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  1. Phinest Phantom I've ever seen. Absolutely outstanding in every way. I love it!
  2. Smashing stuff, you've fairly put manners on her. I'm fighting with one of these myself right now and I agree with every negative assessment of this kit.
  3. This is a superb build. I'm thoroughly enjoying it. I'm a firm devotee of Monogram kits, and their Thunderchiefs - like this Voodoo - are a real treat.
  4. I love it! I've been stockpiling these big Revell brutes, I hope I do mine as well as this. What figures did you use for the aircrew? PJ Productions?
  5. A Marineflieger Tornado AND Jethro Tull? This just gets better.
  6. Vallejo do a Medium Sea Grey that's not too bad, and brushes rather nicely.
  7. Great stuff! I have this kit and desperately want to pylons to swivel, the child inside me wants an in-flight Tornado with all that working. I'm currently trying to fabricate such a mechanism on a 1/72 Revell Tornado as well as an F-111 in the same scale but I have yet to succeed...
  8. The fan blade insert looks superb, the best I've seen! Great solution To the lack of detail.
  9. I'd try closing them and see what happens! I have a few Fujimi spooks in the stash, the canopies look alright and you might be able to shoehorn them into the Revell kit.
  10. The Revell kit's overall shape issues are legendary. And that's being kind! However its detail, fit (not including the canopies) and sheer ease of building make it one of my favourite kits ever. It's divided up the same way as the Hasegawa kit but for some reason it just falls together beautifully. The shortcomings are less pronounced in 1/72nd scale but you have to leave the canopies open.
  11. Be careful what you wish for! I'll take some pictures and post them later on...
  12. Work has stalled on this one, for some reason Hasegawa Phantoms and I don't get along so well. All my own fault, you understand but I'm forming a rather controversial opinion: They're not all they're cracked up to be. Accurate in shape, yes but for some reason I just struggle with them. Anyway, to restore the old mojo I'm throwing a Revell F-4F together quickly. Should I add it to the GB?
  13. AIM-9Ls would be light ghost grey, sometimes with white rear fins and a gunmetal forward section and front fins. AIM-120s light ghost grey with a white radome and gunmetal fins but be careful, they were only carried by ICE Phantoms. If it has a buff coloured radome it's AMRAAM capable, but even then I've hardly seen any pictures of German Phantoms carrying them so if you're modelling an everyday Spook you could probably get away with omitting them altogether.
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