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  1. Attention to detail and finishing doesn't come much better than this, quality model.
  2. Great build, the panelling work really stands out on the model and the weathering really does the plane justice, not too heavy but looking like a well worn Hurricane as it probably was after Parks' frequent trips! Don't worry too much about the AE's, I've suffered a couple myself but I don't even notice them anymore!!
  3. "Frankenstein plane"..I like it A really nice build, good to see something out of the norm, a real tidy job.
  4. "Frankenstein plane"..I like it A really nice build, good to see something out of the norm, a real tidy job.
  5. Really nice build with great detailing. The Germans certainly had the monopoly on weird looking aircraft!!
  6. Nice little Spit with great detail for a 1/72, I find it hard to get the seat belts fitted in a 1/48!! Good work.
  7. Nice finish to the brush painting and smart markings to the plane. Cockpit looks good as well.
  8. Fantastic looking model and the latest quality build from a modeller from your part of the world, there has been some great stuff from model makers in the Czech Republic and Poland on BM . The attention to detail is superb.
  9. What a great array of different era models. I really like the Huey and the Cobra, great stuff.
  10. Great looking A-10. The shark mouth finish always looks good on any era fighter plane or helicopter.
  11. I think the OP had it right when he stated that there was no right or wrong and that personal preference plays a big part in weathering a model. I tend to go off the scale of model I am making, for example, I usually build in 1/48 and too much ott weathering kind of takes over the model and the paint scheme. I like a subtle filter on the model which adds a worn look to the paint without being too heavy. Studying the subject definitely helps as you can see the state of a plane from both ends of the spectrum and then incorporate some of the conditions onto the model. There was a good post stating that you should step back from the model for a couple of day's or more and then see how you feel about the scheme.
  12. Great looking Hurricane with a lovely finish and great weathering.It's a shame the real plane only lasted 20 days, you have done it justice. The Polish pilots did a great job during the Battle of Britain and I'm sure they have been well remembered on this important day for our servicemen and women.
  13. Honza, your builds are a joy to look at. Superb.
  14. The BM Czech members are setting the bar high for sure. Superb looking model.
  15. Quite simply, stunning. The attention to detail is fantastic.
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