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  1. What a lovely job Michael -well done!. If you hadn't told us about the challenges encountered we'd never have noticed!! Many thanks for pointing them out though, it's good to know where potential problems lie for anyone else who will be making one. Also good to hear that the Caracal decals worked well, I've just bought some for an EC121 Warning Star in 1/144 so it's reassuring that any problems will be of my own making rather than the decals! Many thanks for sharing this with us. Cheers, Andy
  2. Very nice Dave, you’ve made a cracker there!. Always good to see that such a smart outcome can be made from a kit that some would probably shy away from. cheers, Andy
  3. That’s a lovely model Kevin - well done. It’s nice to see such an unusual subject, I’d say that would a good case for displaying the model of a mirror so the RF84 can be more easily seen, but your base looks good too. Great to have a good idea of the size of it with figures - makes you realise how big it is! SAC is a good film! I hope you’ve got somewhere big enough to display it!. Cheers, Andy
  4. Thanks Dave - I should have checked registrations! It was -FBL at Shuttleworth this weekend. Lovely aeroplane and a brilliant model you’ve made there. Cheers, Andy
  5. Lovely model, and the work you’ve done to improve it has certainly paid off!. I see the real aircraft (without skis) was at Shuttleworth yesterday, due to depart this morning. Not sure if it’s the actual one - did they have more than one of these? Cheers, Andy
  6. So sorry to hear this news, my condolences to his family. I was always like a kid in a candy shop whenever I visited TAHS in Horton Road. I’m sure that’s what got me going on airliners. Almost anytime we went down the M4 I tried to wangle a trip off the motorway to drop in for a look round!. Andy
  7. That looks great! Much better than the one I did in about 1975! I thought the kit was state of the art then, it goes to show have things have moved forward over the years. Well done for all your perseverance - it's paid off well. Cheers, Andy
  8. Lovely model John - there's something about the BEA red square scheme that's very pleasing. Nice to see the Welsh Model kit done - I must dig my one out of the stash!. Great story about the aircraft - they were indeed lucky to have a long enough runway! Cheers, Andy
  9. Good to hear you got over the problems with the kit and also good that Revell were on the case and sorted things out. Lovely model - I imagine that 24 sets of prop tip stripes must have been challenging! Well done, Thanks for sharing, Cheers, Andy
  10. Outstanding! - what a superb 757 you have built there RCI. Great finish and the weathering is spot on, very realistic and not overdone. I take my hat off to you (well, I would if I was wearing one!) Brilliant, thanks for posting the pictures. Andy
  11. You've had a busy weekend Miguel!. Your eyes must be hurting from all those painted canopies - very well done. It's nice to be able to build a collection in 1/144. Cheers, Andy
  12. Another lovely model Miguel, well done!. I must say, a Buffalo in Japanese markings is certainly unusual, it even looks a bit "Zero like" if you squint your eyes. Cheers, Andy
  13. Nice build and some effective additions too. Checking against your Euro coin, I think I'm viewing this at about 4 x normal size on my screen - Buffaloes aren't very big!! Great job! Cheers, Andy
  14. Well done - it's always nice to be able to bring something back from the brink of being dumped! There's always something satisfying from using proper modelling skills to resurrect a project. Lovely P38. Cheers, Andy
  15. Very nice! One of the most graceful airliners of all time - wish I'd had the opportunity to fly in one! Well done. Cheers, Andy
  16. Another nice airliner Einar - lovely scheme - well done! Täydellinen Cheers, Andy
  17. Lovely job Paul. These are deceptively small models, the pictures on my screen are probably 2 or 3 times the size of the model - well done! Cheers, Andy
  18. Absolutely stunning Trident John - very well done!. Good to see the details of the modifications; I wasn't aware of the asymmetric fairings - learn something every day. Superb painting too - lovely model. Cheers, Andy
  19. Outstanding Valetta model Neil - you've really captured the essence of the real thing - very smart paintwork. I expect you spent a lot of time masking! Cheers, Andy
  20. Lovely Gannet - nice to see the AEW version, it makes an ugly aircraft (in the best possible sense) look even more ungainly. That's a cracking job you've done there. I keep looking at my vacform AEW conversion and keep putting it away again so it looks like this may be the way to go!. Cheers, Andy
  21. Unusual diorama and very effective - very nice to see!. Top up the oil and clean the canopy and it'll be airworthy again!! Excellent weathering and a great subject. Cheers, Andy
  22. That's a lovely Phantom David, just goes to show that some of these older kits can be made to look really good. I like the idea of using a Fujimi canopy, I was checking out the same thing a while back, but mine hasn't progressed much further since then. Interesting to hear how inventive you had to be with the decals!. Great job. Cheers, Andy
  23. Excellent finish, and interesting to hear of the different breakdown in kits vs Revell. Very nice model. Cheers, Andy
  24. Lovely collection and a great way to solve the storage space problem! There's something very "stately" about the BOAC scheme - very fitting for a national airline. Cheers, Andy
  25. Very nice Starfighter - the "missile with a (gentle)man in it" Lovely finish, and I still think the Hasegawa F104 series can't be beaten. Cheers, Andy
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