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  1. MadNurseGaz

    What are you reading?

    Oh, Darby, you're such a wag! . . . Anyroadup, I'm just finishing "It Can't Happen Here" by Sinclair Lewis, an interesting work of fiction written in the 1930s and relevant in today's world with neo-nationalism rising in various places.
  2. MadNurseGaz

    Grump Britain.

    Yes, but we wouldn't model in those scales if the metric system had come before modelmaking! We'd model in 1/100 instead of 1/72- as it says, ratio 1:100 or in 1/50 instead of 1/48- ratio 2:100 or 1/33.3 instead of 1/32- ratio 3:100 or 1/25 instead of 1/24- ratio 4:100 Maritime modellers would use 1/1000 instead of 1/1200- ratio 1:1000 or 1/750 instead of 1/700 (or 1/720)- ratio 1.33:1000 or 1/500 instead of 1/600- ratio 2:1000 or 1/333 instead of 1/350- ratio 3.3:1000 1/200 remains as ratio 5:1000 Heller have released aircraft kits in 1/50 and 1/100. Tamiya have a lovely little range of 1/100 jet aircraft. Several Japanese manufacturers have released kits of light aircraft in 1/50. But yes, Imperial is superior . . .
  3. MadNurseGaz

    Just a thought......

    Only if he chose to be King Louis. On accession to the throne, princes (and princesses) can choose any of their given names to be their regnal name. Kings Edward VII & George Vi had both been known as Prince Albert ("Bertie") before becoming king, I believe Prince Charles has said he'd quite like to be King Henry IX,Victoria was that queen's middle name, but our present queen is named Elizabeth Alexandra Mary . . . Funny, though, but I can actually imagine Prince Harry singing it . . .
  4. MadNurseGaz

    IAC Fouga Magisters

    Thanks, murfv, those walkround photos are great! Giorgio, those photos you found are great too! It seems that unpainted French 'big' tanks had a grey gelcoat to the fibreglass, where the tanks in noelh's pix of '215' appear to be in raw fibreglass. Giorgio, that civil Magister in grey & white looks superb. I really am going to have to build more of these . . .
  5. MadNurseGaz

    IAC Fouga Magisters

    That sounds plausible to me. So displaying birds would have the small tanks, then. I see what you mean about the colour of those tanks; yes, they look like unpainted fibreglass, but unpainted fibreglass where the gelcoat is grey! I'll experiment with tans/browns/greygreens in drybrush/wash techniques until i'm content with it! . . .
  6. MadNurseGaz

    IAC Fouga Magisters

    Well, this is confusing! The more we find out, the less we know! It looks as though the safest option is to build '215' with unpainted big tanks . . . Maybe I'll have to build another one . . .
  7. MadNurseGaz

    IAC Fouga Magisters

    Thanks, Alistair, that's a great pic of '215', this time she's wearing painted large tanks! (I think!) The dayglo on the outer side would be the same for large or small tanks- I think the giveaway is the nav lights in the outer part of the nose of the tank (the small tanks have the nav light lens over the entire tip of the nose. (now someone will post a pic of obviously small tanks with a nav light like the big 'uns!!)
  8. MadNurseGaz

    IAC Fouga Magisters

    Thanks to all who have contributed, your input is greatly appreciated. It's especially good to hear from Irish-based members with photos of the actual aircraft I'm likely to model! Those pix of '215' with the unpainted fibreglass tanks are wonderful reference material, and may well form the basis of my model. Now, how to replicate unpainted fibreglass in 1/72? Looking at the lower pic of '215', maybe a coat of Humbrol 118 US Tan, followed by a heavy dry-brush of H29 Dark Earth, followed by a light dry-brush of H31 Slate Grey? All topped off with a satin varnish . . .
  9. MadNurseGaz

    IAC Fouga Magisters

    Thanks again to Giorgio and Trevor, who have managed to set the cat among the pigeons with this new information. You see, the 2 IAC Magisters for which decals are provided in the boxing I have are 216, of which Trevor has displayed a photo appearing to show large tanks, and 215, Giorgio's large-tank-carrying aircraft! Perhaps big tanks (I like big tanks!) are the way to go. It would make providing wingtip nav lights easier . . .
  10. MadNurseGaz

    IAC Fouga Magisters

    Thanks very much for your input, Giorgio and Dennis! I followed the link to that Max Decals page about the book, and the sample pages displayed there with the enlarged pictures, seem to me to show the smaller tanks in use on the Irish aircraft. I base this assessment on the length of tank showing behind the trailing edge of the wing. The big tanks have a much larger "overhang" at the back. Small tanks it is!
  11. MadNurseGaz

    IAC Fouga Magisters

    Hi, Guys! Here I am with another query, this time concerning Irish Air Corps Fouga Magisters. I cannot find the information I need. Even though DuckDuckGo is my friend, it is unable to find out what I need. I have looked on airliners.net, and studied walkrounds (you can't find a IAC Magister walkround anywhere!) but I can't find the data I want, but I know some of the regulars here are Irish-based and might know this. I am building Heller's 1/72 Fouga Magister, in a limited boxing with IAC decals. Now, this kit includes 2 sizes of wingtip tanks, a large pair with nav lights built into the front end, or a smaller set apparently without lights. The instructions cover a kite from the Austrian Luftstreitkraefte with the big tanks, the little tanks aren't mentioned in the instructions at all, but the separate IAC colour scheme diagram appears to show the smaller tanks fitted. The few pictures I've found on the 'net are inconclusive. SO . . . which wingtip tanks for Irish Magisters, big or small? Any guidance gratefully received!
  12. MadNurseGaz

    Anti-Virus Software

    Thanks for your input, Gorby. I hadn't seen those 'Which' results before. Perhaps I've got a bit a bit complacent about the effectiveness of Avast. The reviewers I was talking about are sites like tomsguide.com, pcmag.com, techradar.com and windowsreport.com, although I haven't checked out what they say about the latest versions. I've been happy with Avast Free edition. The review sites to avoid have names like "top10bestantivirus.com", and they will be prominent in search results if you Google (other search engines are available) "Free Anti-Virus" Time to check out Bitdefender, methinks! I'd switch from Windows if I could find an equivalent to VSO's "ConvertXtoDVD" that will run on Linux . . .
  13. MadNurseGaz

    Anti-Virus Software

    I used AVG for years until, as various posters have said, they got pushy. I switched to Avast Free Edition (before the AVG and Avast companies merged) and had no problems at all. After the merger, both brands released new versions of their software, and it seems AVG got the short end of the stick. For years, the two brands had competed, and it was very difficult to separate them in terms of ease of use and performance. Now, the proper internet software reviewers (as opposed to the "reviewers" who want to sell you some half-baked AV software nobody's heard of) report that Avast is ahead as far as performance and ease of use go. AVG is still good, but Avast (allegedly) is better. Unless you have a computer system that is "mission-critical" for a business, etc, there's no need to pay for AV software, and even then, only to get tech support and someone to blame . . .
  14. MadNurseGaz

    Not Action man.....

    Ooops, my mistake! Tommy Gunn was produced by Pedigree Toys, and where Action Man, being a British version of G.I Joe, initially had American equipment. Tommy Gunn wore British uniform and had British weaponry from the start. Tommy Gunn only served for 2 years (1966-68) before his demise. After Pedigree ceased production, Action Man's gear appeared to become more British in nature, although whether the two events are connected is debatable. The body moulds from the Tommy Gunn figures went on to become the basis of the Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons action figures.
  15. MadNurseGaz

    Fuel economy

    Driving style can make a big difference in fuel economy, even in the same car. If I drive our Skoda Octavia for a week, the fuel computer tells us 42mpg (urban/commuting/suburban). If SWMBO drives it for a week, the computer readout says 33mpg. Last Friday, I drove from Oldham to Portsmouth, and achieved 51mpg from our 1.4 TSi turbo Petrol, cruising at 70-75mph where possible (M60/M56/M6/M42/M40/A34/M27) in 5.5 hours (2-hourly coffee/pee/legstretch stops). I drive it like a diesel; the Skoda's flat torque curve allows this. I think the 6-speed gearbox helps too- at 70 mph in 6th, the engine is at 2000 rpm.