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  1. @Giorgio N all hypothetical of course but... F-15s air-to-air refuelling would have to have been resolved. For Phoenix think Sparrow to Skyflash. TARPS capability... Good game!!
  2. Oh I don’t know Giorgio. Operating out of Scotland with Phoenix would have been a great option for the U.K. Air Defence Region. Better than Tornado ADV and much more reach out and touch than the F-15. But, we’ll never know....
  3. We are in unprecedented times. Every company will have to make tough decisions and many will disappear. Nothing is secure at the moment, not model companies, not sports teams; nothing. But in the greater scheme of things, modelling is of trifling importantance of the least important things.
  4. If disgusted raise funds and front up. None of us has a right to tell a property owner what to do with their land and much as it pains me to say so, a taxi capable example of a jet is not in the same class a a listed building.
  5. Any film that is based on true to life events his elements of fiction in it. What is more important in this case is that the story is told. Otherwise, many people in the world, a lot on non-American students of space and hardly anyone in the communities such as this one, would have any idea of the contribution made by Katherine Johnson and her peers. RIP
  6. The CAD is a standard IDS with no GR4 chin pods. It might even depict an ECR so there’s a bit of work yet before we get to see an RAF Fin.
  7. Which RAF aircraft have been delivered or will be delivered with a boom receptacle? Apart from P-8 and Watchkeeper?
  8. I’d buy one just for Sierra and giggles. Call me a weirdo if you like, but my view is that it’s up to manufacturers what they want to produce.
  9. My son’s girlfriend’s grandfather (stay with me) ‘borrowed’ an Aero C-3A to defect from Czechoslovakia with 2 other families. This kit is therefore number one on this year’s list for me.
  10. Whilst I can understand the frustrations of the delay of this kit (I’ve preordered 2 so have a dog in this fight), I shake my head at some of the arrogance posted here. Sure, it’s a lesson in how not to announce and release a kit, but suggesting that any sort of norm must be followed as far as marketing, social media, updates is a bit cringe worthy. I’m only going to get worried if the kit doesn’t materialise, otherwise I have no entitlement to moralise/advise/pontificate. That is all.
  11. Look for decals for 332nd Fighter Group.
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