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  1. Thanks very much- have had a good look through, and my thoughts are that, in default of the Aeroclub set's availability, to use a replacement radiator in front of thinned-down nacelles.
  2. Hello, I've sent you a PM about these. Would dearly like to get my mitts on a set suitable for the B.II Srs1.
  3. I'm preparing my own build of this kit - it'll be a B.II SrsI. I know that there are substantial problems with the nacelles - what is my best option for dealing with it? Thanks very much.
  4. The kit was pretty straightforward, although I should have made more room in the aft fuselage for the jetpipe, and there were bubbles at the extremities of the flying surfaces. I've only recently started to use AK Xtreme paints, and there has been a learning curve - problems with the finish have been very common. I find it terribly easy to put too much on.
  5. My build of the Anigrand 1/72 kit, using AK Interactive's Xtreme Metallics, not without problems. This model represents the first of the two prototypes, in her original configuration, as tested at Edwards AFB in 1949.
  6. Yes, more than most of the exhibits (but all need work - keeping light alloy structures outdoors in a tropical climate is not for the lazy, to say the least). Makes sense, as the type is still in service with the PAF. I wonder if it might have been a film star (the helicopters in Apocalypse Now, and other Vietnam shows were PAF machines).
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