking.
  8. Hi David, The 86 is the Academy offering and the MiG is the weekend edition from Eduard.
  9. Thank you all for the comments. Much appreciated.
  10. Latest product off the tc production line for your amusement. Both 1/72 scale so nice and compact. Thanks for looking.
  11. The 39 Sqn number plate was initially set aside for the F-4J but luckily enough a person with a lot of scrambled egg on their hat intervened and ordered 74 to be reactivated. A bomber unit flying fighters just wasn`t cricket in his book.
  12. Forgot to mention the finished article was posted on the Ready of Inspection thread last week.
  13. Not so much jumped the queue, just a case of who you know, not what you know. Back then a certain amount of lobbying from officers could go a long way, especially if they were ex-Tigers. No such luck in todays environment. As noted elsewhere, it would be great if 74 returned on Typhoons and the RAF got it`s Tiger squadron back, (no offence to 230 Sqn by the way), but you could say I`m slightly biased on the matter......
  14. Again, thanks for for the comments, much appreciated.
  15. Thanks for the comments all. Absolutely appreciate this isn`t going float everyone's boat, it was purely the challenge of pushing myself and if your familiar with my builds, you know I`m not one to do the `norm`.
  16. A little something, (if you can call the Airfix 1/24 scale kit `little`), I have been working on and off for the last few months based on one of the residents now based at the Manston fire dump. I wanted to do something a little different from the usual Harrier builds you see and after my visit to Manston last September, this wreck caught me eye. To put it into context what I was trying to replicate here are a couple of pictures of the real thing...., ..... and now for my effort...., Thanks for looking.
  17. How to mix fun and terror when building a kit........,
  18. Spent an hour experimenting with ideas on how to get the rain water staining done on this and the idea I went with was mixing some Tamiya Rust from one of their weathering kits and watering it down. I then put a drop on the panel I wanted to look a little weather beaten and let gravity do it`s thing. Once dry, this was the result. What do you think?
  19. Admittedly not much done on the kit as such, but I have revisited the base for a better look using a new bit of fur and a nicely sized frame.
  20. Another weekend update with more details added including the painted on roundels and blue cross.
  21. A weekend update on the Harrier dio. It`s starting to come together although I would say that even at this early stage I regret no putting in enough `bend` on the fin. It really should be more a right angle. Oh well, can`t get everything right so it will have to do. Still lots to do.
  22. A series of shots showing the progress so far. The last two shots show the choice of the spray paints used as the base colours. These will all be weathered down in due course to better represent faded and sun bleached paint work. If anyone has ideas for fading out the roundel decals, then I`d be happy to hear your ideas/suggestions. More soon.
  23. Yuri Geller`s ghost came to visit last night..........
  24. Managed to grab a bit of time yesterday and this morning working on the seat and cockpit areas making them look weather beaten and worn. Drilled some holes for missing instruments and chipping to look like the primer or paint looks worn away. Anyway, ...... see what you think? More soon.
  25. Great choice doing the `J` in 74 stripes. Depending on which airframe you do, note that ZE350 did not have the RWR on the sides of the intakes like all the others and research which aircraft kept their original US shade of grey. The link below may be of some help.
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