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  1. You have done a magnificent job there matey..... I built ZD406 (Fly Navy) out of this kit last year - it does go together well
  2. OK......here is the squared off structure between the two elevators, with the flight deck on. I need to reduce this, or make a diaganal cut - ANYBODY GOT A CLEAR (UNDERSIDE) PICTURE OF THIS AREA ? I have also worked the 'seamanship' areas of the Bow. My original work for the forward 'hawsepipes', has been added to with reciprocal openings above the uppper bow inlets ? Also I have given a reinforcement plate to the anchor area and modified some pipe work (taken off a lot of external pipework from the '1982' refitt also)
  3. OK......I actually have had a productive weekend......... Here, when compared to the previous picture post, are the recommended changes to the area's around elevators 1 & 2. (The two most forward on the starboard side [yes -I know its all upside down]). I like the more triangle shape to the starboard quater. But I am not sure about the 'squared' area after this, as it may foul the #2 elevator........but we will see. (Edit -quite sure actually, it will have to be 'cropped' back) What I am proud of is the hull ribbing or strengtheners. This is all along the hull aft of the Seasparow platform (the round one) Seen here on the port side; if sucsessful this 'ribbbing' should only just be seen, and add a rugged 'texture' to the hull. Anyone KNOW if this is just strenghtening or something else ? As, I think, it only appears after the 2007 refitt. Also the port forward (Phalanx) platform, that will 'sport' the RAM launcher, is again being reshaped (for the third time in its life)
  4. got the latest loot of goodies for her, S-3 Viking Aircraft 'Round holed' mesh for the Seasparow platform some ships RHIB's ( boats) .........some replacement Phalanxes are also on order (if I'm going this far .........)
  5. Food for the popcorn eaters. I have finished replacing the catwalk decks........there are just a few side rails to be put on the stern section. But I might do a bit of the heavy mods on the hull after all this fiddly work ............I am being very inspired by Doug's efforts on this kit over on Ship Modeler http://www.shipmodels.info/mws_forum/viewtopic.php?f=59&t=120496 - some great work !
  6. thanks Danila, -just a quick update guys. I am waiting for a second set of catwalks from Tom's Model works to complete the stern 1/3. My 'day' work is almost over also, so time to get back into it ! I notice the amount of access catwalks at the rear of the ships Island.....(glad I needed the second set !)
  7. Slow progress on the 'catwalks' but the effort is starting to feel worthwhile -just got the No 4 Jet Blast Deflector extention to construct (@center of photo) and then the rear third of the flight deck to do. just ordered some S-3 Vikings for her, as I am aiming for a year 2007 timeframe. And the Vikings will break up the sea of Superbugs on deck........?
  8. that is essencaly correct Rob. I am drilling and then cutting out the remains of the catwalk deck with a sharp #11 blade, and leaving the top 1mm on top of the horizontal ribbing. Then cutting the perforated catwalk, doubling up in places. The effect is as 'translusant' as the real thing - I just hope it is as effective post paint.........
  9. OK guys, (Have faith Spfparker, any Enterprise is a good enterprise) I have finished drilling out and cutting the walkways. And started the perforated deck. hope its worth the effort ! The walkways were changed from the solid ones , during the 2005-2007 refitt, to both lighten the shipweight ? and provide drainage for fuel spills.
  10. thanks guys; I appechiate your comments, Mark, Ray, Rumboy, Rob, Colin and Chewitt. I feel the pressure, but will rise to it.......More work/updates when I get back to it on Saturday night
  11. Thanks for your kind words; Calum, Dave and Crispin, I have updated my introduction now, and am thoughly looking forward to this 'Major'
  12. Hey Guys, 'thought I'd cure my 'Modeling Mojo' by re-commencing a major re-build of the Tamya Enterprise. here's how she looked during the strippdown....... ......along with the new airwing I had modeled her in her 1982? refit (most commonly seen) but as a bit of a challange I decided to remodel her in her late 2000's configuration, with all the 'grey mushrooms' and Superbug's. *edit -this photo must be ~2007, due to the presence of S-3 Vikings on deck, and the last refitt of 'mushroom' radars* I have no perticular connection to the "Big E" other than being an ex-(RAN)sailor. And I did concider building afresh an HMS Ilustrious. Certainly, this would have cost a lot less than the $$$'s I have put into this project. I have aquired; Gold Medal models decals - 350-8d Tom's Modelworks carrier catwalks - 3518 Tom's Modelworks Enterprise Floatation baskets - 3569 Modelmaster brass whip aerials x6 Flyhawk grating mesh (for seasparow platform) White Ensign - 'The Ship' PE-3522 White Ensign - Modern USN 'carrier anchors Additional railing packs x2 Trumpeter's Carrier Deck Equipment x2 with Trumpeter aircraft, to do Carrier Air Wing One (2010 deployment) 06233 F/A-18C hornet (+ 8 Tamya hornet) 06221 F/A-18E hornet x 2 06235 F/A-18F hornet x 4 06222 E-2C hawkeye 06237 EA-6B Prowler 06239 Oceanhawk 06240 Seahawk I just couden't get away from the iconic presance of the "First and Finest" 'Nuke' carrier. The first step was to re configure the running gear, with support for the inner shafts. currently I am drilling out the catwalks to implace the perforated ones installed in 2009 ? -anyway, its a start. And I have a BIG project to re-inspire me.
  13. thanks again Phil, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel @ 90% ? - just need a tad more weathering, I think ?
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