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  1. Hi All, even if on Britmodeller I’m not an active user – but I read you quite every day - I would like to let you know that for the first time ever (I think…) a decal sheet fully dedicated to Spitfire in Italian service is available for what we call “Spittomani” (it should sound like “Spitfire Maniacs”…). Decals are available in 1/48 and 1/32 scale, no 1/72… By the way, I’m a strictly Gentleman's Scale modeler but I was waiting to reproduce a Spit with Italian markings since I was a boy so this time I ordered one 1/48 sheet and added 2 1/48 kits to my stash (Tamiya Mk.V and Airfix Mk.IX).
  2. Hi All, Thanks for your apreciation. Cheers from Rome
  3. Hi All, finally I got a model leaving the workbench... It's the Airfix kit build straight from the box. Here you are with my rendition... Cheers from Rome
  4. Ciao, have a look here http://www.modelingtime.com/forum/viewtopi...f=29&t=6153
  5. Hi, once again thanks for your words. Unfortunately I was not able to find any photo of the real aircraft in that camo... www is plenty of natural metal or metal painted aircrafts but nothing related to Korea War. Cheers from sunny Rome
  6. Hi All, nice builds so far... Can I ask what Valleyo paint you used for earth brown? Thanks
  7. Thank You All for your kind words. re Stand it's one of the 2 stands box sold by Italeri. The other one is in clear plastic. Cheers
  8. Hi All, here you are with my latest completed build. Airfix kit, 1/72 new tool. Painted with Tamiya and Valleyo Model Air colors, little scratch built details for cockpit, seat and canopy. Decals kit used for Major Galyshevsky aircraft. Let me know your thoughts... Thanks
  9. Hi, first of all let me say you did a great job, I love the way you finished this tiny beauty. Can I ask you to tell me how did you paint it? It's one of my next project and I can't imagine how to paint it: I think it's difficult to paint wings and struts once everything is in place but on the other hand I think that if I paint separate parts then glueing all together would become a nightmare... so, how did you do it? Thanks, V
  10. And once again: Bravo. How did you cut roundels? or better... would you be so kind to explain the whole process? I hate decals!!! :-) Ciao e grazie
  11. Ciao, till now you did a great job. Are you going to use alclad for later chipping tecnique?
  12. Hi All from very cold Rome, thanks for your kind words. Cheers, V
  13. Hi Gents, here you are with some not_very_good photos of my first not_very_good completed kit since I was 14. Cheers from sunny but cold Rome, V
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