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  1. after putting aside the Firebrand to work on other projects, I was progressing quote a bit within last month. Hard to believe but I started it more than a year ago! The thought that I needed to redo several already completed tasks is not comforting; it's a really crude kit with no details, more like a table top model, rather a proper replica. But I'm getting there....
  2. Hey Jonners, welcome to the club :-) Here is Jean's build: http://www.network54.com/Forum/47751/thread/1368712689/IAR+81+C
  3. I was very excited to learn about upcoming release from new company from Romania lcaerodesign, full resin I.A.R.81C in 1/48. I received it several weeks ago, but just came around to take some pics. This model needs to be seen in flesh, my pathetic P&S camera just doesn't do its justice. Amazing surface details rivals Neomega, TCBerg and Vector; clear resin canopy as thin as any vacuform canopy, masks and decals (whatever your preference is), PE details, and instruction sheet is just out of this world. Parts count is very impressive pushing the envelope and obviating any need for extra deta
  4. first of, I'm not a distributor, agent etc., and not affiliated in any way. I'm just a modeler who wants that talented kit-maker to succeed, and am happen to be pro-small-business in general. Look up the website address on pics below and contact directly. Simple as that. I was quoted 60 EUR+shipping. Now I'm going to shut up and let pics do the talking. http://translate.google.ro/translate?sl=ro&tl=en&js=n&prev=_t&hl=ro&ie=UTF-8&eotf=1&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.cartula.ro%2Fforum%2Ftopic%2F11284-iar-81c-148%2F [/url] [/url] [/url] [/url] [/url] [/url] [/url] [/url]
  5. thank you Carlos, and all who responded! I found myself buying NOVO and Frog kits for boxes only :-) I do 1/48 only, so will need to trade/sale the kits. this is about the time; they are getting more difficult to find in good condition. Thanks gents! keep the history alive in your collections.
  6. yep, found it. Thanks!
  7. it would be great if some publishing house could release an album and pay royalties to artists, or whoever holds copyright presently. I'm sure it would be a hot seller. Same goes to Matchbox and Airfix.
  8. wow! what a great link :-) thanks very much!
  9. thanks for the offer Carlos! I'm actually looking for the actual boxes, FROG and NOVO. But ideally I would like to have fully sized prints. The thing is those box top boxes were cropped down/resized; and I'd like to have the originals, even on my hard drive. this one I believe to be the full size for example:
  10. thanks Tony! This book is a must to have for me. I'll keep an eye on evilBay. There is one for sale, but you're right - quite expensive. Plus postage from the UK, makes it prohibitive. Cheers! D.
  11. Hi Tony, do you happen to know if any publishing house released an album with artwork? I'm trying to get a collection of boxes together, but box tops were cropped down.
  12. Martin, every bit of info would be very helpful. Thank you!
  13. hey guys, could someone educate me please? I would like to obtain prints by the artists who created FROG/NOVO box art. One of them was Mr.Harrison I believe. I would appreciate any leads. I don't even know if anything was out, publisher, period etc.? Please share if you have any information. thanks!
  14. thanks :-) yeah my stash is all over the place. I like FAA/RN subjects, VVS, Luftwaffe, IJN/IJA, USN, odd subjects like Swiss, Austrian, Dutch and Swedish AF (I drive a SAAB Viggen, the car, not airplane :-) ), have a soft spot for early jets. Many Classic Airframes, Special Hobby, many full resin kits: Collect Aire, Neomega etc. selected Hasegawa and Tamiya etc.. This is not all of my kits though, I have another stash of a similar size 9,000 km from where I am right now with Hasegawa and Monogram mainly and again a load of full resin kit. Trying to thin the herd though, sold many recently.
  15. hey folks! The Firebrand is back! I had hectic couple of months: changed countries again, moved from Ontario to North Carolina. It's not over yet - still many things to take care of, but I set up the modelling room, and resumed with the Firebrand. This is what I'll be dealing with in a next week or two. Regardless, I'm still quite enjoying the kit, seriously! This is a pleasant build - huge creativity field. I want to use as many original Magna parts as possible. The kit is not requiring too much scratch building if you are leaving the cockpit and wheel well alone (not too much os the co
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