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  1. The Winjeel has landed! See the Red Roo website for full details (look under Red Roo Kits). First review on HyperScale is here: http://www.hyperscale.com/2016/reviews/kits/redroomodelsrrk48002reviewbg_1.htm Cheers, Gary
  2. Hi Paul and Duncan, I did go back to the local retailer here in Oz who replaced my bottle immediately, saying they had a duff supply initially which has been replaced but unfortunately not before they had sold some. Anyway, the new bottle works just fine and I used it on the exhausts for my P-39 to great effect. Cheers, Gary
  3. Yes, I went and had a look at the bottle of Burnt Metal and it is like sand in water. All the other bottle are very thin, just like Alclad and mix up really well when I shake them up. That must be what the problem is. Thanks for the help fellas, very much appreciated.
  4. Hi Colin and Greg - good points - I did run the AK enamel extreme metal thinners and cleaner through the airbrush before I used the Extreme Metal paint, which went in neat after a solid shake and stir session (as I too believe they are ready to go), just in case there was something lurking in the airbrush from the last use. Sorry, my original post did not make that clear at all. I bought these about five months ago. Do you think I should not have flushed the airbrush? I did wait until it appeared dry before I loaded it up.
  5. G'Day Guys, I just had a disaster with the Burnt Metal colour in the new AK Interactive Extreme Metal paint I recently bought. I tried to use the paint to spray a pair of Spitfire exhausts with my HS Infinity. Prepared and mixed the paint as per manufacturer's instructions, using the AK proprietary thinners and cleaners, etc. After a few seconds spraying the paint went solid. Total airbrush strip, soak in AK cleaner, turps, brush cleaner and four runs through the ultrasonic cleaner before the stuff even started to shift. After a few more trips into the ultrasonic cleaner the airbrush is finally working again. Now, the question is - anybody else had issues with this paint range? I don't use any lubrication fluids in the air brush and my paints are tightly sealed and stored in cool, dark drawers. Very upset with this stuff after spending a lot of money on the metallic paints - any ideas and suggestions greatly appreciated. Cheers, Gary
  6. As of today (27 July 2015) Red Roo Models is no longer accepting PayPal as a means of payment for orders placed on the website or by PayPal Invoice or PayPal Requests. Customers wishing to pay by credit card are instead provided with our secure e-Path payment page. This page is easy to use, encrypted, secure and PCI compliant and has been available on our website as an alternative means of secure on-line payment since the introduction of the re-designed website almost six years ago. It fully complies with Australian law and the Australian Payments Clearing Association requirements. This has come about over the last few days when PayPal, without warning or explanation, began withholding funds received from customers as payment for their orders. Subsequent inquiries indicated that a new policy of forcing merchants to become “preferred sellers” (which had previously been associated with eBay) after a lengthy waiting period and thereafter accept a slow release of funds had been introduced. PayPal has further attempted to impose their preferred method of shipping on Red Roo Models and our customers via trackable post or couriers. We already offer our customers a choice of trackable and express postage (also trackable) within Australia and standard Air Mail or trackable international postage outside Australia (available at a higher postage charge). Adopting the PayPal requirements means our customers would have no choice but to pay higher postage fees and we would have to change our shopping cart to delete many of the shipping choices our customers currently may choose from. We would also no longer be able to link to the Australia Post Postage Calculator API, meaning we would have to introduce “blanket” charges. PayPal claims this is all designed to make it “safer” for customers. After 20 years of on-line trading we say this is rubbish – we have established a solid reputation for quality, value for money and honesty by successfully selling in over 25 countries around the world. We are currently undertaking the creation of a new “all in one” e-gate payment solution for our website which we believe will meet and exceed the needs of our customers. All orders paid for using PayPal prior 27 July 2015 will be completed and shipped to our customers. All orders paid for using the e-Path secure hosted payments page will be processed as usual. As soon as the new paygate is completed we will switch it on.
  7. Hi Guys, I masked up a model with a hard edge demarcation between upper and lower surfaces recently. I had used White Ensign Models Medium Sea Grey on the lower surfaces which was thoroughly dry when the masking tape went on. Went to prepare my paint for the first upper surface colour the next day and apply it when I found nearly all of the masking tape was lifting or had fallen off. My first thought was - dodgy tape, but the same stuff has been on the other model in the incubator applied over Xtracolor without any lifting for a few weeks and it was bought a couple of months ago. Conclusion; paint fumes or some chemical in the WEM paint attacking the tape glue? Am I right? As I'm not sure I'd welcome any ideas or suggestions - has this happened to anyone else? Cheers, Gary
  8. From late September to mid October we will be operating with reduced staffing levels due to other commitments impacting on our office. All orders will be fulfilled and emails will receive a reply, however response times may be longer than normal. We will be attending the South Australian Model Expo in Adelaide on 11 and 12 Oct 14 and the office will be closed from 9 Oct 2014 to 14 Oct 2014 as a result. The website will still be operating as normal and orders can be placed as normal. We will clear any backlog of orders as quickly as possible on our return from Adelaide. Our message service will operate as normal during this period so you can leave your name and telephone number with the answering service and one of us will call back to take orders or answer questions. You can also use the Contact Us page on the website for inquiries. We will also be attending the Scale ACT 14 Model Expo in Canberra in November – more information with regard to that closer to the event. Cheers, Gary
  9. Just a "heads up" to let you know that we are almost ready to move to our new website. This will probably happen around Australian Model Expo time in early June or just shortly after. Final testing and checks are being carried out now. The URL will remain the same but the site will have a bold new look. For the first time in our 20 years of trading we will have the ability to post multiple images of products, allow customers to manage their accounts, conduct multiple item sales and offer complete and secure transaction processing which will include postage charges in one operation. Postage charges will be accurately calculated using the Australia Post API which incorporates all classes of postage for both domestic and international shipping and included in the final charge. Customers will be able to pay using their PayPal account or using a credit card through an eGate payment portal. Unfortunately because of the advances in technology we are unable to transfer the current list of newsletter subscribers to the new site so those wishing the receive the newsletter will need to register again. However, this is easily done as part of the checkout sequence or during the account creation sequence, as well as from the home page. More news on this as we draw closer to the event. Cheers, Gary
  10. We have been busy in the last few months down under at Red Roo. We have just released our new book, The 'Stang!, which covers the history of the RAAF's Mustangs and their life as warbirds following their retirement from service. This book contains over 500 photographs, 60 colour profiles and is littered with amazing facts and RAAF mustang data. The book compliments our previous publication, Southern Cross Mustangs, which dealt with the technical aspects of the aircraft in RAAF service, dangley bits under wings, camouflage and markings. The 'Stang! is available as a stand alone purchase for $54.54 (exc GST) and also as part of a special super bonus combo pack with Southern Cross Mustangs (soft cover edition only) for $160 (exc GST) for a limited time. For F-86 Sabre devotees tin 1/72 scale there is a new wheel well set which provides generic resin castins for the main undercarriage and nose leg wheel bays, along with their fairing doors. We have also released a 1/72 set of AVRO/GAF Lincoln propeller blaeds and spinners to compliment our two engine sets (shrouded and unshrouded exhaust). For full details of these new additons to the range visit the website: http://www.redroomodels.com/news.php Cheers, Gary, Richard and Ed
  11. Hi Everybody, Just a quick note to let you all know that we have just release four new Beaufighter accessories. In 1/48 scale we have just added weighted main wheels, pilot's and observer's seats, as well as WW2 and Post-War observer's canopies (so you can fit a machine gun to your early-war Beaufighter observer's station). The 1/48 accessories are all designed for the Tamiya Beaufighter kits. We also have a canopy set in 1/72 scale for the Hasegawa Mk 21 Beaufighter kit. Check out the new products at: http://www.redroomodels.com/news.php For those living in the United Kingdom don't forget that Model Craft UK now carries the Red Roo range. Contact Model Craft UK and remember that whatever they do not currently have in stock or due in, they can obtain for you. Cheers, Gary, Ed and Richard
  12. Red Roo Models will be closed from Friday 21 December 2012 and will re-open for business on Monday 14 January 2013. Where did 2012 go? Despite the pundits screaming gloom and doom from the battlements modellers appear to have been well served this year with many long awaited and highly desirable goodies hitting the market place. Some have not sat on the shelves for long enough to gather dust while others have developed into shelf queens, but on the whole most of the new kits, decals and after-market accessories released this year have found their way to eager and excited modellers. We at Red Roo have had some outstanding successes this year such as the ANARE Dakota conversion, the Beaufighter Target Tug conversion and the DC-9 kits. Top seller for the year was the ANARE Dakota conversion which sold out in about two months - but don't worry because a few more are on the way. Snapping on its heels was the wonderfuly esoteric Dart-Stang kit. The really big surprise was the DC-9 kit. The success of this venture (only about 25 kits remain unsold) has prompted us to explore the possibility of putting out some more conversions of a 'civil airlines' genre. More will be revealed in 2013. Ed and Richard have had a very productive year in 2012, helping to resolve issues with design, production and marketing and keeping the suggestions and ideas flowing. We have had a number of suggestions that came from customers which have been seriously examined and some will appear in the product range in 2013. Our sub-contracting work continues to grow and we have forged some stategic new alliances with other small businesses in Australia and overseas. For me personally 2012 has been a better year than the previous few years with slow but significant improvements in my health, so I look forward to a better year ahead. We have been able to finally obtain an agent in the UK which has helped with our recognition and sales into that market. We urge all those in the UK interested in our stuff to visit Model Craft's website and contact David to inquire about the Red Roo range. Outstanding support has been provided by SAMI and we look forward to developing that relationship further in 2013. Finally, to all our wonderful new friends on Britmodller, we would like to take this opportunity to wish you all the very best for the holiday season and the New Year - may you and your families enjoy a safe and happy festive season. Best wishes, Gary, Ed and Richard
  13. GPB

    CA-18 Mustang

    Hi Julien, I understand that the CAC designed and manufactured moulded plywood and timber back framed seat fitted to the CA-18 was introduced by the through the Local Modification Committee on 19 April 1945. This variation, along with others, was part of the programme to incorporate as much locally sourced components as possible. I am not sure, but from memory I think this seat added some additional cost to the aircraft. The best reference for the CA-18 and all other RAAF and RNZAF Mustangs is David Muir's Southern Cross Mustangs. HTH Cheers, Gary
  14. David at Model craft has advised that he has received the first shipment of Red Roo products and that he will have these items at Telford for viewing, ordering and purchase. At last there is a retailer in the UK who can assist modellers in obtaining their Red Roo needs. Please visit David's stand and if the item you want is not in stock at the moment do place an order because we can get the gear to David quickly. I have many very happy memories of my visit to Telford in 2007 so I hope everyone has a fantastic time at Scale Modelworld 2012. Pop in a say hellow to David and check out the Red Roo stuff on show. Cheers, Gary, Ed and Richard.
  15. Hi Peter, What a super thread this is - this has to be one of the best ever on Britmodeller. I just stumbled into it after Ed told me about it. Outstanding photo and new info on all the holes in the cowls. This really was one of the oldest products in the range, now long gone but if there is enough demand we would attempt to re-work the masters and correct the 'holey' problem. I am not sure if Italeri re-popped the B/C kit. At the moment in Oz the G kit is still around under their banner but the ealier one is very hard to find. Demand for the modified cowls seemed to fade when the B/C kit went out of production under the AMT label. I can't remember any significant surge in sales when Italeri re-issued it, but then again that version came and went quite quickly in Oz. I think your idea of a 10 year anniversary upgrade re-issue is a good one and we would certainly like to hear from folks if they think it is worthwhile. Cheers, Gary
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