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  1. Hi! Thanks a lot for your feedback, and sorry for my late reply! This kit provided a lot of engaging hours on the bench! Thanks again!
  2. Hi Malcolm! Thanks for the feedback! It was only when i was searching for photos of the Aviocar online that i realised how many nations and privates operated the C-212. There is, in fact, o lot to choose from. Even the other special portuguese scheme provided in the box is very beautifull! Hello! Thanks for your reply! Hi! let`s see it as an oportunity to model the special schemes that are avoided by the majority of aircraft modellers! Hi! Thanks for the feedback! Hello! In fact, the Merlin is providin
  3. Hi! Thanks for the feedback! Hello Mike! Thanks for the reply! Hello! The kit has some pitfalls, but nothing out of the ordinary. Thanks! Hello! Thanks for the feedback! Sadly, the Aviocar left service in 2012, and with it, the camouflage scheme also vanished... Thanks for the reply! Cheers! Hi! Thanks! Hello! Thanks for your comment! This aircraft was a familiar sight for a long time! I know amazing stories from aeromedical evacuation missions performed by some colleagues aboard this little
  4. Hello! This model was finished on the first half of 2019, and was published on the June issue of Airfix Model World. It`s the Special Hobby offering of the C-212 Aviocar. This build had a special impact in me. These Aircraft saved a lot of lives on the archipelago of Azores (were i live) transporting patients from the smaller islands to the ones with hospital. There are even some Azoreans born aboard the Aviocar! The kit is well detailed and the decals stunning. The presence of putty on the lower surface of the fuselage is mainly due to a mistake of the modeller. I used pa
  5. Thanks a lot for the replies! Cheers! José Pedro
  6. Thanks a lot for the comments! They`re very appreciated! Muito obrigado!
  7. Hello! Here are some pics of model that was built last year, but was waiting for the right moment to come out. This is the well known Special Hobby kit, with Vallejo Model Air Vallejo e Mission Models paints. I want to leave a warm Thank You to a fellow Portuguese modeller - Paulo Lopes, for the inspiration provided by his work on this kit, which got me through - Obrigado! Here is a link for the detailed construction and painting process of the Buckeye. https://imodeler.com/2019/08/greek-master-special-hobbys-1-32-t-2-buckeye/
  8. Thanks a lot for all the feedback! Cheers! José Pedro Pires
  9. Thanks for all the feedback! This build was a challenge in some areas, but at the same time it was very rewarding to cross the finish line with satisfaction. The hardest part was to try to keep the raised rivets and still eliminate the glue seams. Thanks again! José Pires
  10. Hi! Here are some pics of a model that a finished several years ago. Although Revell`s mould has been around since 1985, with some TLC it delivers a very interesting and imposing result! Hope you loke it! Cheers! José Pedro Pires
  11. HI! Great work on the kit, as well as on the photo work. the paint job is stellar. Cheers. José Pedro Pires
  12. Thanks for the reply! Cheers! José Pedro
  13. Hi F-32! Thanks a lot for your feedback! Cheers! José Pedro
  14. Thanks for the feedback! Cheers! José Pedro
  15. Thanks a lot for the feedback! Cheers! José Pires
  16. Thanks a lot for the feedback! Cheers! José Pires
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