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  1. I had the same done to my Wildcat. Really annoyed, fortunately I had decided to go with the other option on the decal sheet. Michael
  2. I selected the following colors for my su-22, haven't received the yet so cannot comment on how close they are. The are all marked for the su-22 on the label and if I understood it correctly the 22 is just the export designation for the 17. MRP-164 MRP-165 MRP-166 MRP-167 MRP-168 Interior: MRP-195 Michael
  3. Just bought the Baghdad Fury at 08 Open in Stockholm. Price was 320sek around 35€. Looks good in the box, have to get a better look and check references tomorrow when I get home. I didn't get any instructions as they had forgotten them in Ukrain but I was promiced a pdf version in a few days. Michael
  4. A few months of almost no modeling, but now some small progress. The interior is almost done, The instrument panel had no decals or any molded detail. Also some areas where very soft and other had a very sharp edge. The half engine, not much will be seen of it on the completed model. Again at the front some of the molded detail had vanished, even with a wash it did not bring out all of the detail. To prevent a tail sitter some liquid gravity was glued with gator glue on the bottom of the engine and on the fuselage sides. The wing has been glued together and some alclad grey primer
  5. Wonderful, now I got thinking of building one for my brothers kids
  6. Those Norwegian versions look really nice, maybe I'll do another another one when maestros PE will become available.
  7. Just got the new tarangus kit of the Safir. The first look is that it is a short run kit but the part look really good. Going to make this one as Finnish Air Force version and straight out of the box. The part count is low, no PE or resin in the box. The picture shows all the parts except the clear parts and the decals. The construction started with cockpit and as a part of that assembly was the nose wheel whell. As you can see there is a big protruding mark in the bottom (stood up around 2-3mm). As the well was deep and narrow I had to get my chisel out and it turned out really nice
  8. Here are some pictures: http://museumplanes.com/plane.php?plane_ID=227&pic_nr=13 Michael
  9. Here are some from swedish museums: http://museumplanes.com/plane.php?plane_ID=64&%20pic_nr=0 http://museumplanes.com/plane.php?plane_ID=205&%20pic_nr=0 http://museumplanes.com/plane.php?plane_ID=149&%20pic_nr=0 http://museumplanes.com/plane.php?plane_ID=256&%20pic_nr=0 Michael
  10. Here are some pictures of the S2 in Fleet Air Arm museum http://museumplanes.com/plane.php?plane_ID=230&pic_nr=0 Michael
  11. More pictures at: http://museumplanes.com/plane.php?plane_ID=240&pic_nr=0 Michael
  12. You can find some pictures of the camera ports on my website (where there are more pictures of all the planes in the museum) http://www.museumplanes.com/plane.php?plane_ID=219&pic_nr=0 Michael
  13. Just preorderd mine from my LHS, 70euro (79euro without preorder) Michael
  14. It looks more like flat surface under the slat Photo of G6 Michael
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