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  1. Hi everyone, This is my last finished model, an Aichi E13a1b "Jake" from the old Nichimo kit in 1/48th scale. I used cockpit detail set by Lone Star Models, since the kit's interior is toy-like, no detail at all and provision for installing an electric motor in order to spin the propeller. The detail set is also of poor quality, with many tiny holes (bad casting) and missing detail in several places, but anyway is a good base to work with. The kit itself needs a lot of work in order to produce a decent model, too many sinkholes, raised panel lines and rivets etc. On the contrary, the fit
  2. Thank you very much guys for your kind words! When I saw the photos, I realised that too much dust was on the model; I cleaned it but I did not bother to take new photos. Sorry about that!
  3. Hi guys! This is my latest model. I used Eduard interior and exterior sets and Montex masks, so no decals on it. Awarded the gold medal in its category in 29th Athens Greece IPMS Show/Contest. Thanks for looking! http://i237.photobucket.com/albums/ff310/jogiav/Ki-44%2032nd/Ki-44finished-29.jpg[/img] http://i237.photobucket.com/albums/ff310/jogiav/Ki-44%2032nd/Ki-44finished-31.jpg[/img]
  4. Thank you very much! This structure was a kind of angle of attack indicator, for the torpedo dropping (at least this is what I read somewhere)
  5. Hi everybody! Here is my latest build, a Latecoere 298B from Azur in quarter scale. The kit presents the usual fit problems of short run/multimedia kits, but with patience and frequent dryfits/corrections you can end up with a decent model. The kit was riveted and some additions/improvement were made, using plastic sheet. The trailer is from Signifer, designed for their Late 298 but with some minor modifications it fit quite well with Azur's kit. Painted with Gunze Mr.Color lacquers and washed with Promodeller washes. Hope you like it! Cheers John
  6. Although I know very few about armour, I have to admit that you have done a very nice work on a difficult kit. Well done, Nick.
  7. Thank you! For the painting, I used Mr. Color lacquer paints. No preshading was done. After spraying the basic colour, I lightened up using light grey or white or yellow (for the green) in 2 different proportions in order to obtain two shades of highlights. These were airbrushed in a random manner over the basic colour, using very thin lines with my Sotar 20/20 airbrush. The shadows were made by adding black to the basic colour or a dark shade of the basic colour (e.g. if I use a medium green for the basic colour, then for the shadows I add RLM70 or a dark japanese aircraft green) and airbrus
  8. Thank you! The Egyptian decals are from a Hi-Decal sheet.
  9. Hi everybody! This is my latest model, finished about 2 weeks ago. I used Neomega cockpit and Quickboost guns. Also, I am not sure if Egyptians used this kind of rocket launcher, but anyway I liked the looks of it, so I used it. I detailed and painted the engine in order to test the Alclad clears and I have also removed 2 access panels, but not many things can be seen! The kit is great value for money, providing also a very good Klimov engine and despite some fitting issues, mainly regarding the joint the 2 fuselage halves (front and back), it was a joy to build.
  10. Thank you very much! The Zero took me about 3 months to build, and the Su-15 almost the same! The Su-15 is pretty accurate, especially in terms of panel lines and exterior details. There was some critisism about oversized nose, but it did not bother me much! One thing that really needs improvement are the speedbrakes which are far too small! I used the Eduard P/E to replace the kits' wrong ones. This was a very delicate operation but I managed to succeed. You can see the difference here:
  11. Thank you Pete! The weather is sunny but cold (from -2C to 5C for today)
  12. Hi everybody! I am a new member to this forum and this is my first post here. My name is Ioannis (John) Giavasis, from Thessaloniki, Greece. I would like to share with you 2 of my latest builds: First a Sukhoi Su-15 Flagon-A, Trumpeter 1/48 plus Eduard P/E ... and also a Zero A6M2b, Hasegawa 1/48, Cutting edge cockpit, cmk engine and Montex Masks Hope you like them!
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