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  1. My son’s girlfriend’s grandfather (stay with me) ‘borrowed’ an Aero C-3A to defect from Czechoslovakia with 2 other families. This kit is therefore number one on this year’s list for me.
  2. Whilst I can understand the frustrations of the delay of this kit (I’ve preordered 2 so have a dog in this fight), I shake my head at some of the arrogance posted here. Sure, it’s a lesson in how not to announce and release a kit, but suggesting that any sort of norm must be followed as far as marketing, social media, updates is a bit cringe worthy. I’m only going to get worried if the kit doesn’t materialise, otherwise I have no entitlement to moralise/advise/pontificate. That is all.
  3. I thought the US formula was Pledge and as such, not as effective as Klear...?
  4. Look for decals for 332nd Fighter Group.
  5. As far as I’m aware the Board of Inquiry is ongoing, so the programme would not have commented as a result.
  6. Well, fear not. Whilst I admit to a certain amount of bias, RIAT and has been for some time a far better all round Airshow. If you want to see a few aircraft, visit trade stands and get some free marketing material though, SBAC will do. But if Carlsberg did Airshows, they’d look at RIAT first, and I would recommend it to all.
  7. Sorry to pick you up on your post, but aircraft can and are flown in a safe manner. More accurate to say that the safety limits for air displays restricts the manoeuvres and display heights to give as safe a margin as possible.
  8. Sooooooo..... who should pay to keep it flying her? I can’t; can anyone on this site? Has anyone started a crowd funding appeal? There’s nothing quintessential about this; unless it can be afforded and/or someone gives free money, it gets sold. Nothing to do with profit, just cold hard facts. That is all.
  9. I have so far tried and largely failed in not buying anything that DSPIAE have produced. All their gear is on a different level. That is all
  10. I wasn’t talking about the corporal who flew and gave us all a window to a personal and very private moment, Robin. In a few episodes it might click with you what my comment about Jon Bayliss, RIP, referred to. That is all.
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