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  1. A really good show. I was there with Thames Valley Scale Model Club and we found it very worthwhile, and look forward to being there in 2023. Thanks to the IPMS Avon crew for organising a great show.
  2. When I was 13 England won the World Cup. Now I'm 68 England Ladies won the European Cup. It's been a long wait!
  3. Like Mike, I quite fancy modifying the ICM G917T into something used by the British forces. If the nose is wrong, can anybody point me towards plans which will help me rectify this?
  4. Yes I meant the big shop who has also gone into manufacturing.
  5. I doubt this. When they get their container of kits from India, they need to sell them to make money. Far better for Airfix (Hornby) to send them out in cartons of dozens to their retailers and get paid for them 30-60 days later rather than sending them out in dribs and drabs. I suspect the accountants want stock sold asap to fund the running of the company. I suspect there is no comparison with Hornby locomotives where a lot of smaller model railway shops (not the big boys like Hattons) only take one or two of these and hope to sell them.
  6. Doubtless the pennypinchers at MoD are scouring the world for second hand Pumas to replace the RAF's existing Pumas. If they're cheap they can't be wrong
  7. Thank you Dave I've ordered a couple to try and will wait for the Pup to appear.
  8. For those of us who choose not to use Facebook, how can we order this?
  9. I bought the Takom one. It even comes with (partial) decals for 'Cuckoo'. Just one more thing - none of the pictires I have found show the turret roof. As a captured tank, I am pretty certain it would have a white star on the turret roof so it could be udentified from the air. Anybody got any thoughts on this?
  10. Models were never toys for me. Toys were kept in the toy cupboard whilst models from the start went on a shelf.
  11. Some of our club members attended the funeral, and the shop will be closing as Jan is moving away from West Drayton. Jan wishes it to be known that from Friday 1st July everything in the shop is to be sold off with a 50% discount including all from the 'stock room/lock up'. Postage obviously applies if you order by phone.
  12. I'd like to make a model in 1/35 of the Panther Ausf G captured by the Coldstream Guards in 1944 in the Netherlands and subsequently used by them. I have decals from Kagero but need to get a kit. Looking on the interweb at the few photos available I see the tank is covered in Zimmeritt and I have no desire to make a model then cover it in putty to replicate the finish. Does any manufacturer make a kit with a moulded Zimmeritt finish?
  13. If only I knew where you could buy striped paint.
  14. A really good show as usual, friendly, not too big and not too small. A decent array of traders, plenty of boxes under tables and don't mention IPMS Salisbury's tables selling members unwanted kits where I spent far too much money. Great tea/coffee and cakes and an excellent tombola. We'll be back for the next one. Nigel Thames Valley Scale Modelling Club
  15. Nigel Bunker

    Face palm

    BBC have a history of errors in flypasts, wrongly identifying aircraft. I suspect that once the script is taken away, Huw Edwards knowledge of aircraft types is zero.
  16. An excellent show, complete with 'under the table' boxes to find those OOP or obscure kits the traders don't have. Not to forget the great tea and cakes- yummee. Roll on 2023.
  17. I used to enjoy my visits to West Drayton, a well stocked shop and often a good chat with Tony Eastwood. His love was airliners, especially if they had propellors. If as Kev says the shop will close in a couple of months then we loose one of the best model shops I have known.
  18. Having bought an MB.6, all the parts to build an MB.5 are there except a suitable canopy, and suitable decals.
  19. During locckdown I purchased on eBay an Authen-I-KIT M4A4/Sherman V conversion set along with an AFV Club VVSS suspension and long tracks to finish it from big H. The hull is an injection moulded kit in styrene. I propose to use this to build a Sherman ARV, scratchbuilding the bits stowed on the hull. I must confess to having never heard of Authen-I-KIT so are there any problems with the hull that need correcting?
  20. 'A Ukrainian fighter pilot dubbed the "Ghost of Kyiv" was killed in action after it was claimed he downed more than 40 invading Russian aircraft. Major Stepan Tarabalka died when his Mig-29 was shot down fighting "overwhelming" numbers of enemies on March 13.' LBC website, 30 April 2022
  21. Alternatively, the Hobby 2000 TBM kits (Hasegawa mouldings, Cartograph decals and canopy masking) are available from Hannants at either £21.60 (TBM-3E/AS.4), £18.99 (TBF/TBM-1C) or £17.80 (TBM-3/3E).
  22. We all enjoy modelling but there must be one bit that makes your heart sink when you get to it. For me, it is etched brass. I find the finished item can be very flat looking and invariably the bits can be so small they are a nuisance to apply. And so many bits have either been dropped, pinged out of tweezers or shot away when being cut from the surrounding sheet that when I change the carpet in my modelling room, I'll take the old one to the scrap metal merchants . Well that's my grouse - what's yours?
  23. Shouldn't they be known as Mumbai doors these days?
  24. At least give him his proper name, Henry Patterson. He wrote as Harry Patterson, Martin Fallon, Hugh Marlowe, Jack Higgins & James Graham.
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