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  1. Roman Legionary walks into a pub, sticks two fingers up at the barman and says: 'Five beers please..............'
  2. Another size comparison, this one with a pair of size 10/44 feet
  3. It's a 255mm/10 inch ball, approximately..... ....I need a bigger table
  4. Wow, very nicely done indeed! The window tint is very effective as are the small details. Will have to add it to the list, I'm just starting the Dragonfly Hr3.........
  5. Excellent work Cadman, so much detail.
  6. That is a beautifully done and very neat model. Hmmm....Gabrielle Drake...string vests.......NURSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Following this Dads, really nice work.... ....apart from the lack of Larkspur
  8. Hi Folks, I haven't pulled my bow for a good few years and having had a good rummage in my tackle this morning I came across a couple of tubes of this: https://www.quicksarchery.co.uk/superbasket/product/1851/LK45+Saunders+Arrowmate+NPV+Cement%3A I'd forgotten I had it, it's a MEK based clear gel with a fine applicator for applying flights and feathers to arrow shafts. When I get chance I'll test it on poly and resin but it could be a good alternative. Apologies if this has already been posted. Cheers, Derek
  9. Sorry, late return to this and Karl, you are quite right. Originally, when Imperial Airways sent their requirements, Handley Page designated the aircraft as HP42 and HP45 to reflect different interior arrangements, props and engines....however, in practice the aircraft were simply referred to as HP-42E or HP-42W Derek
  10. Of the eight HP42s built four were meant for 'Western' routes, i.e., Europe, and had full four bladed props. The 'Eastern' routes aircraft, Asia and Africa, had the split two bladed props to allow the aircraft to carry spare props. An excellent collection of photos !!!! Derek
  11. Hi Kev, The flaps on all Dove/Devons are the same, with two settings of 20% and 60%. If you mean the tail end then the aircraft has asymmetric elevators.....the right elevator had a rounded end, the left elevator was truncated. This was done to prevent buffering in flight. Looks odd but is one of the characteristics of a lovely looking aircraft... Cheers, Derek
  12. Hi Kev, Marvelous job, looking good. Check your messages... Cheers, Derek
  13. Sorry Kev, those are the only engine photos I have. I could sort out some line diagrams from the service manual if you need extra detail. Cheers, Derek
  14. Sorry Kev, I haven't seen 952 myself, a friend sent me a couple of exterior shots. There doesn't appear to be a full complement of seats so maybe John Aero can help with the interior arrangement.... Cheers, Derek
  15. Hi Kev, The seat supports are shown in the files I sent you, I'm afraid I haven't get any photos: The frames have no rear supports to allow for leg-room. Note that the second row of seats sit on the main spar so the supports are different, John's photo in his previous post shows that very nicely....also, the seat arrangement would depend on whether the aircraft was for pax or comms/nav training, in which case there would less seats but tables and various bits of kit installed. The rear bulkheads were removable, depending on use. There is a fuselage frame just to the rear of the door to which the door frame is attached. I think it would be safe to say that the bulkhead was fitted slightly back from the door and attached to that fuselage frame. Hope that helps, Cheers, Derek
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