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  1. Yes they did, I have photographs of SAAF F1AZ taking off for a mission into Angola carrying a belly tank and 4x Matra 155 rocket pods, one on each wing pylon and another with two under wing tanks and one Matra 155 under each wing. The rocket pods were natural metal with black area on front and later they were dark green with light blue/grey underneath. Here are a pair of SAAF F1AZs at low level carrying a natural metal belly tank and 4x Matra rocket pods each https://aviationhumor.net/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/Mirage-F1-camo.jpeg Here is an SAAF F1CZ carryin
  2. Aside from the Silver / White scheme, SAAF C-160's only had one other scheme and that was overall wraparound dark earth/olive drab with the only exception being the fuselage underside which was in either dark sea grey or sometimes reported as PRU blue, I am not sure which is correct but here are two photos for you to decide, you can look at SAAF C-130's from the 1980's as well because they were in the same scheme and that might help you decide which is correct dark sea grey or PRU blue
  3. I am new to 1/32 WW1 scene....I haven't built one yet but I would love to build an Albatross D.Va so I look forward to that re-release
  4. Thanks, its amazing that no aftermarket details have been made for this kit......but then why no 1/48 Puma either!
  5. Are there any detail sets availible for these kits, I dont seem to find any
  6. gregair

    The top 3?

    This is an excellent and very interesting thread. This poor fellow could be in the top three just for having to endure such a long name! Captain Andrew Frederick Weatherby Beauchamp-Proctor, VC, DSO, MC & Bar, DFC
  7. Hi Mach82, Both really beautiful builds, so nice to see, Impala is one of my all time favorite aircraft. I grew up on the Bluff in Durban and spent many hours sitting on the roof of our house watching the Imps flying around, I was really excited when 5 Sqd added the Mk2's to the Mk1's that they were already operating. And then there was the annual air combat camp every June/July when the Mirage squadrons and 85 air combat school (85 ACS Sabres too) sent aircraft to Durban. Great memories, here are some pics of 5 Sqd Imp Mk1 and Mk2 all taken at Durban air force base or over
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