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  1. Sundowner14

    Single Blade Nipper 2.0 (ST-A)

    I have so far tried and largely failed in not buying anything that DSPIAE have produced. All their gear is on a different level. That is all
  2. Sundowner14

    Red Arrows

    I wasn’t talking about the corporal who flew and gave us all a window to a personal and very private moment, Robin. In a few episodes it might click with you what my comment about Jon Bayliss, RIP, referred to. That is all.
  3. Sundowner14

    Red Arrows

    Underwhelmed? The RAF, the Forces, is all about personnel and without them and the sacrifices they make, there aren’t programmes like this. I don’t think Jon Bayliss’s family would have been underwhelmed, watching him preparing to do what he loved. Each to his own. That is all.
  4. Sundowner14

    Airfix 2020

    You missed ‘they won’t do that because someone else is doing, will do, has done it’...
  5. Sundowner14


    I think both tanks are the same size tbh. The GR fleet, as far as I’m aware, only started to used the larger 2250ltr tanks in the run up to Op Granby. The fins on these tanks are symmetrical and form an ‘x’. I’m unaware of when the top two fins started to be removed from the fleet, but from your evidence you’ll be ok with or without them. That is all.
  6. Sundowner14

    Airfix for 2019

    I wonder how many modellers that express various degrees of angst/disappointment/disgust/derision* (*delete as appropriate) actually write to Airfix to give the company the benefit of their experience and highlight to them the error of their ways? Did people send letters by the sackful before I’ve interweb? Don’t get me wrong, I accept that everyone is entitled to an opinion and all that, but the constant wailing is akin to wishing it would stop raining and not going out when it’s only a drizzle. I wonder if Tamiya get as much stick, with their meagre numbers of aircraft releases per year? I think the 2019 list has something for many and it’s great that Airfix continues. Moreover, as I don’t own my own model company nor have the funds to invest in one, I’m content to wait a year or more longer for my personal holy grails. Modellers have it good; sometimes we forget that. That is all.
  7. Sundowner14

    F/A-18E Load-out

    It’s Probably more appropriate to say the the 2k is no longer the weapon of choice in the way targets are attacked these days, warfare and the type of target. The smaller the bang, the less collateral damage. Moreover, precision is way better than in days gone by.
  8. Sundowner14

    Harrier in private hands

    Simple answer is that the Government of the day decided that drastic cuts were needed; it was either the Harrier or Tornado.
  9. Sundowner14

    F-16AM Hasegawa 1/72

    I especially like the RAIDS pod. Decent.
  10. Errr... because they never actually had aircraft like this?
  11. Sundowner14

    most accurate F-35 kits?

    The only F-35C in town is the Orange Hobby version, just about to be re-released with current squadron markings. Available via Hobbyeasy.
  12. Sundowner14

    1/48 Hasegawa P-51D Red Tails

    Decent. Excellent rendition of an inspirational unit’s mount. To quote Public Enemy, “...most of my heroes never been on no stamp”.
  13. Sundowner14

    Meteor BVRAAM

    Good shout. Whilst it’s your business, 4 would be a better sell point IMHO. Particularly so if more accurate than those available in the Revell and Hasegawa boxings.
  14. Sundowner14

    1/32 Hellenic F-16D block 52

    Decent! Based on Academy and where can it be bought from please?
  15. Sundowner14

    Eurofighter typhoon

    Typhoon is a multi-national programme with risks and development shared across the partners and those customers with money. So whilst it may not automatically translate that Italian development aircraft = RAF capability, I haven’t read anywhere that Storm Shadow is being retired with Tornado and or will be kept in store until cleared for Lightning or left field, Poseidon. I think the planners have this covered, but that’s only my (perhaps informed ) opinion....