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  1. Hi, Is there anyone who can help me with a scan of the nitto/doyusha 1/100 lockheed tristar instruction sheet of this kit? Hate to tell ,but i lost mine!! thx in advance, frankie
  2. A BIG THANK YOU TO halcyonjet !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. hi Eric Mc, i'm looking more specific for the "hawker siddeley Hs-125 -2 dominie t-1 version.( eg .: xs-739). regards, frankie
  4. hello, Thank You very much for the offer!! it would help me a lot ! Thanks in advance, Frankie frankie.l@telenet.be
  5. i have ordered several times from You and had NO problems whatsoever!! quick delivery !! AND BEAUTIFUL CASTINGS!! Thank You, regards
  6. Hi everybody, Is there someone who can provide me accurate scale plan drawing(s) of the hs-125 domini ?I found a lot on the internet but they do not accurately respond with each other. Thanks in advance, Frankie
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