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  1. Amazing job and super smooth finish. Well done!
  2. Wow. Very nicely done. And I love the weathering.
  3. Stunning build! I'm trying to do the same thing using the Monogram kit.
  4. Very nice little Gnat. Love that paint scheme.
  5. I'm always amazed by your brush work Russ. Your results with a brush are better than my attempts with the airbrush.
  6. You and me both! I love this little airplane and Alistair did a sunning job on his.
  7. I have been bugging Airfix to create a new tool Chipmunk in 1/48 every time I get the chance (via their website). It just seems like the logical fit. I think it would be like printing money for them.
  8. Super nice and clean build! The Chipmunk is one of my favorite trainers and you did a stellar job on yours. Don
  9. Most excellent! Super clean build. Love the Tiger Moth.
  10. Stunning build! Looks every bit the part.
  11. Stellar build of one of my favorite aircraft. Congrats on a job well done.
  12. Like others have mentioned, I thought I was looking at pics of the real plane. Wow! Stunning build.
  13. Hello Mike. Any updates to this conversion? Also, can I ask were you sources your 1/144 plans? Take Care. Don
  14. Stella Phantom Russ. Your weathering techniques are spot on.
  15. Just came across this build and after reading all the negative comments about the ICM Spit, you'd never know it looking at this one by Stix. Simply stunning. Linking to this so I can use it as a reference when I build mine. Congrats sir!
  16. Wow! Super clean build and weathering is spot on. Your dad does great work Reinhard.
  17. I emailed them (Aero48) on Monday and haven't heard back. And GDKits does not list the aft pylons in their product line. Looks like they should be pretty straight forward to scratch build though. Thanks all who replied and helped out.
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