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  1. For those looking at one of these Dave Coley has the J for £98 including postage in their January sale
  2. Thanks JohnT, ordered one of these, so will bare that in mind
  3. Thanks both for the replies. Have done WW1 before but have got a couple of kits to do in order to get back into it and practice rigging. These are Eduard 1/48 Albatros which I picked up nice and cheap. Having seen some of the 1/32 builds on here, I really do fancy going for the larger scale, especially as the eyes seem to struggle with smaller scales now.
  4. Hi All Having just returned to modelling I wanted to look to do one of my favourite WW1 aircraft the Albatros. I have tried to look for a post for this before but couldn't find one, so my question is, do I go Roden or Wingnut Wings for a 1/32 Albatros?
  5. I did a bit of digging on the deagostini website but the Hood has gone. I did find this though: AKAGI And this: Yamato
  6. At nearly 3 years to collect, it will test your memory. For me I thought about taking it out but 3 years is a long time to wait and also, am I going to get any more information than what I already have from the Hood books, I have in the collection. Must admit Id join the call for a larger version from Trumpeter and as they shrunk it to 1/700, surely than can expand it to 1/200.
  7. So there is now a magazine and kit building set for HMS Hood from Hachette partworks. 1st edition as per normal is the bargain price of 50p, followed by edition 2 and 3 for £3.99 and then the next 137 editions for £5.99 each. a mere £825 in the end. The magazine for edition 1 covers construction of the balsa parts supplied, 6 pages on the building of hood and then 4 pages on modern naval warfare. Edition 1 is certainly worth 50p!!
  8. Its been a while since I added anything here but I was just sorting my photos and found these from this years Waddo air show.
  9. Thanks for your advice Andy, but have decided that it is beyond my skills to repair her, so have put her up for sale in the sale section. I will look to purchase a new one and start from scratch, looking at those detailing parts for that. Thanks again for taking the time to answer my question. Daryl
  10. Many thanks for the reply, I will have a look at those detailing parts and let you know how it all goes. I wanted to save her as I didnt want to spend out again. Some bits of the superstructure will come off easy enough but others will be a bit tricky, but I can only give it a go. Thanks again Daryl
  11. Hi photos added, not the easiest thing to capture but hope you can see and give me some advice. Daryl
  12. I have just got hold of a Trumpeter HMS Repulse. The hull, deck and rear platform superstructure have been built. My issue is that there is glue over the deck and in places the glue has eaten at the plastic. The superstructure has large gaps in it, which even filled would look wrong. My question is, can I use wood decking to cover the glue issues? Should I attempt to remove the superstructure or will that cause to much damage. Or am I scuppered and should just use it as a test build for trying different paint techniques.
  13. Just recieved the latest catalogue from Ian Allan and they are clearing loads of books with at least 33% off. Even got the books I bought last month with another discount!!! Oh well will make up for it with a couple of osprey books for less than £4 each. Ian Allan Daryl
  14. Hi Geoff I have had a good look at the website and to be honest I think you are on a hiding to nothing here. There are so many forums and sites out there that offer FREE advice, FREE pictures of builds, FREE reviews of new models and FREE MEMBERSHIP. I know that there is talk of papers going down the fee route but again, why pay when you can get it free. Magazines and book sellers have already been hit hard by this and unfortunately if you go with the prices quoted, I think you will struggle for membership. May be if you look at other clubs, organisations and checked their fees, you would see how much more you are charging. I think you really need to look at a price to entice people to you, escpecially at the start of your new service. I would also review your decision to offer free adverts for traders and suppliers - do magazines and websites do this - No. I hope it does work out for you but at the current price I would not consider it. Regards Daryl
  15. A few pictures of Canberra XH169 at RAF Marham.
  16. Absolutely stunning pictures. As most have said before the last Eagle shot is amazing and would be great on the cover of any aircraft magazine.
  17. Superb weathering and detail, cant wait to see the finished model.
  18. Thanks for the replys. We were told on the flight out that it was going to be the first Typhoon escort out of the Falkland Islands by the Captain but was suprised to see the Tornado come through the clouds and sit on the wing of the Boeing 767. It was however really good to capture a bit of history.
  19. For those modelling the Luftwaffe in WWII, this has to be a must buy - JAGDWAFFE Collectors Compendium Vol 1 - should be £65 but is £14.99 at booklaw publications. Basically this is the 4 single books which cost £16.99 each, made into a compenduim. My copys on the way!
  20. Hi All Below are a couple of photos of one of the last Tornado escorts from the Falkland Islands in September 2009. The Tornados are probably all in boxes now for shipping back, as the Typhoon has taken over its role. Daryl
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