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  1. I am looking at delaying my purchase till the new year and see if i can get the rest together, as i have 3 big commissions on in a row, so could put an extra £150 into business equipment pot. The more i read up about the various booths, the lifetime warranty and the "it just works" reviews of the BV stuff does make me wonder if the "buy cheap, buy twice" rule would come into effect with the Sparmax.
  2. Hi all, been a wee while since i have frequented the forum, lost going on in life, mainly a long drawn out process of creating a smaller version of myself, but after much help from the NHS we are now a proud set of parents :). As i start to return to my work studio i have got some cash together to improve the equipment and am looking to get a mid range spray booth for the studio. As i work almost exclusively with acrylics (GW, vallejo and Tamiya) i am looking at the Sparmax SB-88 unit, as it seems a good mid range, not the PC fan running chinese things you see on ebay, but not quite the super duper benchvent stuff either. However, i have read that the main issue with cheap booths is the fans are often in direct airflow or are cheap ones that raise the risk of a spark\flame, however the Sparmax unit has a proper "Squirrel" cage type fan, with the motor in a sperate section of the blower unit, so the fumes do not go through the motor section. The issue is the places that sell the sparmax unit are vague on if it is suitable for flammable paints, some say yess, some say no. Looking at the benchvent 300s-D it is classed for solvents etc, but the fan style looks the same as the sparmax, (a drum style). can anyone give some experience of the sparmax unit and if i am just using Tamiya and Vallejo etc brands, then a non flammable rated drum extractor will be fine for my needs. I would get the benchvent unit, but i simply cannot justify a further £150 again for the foreseeable future and i am only getting busier requiring the use of a booth more and more (i am using a high quality face mask when i do spray just now. but it needs sorting out with proper extraction. Cheers for any help guys and gals Rick
  3. Hi folks, lots going on just now with house move in a week and sorting out my plan for my first tuition class. Curent work bench is a 1:6 vinyl Kryten figure from red dwarf. I will put up a WIP picture later on Once i found out that the reason my airbrush wasnt working was i had accidentally screwed the air valve internal spring up to tight so the trigger was only depressing half way.....going mad wasnt quite covering how i felt
  4. Hi folks, thanks for the kind words. Lots going on with it all (along with buying our first house!) Most recent work was a Mortal Kombat game themed japanese Ninja set.
  5. Hi fellow forumites, ive been away from the forum for a wee while, due to some unfortunate circumstances of redundancy I have decided to turn my long term hobby into a business. i am offering commission painting of scale figures (war hammer, infinity that type of thing) as well as tuition on figure painting, and display products. as I am just starting out I am just putting my name out there and hoping I can get some attention to my website and some public awareness. if anyone on the site has an interest in figure painting, please take a look and see if there is anything that interests you. the site is www.pictishminiaturepainting.co.uk id really appreciate any views or comments, and if you're interested in any work I'd be happy to discuss it with you. many thanks Rick
  6. Excellent post! I have only used Zero paints on a rossi 05 Moto GP yamaha, and it was the pre mixed lacquer. I have a jaegermeister BMW and Subaru BRZ to do, so going to give the proper 2k a go, though need to buy proper extractor first...at £300 Fantastic tutorial though.
  7. Well....i go away for a year and come back to seeing the most awesome thing ever! Why can i not buy this and why has no company offered a resin casting. Amazing work sir, the electronics and 3d modelling alone would leave me a gibbering wreck.e
  8. No just down on the sunday. Flying down on sat and home Monday morning. Golden Demon is just being held on the sunday.
  9. Hi folks, Been a fair while since I was to be found around the forum. Many reasons for absence but thought I would appear with a wee update as to what I am working on just now. It is for the national golden demon painting competition run by Games workshop. I have decided to try for 3 entries this year in the vehicle (tank), Diorama (desert) and Large Miniature (jungle). Main ideas were to do a dug in tank as the last line of defence in an urban battle, ala the last days of berlin and panzer chassis buried in the earth., so I came up with this: I had an idea to use a scout vehicle I had fancied for a while, so came up with a small scene with the scout buggy, some snipers and a despatch rider on a sort of alien horse\elephant thing. Its basically done bar the despatch rider: And finally as a wildcard entry I am doing an alien monster (think Alien film) sitting in a jungle scene. First time I have used paper plants and was impressed, just moss covered stones and more undergrowth\deadfall to do. Lots still to do, then I have to try and get it all through airport security!
  10. Vallejo stuff is very good, i have the Game Colour box case, an investment as i do a lot of GW figure painting looking at comp entry soon. I have bought a few Model colours for a me 262 i have as i havent used them before and wanted too, as heard good things. I also bought a box of Model air "Extreme tank set" to try model air. Going to spray my king tiger in hard edge camo with the yellow, red and green corresponding colours to tamiya xf colours. Hopefully will turn out well Might see about the model colour case in the summer.
  11. Sorry for no pics as promised, I had an unexpected task to perform and was away from house for 2 hours! Anyway, plane is 99.9% finished, i have taken memory card to work so i can upload a couple of quick pics at lunchtime so you can see i have actually done it, not just writing about the phantom mossie lol. Edit: Pics as promised. Very happy with it, apart from 2 minor issues, most annoying is about 6 speckles of what i can assume is super glue on the wings, about 1-2mm big, they could be matt varnished and you wouldnt see them but its odd how they got there. The other issue is the matt varnish has got the slightest white note to it in some places, its very off, almost streaky rather than blotches so no idea how it happened as i tested the varnish mix first and all was fine, but it almost looks like faded paint or weathered exterior so i am not too bothered, its just a little thing. Very happy with her, looking forward to next build, finishing my 1/35th Tamiya King Tiger which is half built.
  12. Well progress has been fast and furious. So much so i haven't been able to transfer the pictures from my camera yet, there are many! But basically its finished! Sprayed the bottom Tamiya Sky and top Dark sea grey. Then a coat of Klear, the decals went on with minimum of fuss, a real joy, oh and the fact ww2 planes dont have eleventy million teeny tiny "no Step" etc decals. then second coat of Klear, this was followed by Dot Filtering with oil paints and enamel thinners, which really gave the plane a used look that was subtle and i was very pleased with. This was allowed to dry then gave Klear coat again, followed by panel line was (again hardly any due to nature of aircraft) then sprayed Klear and Tamiya Flat Base 70/30% to seal it all in. Ancillaries are all done just got to glue them all on, bombs, doors etc, and spray some smoke effect on the chin guns and out of the nacelles. Full build report with pics will go up tonight I am taking it to the model club tomorrow so any Aberdeen members can see it Very pleased with this as its my first proper attempt at weathering and it came out really well, so looking forward to using the skills on my next build.
  13. Actually, speaking of Melbourne, it reminded me when i was visiting Oz with my folks in 2005, we had a stop off in Singapore and Hong Kong on the way there\back. There was a shopping centre in Singapore that included a model shop the likes of which had to be seen to be believed, it had everything, all the kit brands you recognise and lots i didn't, varied stuff, from cars to gundam, and every shelf was groaning with kits and only a mans width to get between shelves, it was lucky i was on holiday as i would have been bad otherwise, luggage space limited purchases, but i got a mk1 Toyota MR2 kit (was my car at the time ) and the only way to fit this in was to throw away boxes and put sprues in plastic bags, meant i could fit about 5 in space of one box! But it was an amazing site and shows how much more popular scale modelling is in the far east!
  14. Well with the Mozzie finished (pics to come as they are all on my camera and been so busy havent been able to update my build thread!). The Tiger Moth is next (Then the mustang, ME262, beufighter......oh dear), well the tig is next, so looking to rig with stretched sprue....i like a challenge. If that fails, very fine fishing line may be sought!
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