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  1. You have done a magnificent job there matey..... I built ZD406 (Fly Navy) out of this kit last year - it does go together well
  2. OK......here is the squared off structure between the two elevators, with the flight deck on. I need to reduce this, or make a diaganal cut - ANYBODY GOT A CLEAR (UNDERSIDE) PICTURE OF THIS AREA ? I have also worked the 'seamanship' areas of the Bow. My original work for the forward 'hawsepipes', has been added to with reciprocal openings above the uppper bow inlets ? Also I have given a reinforcement plate to the anchor area and modified some pipe work (taken off a lot of external pipework from the '1982' refitt also)
  3. OK......I actually have had a productive weekend......... Here, when compared to the previous picture post, are the recommended changes to the area's around elevators 1 & 2. (The two most forward on the starboard side [yes -I know its all upside down]). I like the more triangle shape to the starboard quater. But I am not sure about the 'squared' area after this, as it may foul the #2 elevator........but we will see. (Edit -quite sure actually, it will have to be 'cropped' back) What I am proud of is the hull ribbing or strengtheners. This is all along the hull aft of the Seasparow pla
  4. got the latest loot of goodies for her, S-3 Viking Aircraft 'Round holed' mesh for the Seasparow platform some ships RHIB's ( boats) .........some replacement Phalanxes are also on order (if I'm going this far .........)
  5. Food for the popcorn eaters. I have finished replacing the catwalk decks........there are just a few side rails to be put on the stern section. But I might do a bit of the heavy mods on the hull after all this fiddly work ............I am being very inspired by Doug's efforts on this kit over on Ship Modeler http://www.shipmodels.info/mws_forum/viewtopic.php?f=59&t=120496 - some great work !
  6. thanks Danila, -just a quick update guys. I am waiting for a second set of catwalks from Tom's Model works to complete the stern 1/3. My 'day' work is almost over also, so time to get back into it ! I notice the amount of access catwalks at the rear of the ships Island.....(glad I needed the second set !)
  7. Slow progress on the 'catwalks' but the effort is starting to feel worthwhile -just got the No 4 Jet Blast Deflector extention to construct (@center of photo) and then the rear third of the flight deck to do. just ordered some S-3 Vikings for her, as I am aiming for a year 2007 timeframe. And the Vikings will break up the sea of Superbugs on deck........?
  8. that is essencaly correct Rob. I am drilling and then cutting out the remains of the catwalk deck with a sharp #11 blade, and leaving the top 1mm on top of the horizontal ribbing. Then cutting the perforated catwalk, doubling up in places. The effect is as 'translusant' as the real thing - I just hope it is as effective post paint.........
  9. OK guys, (Have faith Spfparker, any Enterprise is a good enterprise) I have finished drilling out and cutting the walkways. And started the perforated deck. hope its worth the effort ! The walkways were changed from the solid ones , during the 2005-2007 refitt, to both lighten the shipweight ? and provide drainage for fuel spills.
  10. thanks guys; I appechiate your comments, Mark, Ray, Rumboy, Rob, Colin and Chewitt. I feel the pressure, but will rise to it.......More work/updates when I get back to it on Saturday night
  11. Thanks for your kind words; Calum, Dave and Crispin, I have updated my introduction now, and am thoughly looking forward to this 'Major'
  12. Hey Guys, 'thought I'd cure my 'Modeling Mojo' by re-commencing a major re-build of the Tamya Enterprise. here's how she looked during the strippdown....... ......along with the new airwing I had modeled her in her 1982? refit (most commonly seen) but as a bit of a challange I decided to remodel her in her late 2000's configuration, with all the 'grey mushrooms' and Superbug's. *edit -this photo must be ~2007, due to the presence of S-3 Vikings on deck, and the last refitt of 'mushroom' radars* I have no perticular connection to the "Big E" other than being an ex-(RAN)sailor. And I d
  13. thanks again Phil, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel @ 90% ? - just need a tad more weathering, I think ?
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