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  1. Hi all, The team would like to pass on our thanks to those of you who have donated so far, it really will make a difference in helping to save the last British Phantom J(UK). We have of course received a lot of likes, good lucks and great jobs from various forum and Facebook page members. We are always appreciative of well wishes as it means that, by all accounts, the support for our endeavour is there. However, as you can see from the photos below and the amount of work required, it`s donations that are going to help us achieve our aims. As per my plea in the previous post, if you can spare the cost of a coffee/pint/McDonalds Big Mac, (delete as applicable), and donate it to this worthwhile aviation project, it would mean so much more than a like or good luck or a best wishes. https://flic.kr/p/2gZXceV https://flic.kr/p/2gZXcdc https://flic.kr/p/2gZXccv https://flic.kr/p/2gZXcaw The funds raised so far stand at approx £2400 which means we are at present approx £3600 short of out minimum £6k target for the transportation costs. Why a £6k minimum target you ask? Well, here`s a basic breakdown of the costs exclusive of VAT..., Two days of crane hire = £1900 Two days of Low Loader Hire = £1500 Two days of Rigid Truck hire = £1300 Timber Wing Transport Frames = £250 Bolts = £50 Approx 30 strong pallets = £TBD So yes, the challenge and expense if huge and that just to get her to safety before the real hard work begins. You can find details on how to donate on the ZE360 Restoration page, (Link below), and I`ve also added some more information on ZE360 on those pages. http://74sqdn.tk/ze360-restoration-page/ In other BPAG Phantom news, I`ve also been sent the following photo`s of 597 taken at the end of last week. DSCF5326 DSCF5327 DSCF5328 Thanks for looking and more soon. (Don`t forget considering donating either)
  2. Thank you for the support and likes and especially if you have given up the cost of a coffee or pint to donate. Regarding the nose cone, I do not know, but I`ll find out.
  3. Some of you by now may be aware of developments in the UK`s F-4 Phantom restoration world as BPAG announced on their Facebook pages that two Phantom airframes have now been acquired and therefore saved. The airframes in question are F-4J(uk) ZE360 and FG.1 XT597. We will be shortly looking to add an FGR.2 to the collection. The long term plan is to create a `RAF Phantom Museum` for want of a better term, open to the public displaying one each of the three types operated by the RAF from the late 60`s to 1992 when they were retired. XT597 has been bought by a member of the BPAG who is willing to finance it`s restoration with BPAG supplying it`s technical skills and expertise. ZE360 on the other hand will be financed through fundraising activities which are in the process of being formulated and, if I`m honest with you all, some basic donation begging. ZE360 has also been jointly acquired by both BPAG and the 74 Tiger Sqn Association. I have recently set up a ZE360 Restoration page on the 74(F) Tiger Squadron Association page, (link below), with some history and details on ZE360. It`s very much a work in progress and if anyone wants to supply photo`s or historical information of ZE360, it would be very welcome. http://74sqdn.tk/ze360-restoration-page/ On the front page you will also find information on how you can donate to the ZE360 restoration if you so wish. The account is run jointly by both BPAG and the 74 Association with safety processes put in place to keep all funds safe. We would never go so far to suggest you donate your funds for your next model purchase, your stash isn`t going to grow by itself. But may I ask you to consider one day giving up a high street cup of coffee or possibly a pint in the pub and putting it`s cost towards the restoration? Every penny really will help, so please make difference, donate and play your part in restoring the last remaining UK `J` in RAF colours. I will of course update you all on the fundraising and the visits that will be planned so anyone can view how the restoration is proceeding. ZE360 Flypast Article this month https://flic.kr/p/2gLpFYF I`ve included a few shots taken some time ago of 360 to highlight her condition. In one of the shots you will see that with a bit of spit and elbow grease, her `grey` is still there, but as you can see, its going to be a huge task. You can see why donations and fundraising are going to be key to getting back the way she was. XT597 https://flic.kr/p/2gTypYZ (Photo from the Everett Aero website) 597 was bought by a private owner who is a member of BPAG. The new owner will finance the restoration themselves only relying on BPAG for it`s members expertise and volunteers to help out. 597 is a significant aircraft in British Phantom history. It was the 3rd 'K' ever built, the 1st pre-production airframe and it carried out the Cat&Trap and deck landing certification trials for the Spey powered jets. Once delivered to the RAE it spent its entire life as a trials and testing aircraft, never seeing squadron service. It was the very last Spey powered Phantom to fly. More updates soon.
  4. Thanks all for the nice comments. For those that wanted to know, I get my bases from Coastal Kits - https://www.coastalkits.co.uk/
  5. A Tornado GR.1 doing it`s thing....., Revell kit, 1/72 Scale, blurred base from Coastal Kits Thanks for looking.
  6. Thank you all for the comments, much appreciated. I`ll be the first to admit this isn`t a `rivet counters` dream of a build, I just try to catch a moment in time in plastic. Ian, I used Tamiya XF-23 Light Blue. A coat of gloss was applied for the decals and then a coat of Matt which then seems to darken the light blue a bit making it come out this colour. The base is from Coastal Kits https://www.coastalkits.co.uk/
  7. Tamiya XF-23 Light Blue. A coat of gloss for the decals and then a coat of Matt seems to darken the light blue a bit making it come out this colour.
  8. Latest dio from the tc production line. The FGR2 being from Airfix while the `J` is from Academy, both in 1/72 Scale. Thanks for looking.
  9. Thanks again for the kind comments, J-W, yep, blur down to photo editing using the `blemish` option on Flickr.
  10. Thank you chaps for the comments, much appreciated.
  11. Latest in-flight diorama depicting 8th Air Force Bodney based Mustangs ditching tanks before breaking into the enemy. Airfix 1/72 scale Mustangs and `blurred` base from Coastal Kits. (Prop blur courtesy of Flickr photo editing). Thanks for looking.
  12. Thank you all for the kind comments, very much appreciated.
  13. Again, many thanks for the comments chaps
  14. I used Humbrol rattle can polished aluminum. I then gave it a coat of gloss, decals on and then a coat of matt before applying a dark wash. Thank you for the comments peeps, glad you like.
  15. My usual take on two `Tigers` on a practice scramble circa 1970 from RAF Tengah. Airfix 1/72 kits. First picture was my inspiration for the build. Thanks for looking.
  16. I had a hen who could count her own eggs. She was a mathemachicken.
  17. Thanks for the kind comments all and cheers for the info on the `Winders Nick. I did have a quick google on the subject but went with a little `artistic` license as I wanted the contrast, if that makes sense? tc
  18. Final build for display at the upcoming 50th Harrier event at NAM in April. Again another rehash of a diorama subject I did a couple of years ago, minus the Argentine Skyhawk. It`s the `not perfect but good enough for this type of build` Hase 1/48 kit, base from Coastal Kits and cheap frame from Evilbay. Thanks for looking.
  19. Thank you all very much for the comments. Nick, cheers for the heads up on the seat. I was using some pics from the GR.3 at the Manston fire dump as a reference and now I realise that the top of the seat has faded back to what I guess is the undercoat and looks grey in appearance. Look forward to seeing you at NAM. Tony
  20. Built for the upcoming 50th Harrier Event at NAM, some may remember I made the same in-flight dio a few years back, albeit a little cruder. Hopefully I`ve improved it a tad in this reincarnation. For those new, the story goes like this. Squadron Leader Bob Iveson left HMS Hermes as part of of a strike force against the Goose Green area in East Falkland. He completed two attack runs over Argentine positions and then decided to make a third. His Harrier was hit by 35 mm shells which knocked out his controls and started a fire in the cockpit. He immediately pulled the ejection handle and left the cockpit while the Harrier was doing around 450 knots at 100 feet. His aircraft exploded in mid-air shortly afterwards and he hit the ground after being under the parachute for only ten to fifteen seconds. Squadron Leader Iveson suffered spinal compression and wind-blast damage to his eyes but hit the ground sufficiently far from the Argentine positions to make good his escape and was picked up two days later by a Royal Navy helicopter. Kit is the old Airfix 1/48 scale, base from Coastal Kits, finishing frame fro Evilbay. Thanks for looking.
  21. In no particular order ....., Not that many compared to previous years however the International Aviation Academy Display at Norwich took up most of me time so I`ve got a good excuse. Thanks for looking.
  22. Thank you, As for the struts, most of the photo`s I googled showed them with the struts fitted so I just went with that.
  23. 3 in the shot below, but think a total of 5 were actually repainted in RAF green/brown.
  24. All in very hard to see these days, 1/72 scale. Thanks chaps.
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