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  1. http://sandmmodels.co.uk/news/ 2 Versions in the pipeline: #1 Dan-Air #2 RAF Queen’s Flight CC2 Mel doesn’t say on his website when these are expected to be available so I expect that we shall just have to be patient.
  2. I'm awstruck! I'm planning an airfield diorama which I'll be starting this year and although I've invested in some commercially available kit parts to make part of a 'T' shed I'd love to put a 'C' shed on it too - in partial relief as I've got some space but not infinite! How has your project developed? You obviously found some authoritative drawings and I'm truly envious of your skills with CAD and with the laser cutter. I'm dying to know how it has worked out. With bated breath.....
  3. Oh, and I forgot to thank TexanTomcat for bringing this to our attention - good spot!
  4. I wouldn’t worry too much about the “20mm” description; in my experience that can be a bit of a generality. T2 Hangars (there were four sub-types) were all 118ft wide. According to the calculator on my phone, 502mm (see Blotz website) is equivalent to 118.58ft at 1/72 scale. That’s near enough for me to be tempted to buy!
  5. Now listed on the big H website and expected March 2020 - not long to wait! Happy days! https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/VAL72142
  6. The conversion is still available as far as I’m aware. Try ‘Flightpath’ or djparkins.com.
  7. Standing by to be corrected (haven’t got my log book to hand) but iirc XT281 was on the strength of 237 OCU at Honington in 1981.
  8. Hi Trenton guy, - just looked at the Air Graphics website and the Wasp conversion CS-07 is there now.
  9. I had hopes for the Bedford RL. Now having seen the pictures above, the cab shape doesn’t look right. The front windows on the real thing are not in line but angled in a slight ‘V’. The front face of the cab on the model resembles that of the RL-based fire appliance at Retford that Barry Wright (BW Models) produced in 1/76. I think I’ll hold on for the RL that Milicast are planning to release this year; I expect that’ll be more reasonably priced too.
  10. With apologies for the failure to provide a link (not sure how to on iPad - must get more tech-savvy) there it is on Hannant’s website. Due July 2019.
  11. Well my airliner recognition isn’t up to much but I’m not too convinced by the pictures chosen to illustrate 144131-02 (Airbus A-321?) and 144131-03 (Airbus A-319?) or is it me?
  12. 457

    EE Thunderbird

    Hi Colin, There's now a 3D printed 1/72 scale Thunderbird available from 'printedplanes' on eBay. The model is offered with or without the trailer: the version with the trailer is at https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1-72-Thunderbird-Missile-Trailer-3D-Printed-Model I have one on order so I can't comment on the quality but I already have a Bloodhound from the same source and cannot fault it.
  13. Thanks for posting the pictures Sniper. I too am very pleased, not to say hugely impressed, with the models I bought. My thoughts have now turned to the fun of painting them.......
  14. Excellent! That's good news for my current obsession with modelling French forces in Indo-China.
  15. Hi Dave, co-incidentally I was wading through part of my stash this morning and found one of my 2 old Italeri B-66s. I've found references hard to come by on the internet; even the walk-arounds that I've discovered (PrimePortal, Cybermodeller) haven't been terrifically helpful and I'm looking out for a sensibly priced copy of the Aerofax Minigraph. One thing I have noted though, which you may already be aware of, is that the leading edge slats are always deployed when the aircraft is stationary on the ground. I assume therefore that these were automatic slats, as for the A-4 ( and many other types). The slats appear to have been in 2 or 3 portions on each wing, from just outboard of the engine pylons virtually to the tips and another thing I've seen in some pictures is that the outboard portion is often deployed, albeit partially it seems, when the aircraft is flying. None of this nerdy detail is probably of any use but there it is. Happy days Simon
  16. The Airfix model of the Bloodhound remains popular in spite of all its imperfections and I confess to having a few stashed away, though I've not built one for a few years. Idly surfing EBay recently I came across what looks like an exquisite 3D model of a Bloodhound on its stand, the only drawback for me was that it was available in 1/87 or 1/43.5 scale. On request however the modeller (inner-leaf) has run some off at 1/72 scale and a few are now available on EBay at what I think is a reasonable price. I'm looking forward to receiving the ones I've ordered and I'll let you know what I think. He can run the models off at 1/76 too, again on request. I don't know who 'inner-leaf' is but it looks as though he's done some of us a great favour!
  17. - And 'Flightpath' (David Parkins) website for Ground Power Units among other things. Road Transport Images (Frank Waller) does a '60s/'70s Leyland Hippo refueller if you need one.
  18. Hi Yorki, your question intrigued me so I delved about a bit and found a forum called "Shipbucket.com" where there are some great illustrations of carrier colours including one of the Centaur class carriers in 1963, so quite a bit later than your model, but may be helpful. I'd suggest dropping an email to White Ensign Models as they've done a lot of research on RN colour schemes and they have a comprehensive range of authentic paints.
  19. 457

    Bedford RL MkII

    Hi Bzn20 - and go anyone else reading this thread - er - much humble pie... Dartmoor Models have a website but they're not responsible for the ex-BW Fire vehicles I'm afraid - so sorry for my brainstorm and I meant Paul Metcalfe's 'Mid-Devon Models'. You can find him on Facebook too at 'middevonmodels'. So sorry again for the misinformation. Matador models have their own website so don't sell via eBay. I'll get my coat....
  20. 457

    Bedford RL MkII

    It has been a source of frustration to me that there hasn't been a good resin model of the RL MkII available in 1/76. Barry Wright had RLs in his extensive catalogue of white metal military vehicles until he retired a couple of years ago and his range is now being produced in part by Dartmoor models (on eBay) for the fire vehicles and by Matador models for the scout cars etc, some of which have been recast in resin, though not the RL as yet. Some of you may have visited Frank Waller's 'Road Transport Images' stand at Scale Modelworld Telford last November: Frank has just sent out his latest newsletter and he now has the MkII RL in his range!! Note you have to buy the cab, chassis, body and wheels separately and the combination isn't cheap but it's lovely! If it's a Mk1 you're after you're in luck as Frank's had this available for a while though be quick as he will archive the Mk1 cab shortly. Currently if you visit the website you'll only find the Mk1 cab available but I'm sure Frank will update the site shortly. If you've not visited before see also his other military models including a couple of 'complete vehicles'. BTW I've no connection with Frank or with RTI other than having met him and ordered some of his, mostly civilian, models in the past.
  21. Try Neomega resin. They have resin seats and other replacement parts for the Airfix Buccaneer.
  22. Nick, Whirlybird have a stand at SMW Telford every year and I have their price list from last year's show which includes almost all of the ex Project-X kits and conversions (and much more). One or two of the Project-X kits aren't currently listed, notably the twin seat P.1154, but the 2011 list did include 3 'new' kits from the old Project-X range. Their address is: Whirlybird 73 High Street Wombwell Barnsley South Yorkshire S73 8HS tel: 01226 345635 or 07776 141821 Hope this helps!
  23. Just Googled TX213 and the dear old girl is apparently under restoration at the NEAM at Sunderland.
  24. I guess you're working in 1/48 but in case it helps, the chaps at Aviation Workshop have a 1/72 Mk 20 pod. You might want to give them a call just in case they're thinking that there might be a market for scaling this pod up.
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