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  1. 72modeler Thanks for posting the video, wow just wow! There must be a few million $ worth of kit there. Best Regards Paul
  2. Hi That's a great looking Argosy - very nice. Back in around 1974/5 I worked for a freight agent at East Midlands Airport, and would spend part of my late shift (when I should have been working on that days paper work, for air freight export) watching the ABC and Elan Aircraft flying in and loading up, in the warehouse next to ours. Good days. Best Regards
  3. What Portaler, and others have said, what a good looking Pup. and stunning model work. Best Regards
  4. Put me down for a new 1/48 scale Lancaster! The sooner the better.
  5. Wow! What a great day you had - and great photos as well.
  6. Great looking Provost. I have somewhere in the house a photo of me and my younger sister, taken at RAF Gaydon at their BOB air display approx 1967/68 sitting in the cockpit of a Provost in the same trainer markings. A great day, but very wet and cold all day.
  7. Now ordered - looking forward to this book.
  8. I will be putting this on my 'To get list'
  9. Hi Dave, do you have access to: THE OTHER FEW BY LARRY DONNELY DFM Published by Red Kite. The following are listed as lost/missing from the Berlin raid: Hampden P4416 - 49 sqd - lost with out trace Hampden P2070 - 50 sqd - Forced landed Lautersheim Germany Hampden P2124 - 50 sqn - Ditched of Scarborough Hampden P1354 - 83 sqn - Ditched in the wash Hampden P4380 - 83 sqn - Ditched off Grimsby Hampden X2895 - 83 sqn - Crashed at Bolden Co Durham. Hope this may be of use/help.
  10. Wow!! Great film, and great music choice, not a duff track in there. many thanks
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