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  1. Hi, this is my latest finished model, F/A-18D Hornet 1/32. It is Academy kit, Aires exhaust nozzles, Quickboost seats, RBF flags by HGW, Eduard PE placars, MAW Decals. :-)
  2. Thank you guys ! It goes together nicely, like "hasegawa", but caps on wings and some panel lines need rescrubing... And Flankerman have right about tail. Maybe it need also thin down plastic at intakes.
  3. Hi, thank you all :-) Mr. Color, No. 115 with few drops of 323, next No.72 with few drops of 323 and No. 323. :-) But it is not 100% accuratem because i used lot of pre/post shadings with airbrush
  4. Hi, this is my latest finished model. Su-33 Flanker D, 1/72, Hasegawa with Eduard PE (Zoom) and Quickboost elevators.
  5. Thank you :-) I know, my mistake maybe next time Hi, decals are not printed perfectly printed, its not visible at photos. For example, austrian sign is from 2 different red colours. But the biggiest mistake...when i put them in to the water, longer decals like "no step line" broke into a thousand pieces. They are thin and its easy brake them. Only solution for me was coated them with clear varnish (gunze super clear). I cant imagine make patrouille swiss with this horrible decals. Sorry for my "engrish"
  6. Hi, this is my last finished model, its F-5E Tiger, AFV kit with Eduard Zoom in cockpit and Aires electronic bay. Decals are from box, they are horrible... I hope, you like it
  7. Thank you all ! phat trev: i like trumpeter scribing tool :-)
  8. Hi :-) My latest finished kit is F-111A Aadvark. Kit is Italeri. Again, out of box, only rescribed. It was my first SEA camouflage and it was fun thx !
  9. Hi all, this is my latest finished model, its T-33A, academy kit. OOB, only PE seatbelts. cya, Otis :-)
  10. Gentlelmans, thank you for all your comments, i m very very happy, that you like it I dont know I found it on lot of Phantoms, from about 1988-1997 in yellow/green/red/blue combinations.
  11. Hallo ! I would like show you my last finished model. Its F-4F Phantom II - 1/32 Kit: revell Aftermarkets: PE-interior and exterior, quickboost seats Decals: from 2 phantoms releases Colours: gsi mr color © Wash: black promodeller and oil colours - mig abtailung I hope, you like it ...
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