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  1. Excellent stuff, just what I was after, thank you very much!
  2. Interesting. So, she was overall light grey at Mers-el-Kebir, two-tone grey at Matapan, and finished her Med career and went to the far east in a four tone dazzle scheme. Thanks for that!
  3. Happily, they are all the same kit, otherwise I would lost my rag a long time ago!
  4. Hi all I`m thinking over modelling the Queen Elizabeth class battleship HMS Valiant, as she appeared during her Mediterranean service about the time of Mers-el-Kebir (3rd July 1940) and the Battle of Cape Matapan (27th to 29th March 1941). She started the war overall light gray, and at some point changed to a four colour dazzle scheme before heading to the far east in 1944. I suspect that this dazzle scheme may have been applied during her repair after being damaged by Italian frogmen in December 1941, but have reached a dead-end. Can anyone help with the timeline of
  5. Just to prove I`m not asleep at the switch. This is what pre-painting six Spits looks like:
  6. Going to give it a good go anyway; six Spits from 603 Sqn based at RAF Hornchurch. All Airfix, all in 1/72, using Xtradecal and Ventura decals for codes and serials. Plan to add XT-A, XT-B, XT-E, XT-H, XT-O, and XT-P, to the four I already have (XT-M, XT-R, XT-W, XT-Y). Ian
  7. I`ve had that before: People telling me: "Chinook was NEVER called the `wokka wokka`", "no-one would EVER wear anything other than regulation kit on exercise or operations." I must have been hallucinating when I heard and saw those things then, it must have been the exhaustion. When I get round to it, the football shirts a go-er, I`ll post here. All I have to do now is make the figures.
  8. Actually, you make a very good point; I`m going to consider that!
  9. Thanks for the replies. I have given-up getting a ready made solution, and am going my own route. 593jones- I`ve got myself a couple of the Italeri sets and they look quite nice. mbthejester- When I was in the reserves, we had a chap that wore his Brechin City shirt under his jacket; something I won`t be modelling for all sorts of reasons! Thanks for the helpful advice! Cheers, Ian
  10. Thanks folks, I guess I will have to sit and wait for an HAS.5, or get weally, WEALLY good at scratchbuilding.
  11. Surprises me that given the wide range of accessories that one can get for aircraft I`ve never heard of, one can`t get a decent Sea King HAS.5, or a Lynx Wildcat. That`s it!! I`m getting out my green crayon and writing to Airfix again!!!! `Dear Sir/Madam Why, oh why...etc.....`
  12. What are the options for getting this version in 1/72? It has been asked before, but the options were very limited then, has anything changed? Has anything new come along? Is there an option to convert an existing Sea King kit in 72nd scale into HAS.5? TIA Ian
  13. Thank you all for those informative replies. And thank you for the king offer 10btaff. I`m more at the research stage at the moment and have plenty to digest from this thread. Appreciate the time folks, thank you! Ian
  14. This is excellent to be going on with, thank you everyone. Scaling-up from 72nd scale tanks to 35th scale doesn`t necessarily mean easier, but at least it`s more expensive. And did you know that the Tamiya Challenger has sixty-five individual camo net tie-downs? SIXTY-FIVE!!…. my poor eyes... Thanks again! Ian
  15. Hi I`m embarking on my first 35th scale builds in donkey`s and am finding it difficult sourcing accessories for Cold War Brits, late 1970s - early 1980s. I`ve got my Challengers and Chieftains, but I`m looking for AFV crew, infantry, stores etc. Most of what I find on t`interweb seems to be geared towards Granby onwards; SA-80 and the like. Even the Falklands stuff is usually of Marines or SAS with M16. I`m aiming at the SLR, SMG side of things. Is there 120mm ammo available for the L11, or ammo boxes? Is there 70s/80s infantry with SLR available? Where can I get accessories tha
  16. Nice find! The 1973 war is well covered in terms of vehicles, and I`ve been surprised how difficult it is to source appropriate crew. I`d probably would have preferred another Israeli tank crewman that I could use, rather than Ariel Sharon looking for an argument with his own shadow, but it`s a valuable set all the same, bagsie me one! Cheers, Ian
  17. Hi I`m finding it difficult sourcing British Cold War infantry of the 70s and early 80s with SLR, GPMG, etc. The kind of standard infantry you`d find in Germany at the time. Any suggestions? https://www.clash-of-steel.co.uk/gallery/entry/253 It`s even seems tricky getting contemporary pics, but the above is representative of the kind of infantry figures I`m looking for. Top left with SLR. TIA
  18. <merged> After yesterday`s reports of damage at IWM Duxford, any updates anyone? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-cambridgeshire-51444639
  19. Helpfully, the BBC has posted a scene from last night`s embarrassment on youtube titled: "Horror! As a Hungry alien disgusting consumes a person | The War of the Worlds - BBC" Presumably written by the same genius who helped pen last night`s tribute to utter garbage. Why are many of the people writing critical comments on youtube more erudite than the people we pay at the BBC to produce drivel like War of the Worlds?
  20. Like pretend Doctor Who, pretend War of the Worlds has actually conspired to deliberately build to such a crescendo of humdrummery, and self-absorbed piety as to render the unwary viewer apoplectic with rage at having part-financed this mound of tosh.
  21. A set piece battle between invaders and the fleet was reduced to mere backdrop as sad-faced man swam towards upset-faced woman. I should really know their names by now (it`s all been about them after all) but I am so lacking any kind of empathy for either character that I have found myself rooting for the Martians. ULLA!!!!!!
  22. I don`t see that size or expense alone would preclude a 1/350th QE. Not when kits in the £100 plus range are bringing Airfix such success. And this is the nation`s flagship that is going to be on our teleboxes for the next fifty years. If Airfix doesn`t do it, someone other company will, and it will be only half as good as if Airfix had done it first. Airfix! Airfix! Airfix!
  23. Fascinating to see models of both projected versions side-by-side at the FAA Museum, Yeovilton. Interesting how the design has changed in places on the STOVL carrier. C`mon Airfix, be a chum! When HMS QE made her first, night transit of the Forth Rail Bridge it was genuinely eerie the way her massive size blocked out the lights on the bridge as she passed by, and all that could be heard in the low light was a slight humming noise. It was otherworldly. It were great!
  24. Mail Sent! Can I get mine in time for Christmas?
  25. Heads up for this, BBC kept this quiet, another series from the excellent Chris Terrill, this time focusing on the F-35B flight trials on HMS Queen Elizabeth. Part two on BBC2 tomorrow (Sunday) at 8pm, part one on i-player. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0b08zfk Excellent stuff, incredible access, top banana! Ian
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