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  1. Is an Arado Ar234 eligible for this GB? If so, count me in!
  2. My own favourite is the prototype Bolingbroke, with the lengthened Mk.1 nose. Iy just seems sleeker than all the others . . .
  3. I had the good fortune to meet Colonel Leonov at the "Cosmonauts" exhibition at the Science Museum a few years ago. I feel privileged to have shaken his hand. Покойся с миром, мой друг.
  4. So how come Obi-Wan aged about 40 years? . . .
  5. Porsche 356 engines have been fitted into real VW Beetles before now, so it should work in 1/24! Late model beetles have even had Porsche 911 engines fitted, but then you need to extend the rear bodywork . . .
  6. MadNurseGaz

    Typhoon Tragedy?

    Is it possible that the aircraft's throttle has just been opened and torque reaction has rocked the 'plane on its undercarriage?
  7. According to W. Green in Warplanes of the Third Reich the 109 development for Spain was the 109J, to be licence-built by Hispano, but with DB605s supplied by Daimler-Benz. But DB605s were not forthcoming from Germany, who couldn't meet their own needs, never mind supply Spain! 25 partly-completed airframes were supplied to Spain without engines. Hispano converted one to use a H-S89-12Z engine in a lash-up mounting, which flew in March 1945. The remaining 24 were completed during 1947-49, but were never operational. These were the Ha1109-J1L. In May 1951 a developed version, the Ha1112-K1L, flew with a H-S 17-12Z engine in a proper installation, with gun and rocket armament. 65 of these were built, gaining the nickname Tripala (three-blader) due to it's 3-bladed d-H Hydromatic propellor. 1954 saw the purchase by Spain of Rolls-Royce Merlin 500-45 engines and Rotol propellors, from UK government surplus stocks, which allowed the development of the definitive Ha1112-M1L, armed with Hispano 20mm cannon, and rocket packs. 172 were built, these were the Buchons, and the last of them endured in Spanish service until December 1965.
  8. Thanks, O Great & Glorious Leader, I will do so . . .
  9. That would be der Grashuepfer or die Heuschrecke. I can't find these for sale anywhere. My Google-Fu is letting me down. Anyone any clue?
  10. My first single was in 1959 (I was 5!) It was Whaddaya Wannna Make Those Eyes at Me For? by Emile Ford & the Checkmates. I don't remember my first album, but the first albums I remember owning were The Beatles' White album and the Motown Chartbusters Volume 3 compilationwhich I still believeto be the best introduction to Motown's music ever . . . My little sister (9 years younger) swears I kickstarted her musical education by buying her James Taylor's Sweet Baby James, but I have no recollection of such an event, and it seems far too generous an act for big brother Me to have carried out. I do remember introducing her to the music of The Eagles . . .
  11. The real question here is whether anyone would be able to call you out for the wrong Watts Airscrew in 1/72 if you didn't tell them! Just say it's "from the spares box"! Of course, you've already given it away, and now every Britmodeller and his dog will call you out on it . . .
  12. Thank you all. I know from seeing the experience of others, how supportive this fine forum can be. We have a funeral to attend next Tuesday, which should help with some closure, and then maybe we can begin to pick up the threads of everyday life again. I'll be back to building when the mojo returns . . .
  13. Ladies and gentlemen, It is with deepest regret that I must withdraw from this GB with immediate effect. My stepdaughter has passed away after a short illness. Her death was expected, but has occurred far sooner than anyone foresaw. I'm currently on compassionate leave from work, as I've been unable to concentrate on the job. I can't get focussed enough to work on models either. The Shack is partly painted, and will remain as it is for the foreseeable future. It will get finished (I hope), just not now. I leave you with a picture of the model as it stands now.
  14. White Spirit is the name used in Great Britain for Mineral Spirits. It's sold as a brush cleaner and paint thinner (for oil-based enamels).
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