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  1. MadNurseGaz

    MadNurseGaz- a quiet year.

    OOps, no that isn't quite all for this year! How I forgot to include this I don't know- only just completed, a vintage FROG kit, their 1/72 Fairey Barracuda And since my desk is now clear, I'm about to start a Revell (FROG) Shackleton for the Maritime GB, a Mistercraft Aichi "Val", and a HobbyBoss Dewoitine D.520, all in 1/72, but I don't believe any will be finished by Hogmanay.
  2. MadNurseGaz

    MadNurseGaz- a quiet year.

    As the title says, a quiet year for me. My partner's and my own health, work issues and a general loss of interest have all got in the way. So without further ado, here are my completed models for 2018 (in no particular order!) First up, the Special Hobby 1/72 Blackburn Roc, built for BM's "Brits Abroad" GB as a machine from the aborted sale of Rocs to Finland. Emhar's Mk.IV tank in 1/72 from WW1 was a reminder of a visit to the Tank Museum, Bovington, where I sat in this very tank (the real one, you understand, not the model) The old Airfix Seafire Mk. 47 in 1/48 crossed the bench, albeit finished in an impossible "one folded" pose Another ancient FROG kit was their 1/72 Armstrong, Whitworth Whitley Mk.V A well-documented captured aircraft that currently resides at the USA's National Museum of the US Air Force was built from Italeri's Junkers JU-88A-4 in 1/72 Revell's reboxing of ICM's 1/72 Heinkel He70F-2 wasn't a bad build, although I had actually expected to find Matchbox plastic in the box! More vintage modelling with FROG, whose 1/72 Lockheed P-38J/L Lightning fought me all the way! The year's only "what-if", Hellers F-84G Thunderjet, built as an aircraft of the Royal Yugoslavian Air Force. Here is the Italeri 1/72 Douglas C-47 Skytrain. the Airfix kit in 1/72 of the Kamov Ka-25 was a "Kitswap" find at SMW some years ago . . . Another SMW find was Heller's Fouga Magister in a special boxing with Irish Air Corps decals. Another vintage FROG kit was this 1/72 Douglas A-4 Skyhawk in RNZAF markings And lastly, two little tanks, Italeri's M4A1 (left) and Mirage Hobby's M3A1 (right) And that, ladies & gentlemen, is it for this year!
  3. At this time of year, I generally get a big box (with a big kit inside) out of the stash to be a winter project. This year, it coincides with the start of the Maritime Patrol & Coastal Command GB, so I'm going to take part with Revell's 1/72 Avro Shackleton MR.3 Now this is the old FROG kit, originally introduced in 1967, and part of the FROG range until their demise in the late 1970s.The moulds then passed to the Soviet Union, where various manufacturers produced the kit, before the moulds were passed to Revell Germany, who produced a "Limited Edition" of the kit as a vintage or retro kit, including a Qualty Control disclaimer in every box! The kit is product of its time, with little interior detail and extensive rivet effects on the exterior surfaces, which will have to be at least reduced. Here are the obligatory mugshots of the kit. And that's all there is to see here at the moment. See you on December 1st!
  4. MadNurseGaz

    Trainers GB (finally legal!)

    Count me in too, please! A quick glance at the stash reveals Hawks, J-Ps, a 2-seat Harrier and an Aero L-39 Albatros!
  5. MadNurseGaz

    Brits Abroad gallery

    Here is my entry for the "Brits Abroad" Group Build. I have built Special Hobby's 1/72 scale kit of the Blackburn Roc for this GB. Build Thread is here- "A Mythical Bird?" The Blackburn Roc was developed from Blackburn's Skua, which was Britain's first naval dive bomber, and the country's first deck-landing aircraft with flaps, retractable undercarriage and a VP propeller. The Roc first flew in December 1938, and was the first FAA aircraft to have a power-operated gun turret. Production Rocs were built by Boulton-Paul, and the Roc suffered from the same flaws as that company's Defiant fighter for the RAF- a performance penalty from the weight of the turret, and no other armament except the turret guns, which limited its effectiveness. Britain had a policy of support for Finland, and when a border dispute between Finland and Stalin's Soviet Union erupted into the Winter War in November 1939, the UK sold Finland a batch of 30 secondhand Blackburn Rocs. Unfortunately, by the time the aircraft were prepared, the Winter War was effectively over, and Finland lost interest in the deal. The first batch of aircraft had flown as far as Dyce (now Aberdeen Airport) in Northern Scotland.. Photographs taken there are the visual evidence of how these aircraft looked. It is reported that they wore standard Temperate Sea Scheme camouflage with a mid-fuselage demarcation, Finnish serials, and that while Finnish insignia were applied in the normal roundel positions, the big Blue Swastikas were covered over so that a white disc was the device worn. It probably would not have been advisable to fly the length of Great Britain in aircraft emblazoned with Big Blue Swastikas-sure to attract attention from anti-aircraft gunners in 1940! My model carries its swastikas because that's how the Rocs would have appeared in Finnish service . . . Thanks to the GB organisers for their efforts, and to all the participants for showing us their talents. Thanks to everyone who's given me support, inspiration and advice with this build. That's me done with this GB, I'm not entered in any others at the moment, though I may jump in to the tail end of another very soon . . .
  6. MadNurseGaz

    A Mythical bird?- Finnished(!)

    Well, the decals are applied-check, matt varnish is on-check, landing gear and detail parts added-check, so she must be finished! More pix in the Gallery soon (after lunch!)
  7. MadNurseGaz

    A Mythical bird?- Finnished(!)

    I am now cursing Special Hobby decals. What a mess! The decals WILL NOT move once they contact the model, no matter how much water or decal setting solution is flooded onto it. There is no margin for error! Attempts to move them result in wrinkling or tearing. There will now be a short interval while Finnish national insignia are sourced (Techmod decals from Hannant's arriving any day now . . .)
  8. MadNurseGaz

    A Mythical bird?- Finnished(!)

    Thanks for your kind comments, Giorgio! It feels like ages since I posted on here (again!), but I've been away on holiday to here: A week of peace and quiet by Lough Corrib in Galway, Republic of Ireland. Anyway, enough of that. I've done quite a bit on the model, and now she looks like this: As you can see,, painting and decalling is now under way, and hopefully this little bird will soon be ready for its photoshoot!
  9. MadNurseGaz

    Are some of us "fascist fetishists"?

    In Latin Fascis means "bundle", but the plural form Fasces normally refers to the "badge of office" carried by a Lictor, who was a magisterial official attendant on magistrates, Dictators, Consuls, Praetors, Legates, Priests and the Emperor. The fasces was the symbol of lawful authority, consisting of a bundle of elm or birch rods about 5 feet (1.5 metres?) long, with an axe head protruding from it and all fastened with a red strap, except inside the city of Rome where the axe was removed (except for Lictors attending Dictators or Generals celebrating a triumph), to symbolize a Roman citizen's right of appeal against magistrates' rulings. Lictors were the original Fascists(!), with a duty to promote respect for authority, law & order, and policing.
  10. MadNurseGaz

    A Mythical bird?- Finnished(!)

    Is it really a month since I posted anything on this? I just haven't done much modelling, work has been manic, and I've finally (!) finished dismantling my scooter's engine unit, ready to build the transferred parts onto the new one. I have done some work on it; here she is now: The engine is an interesting little piece of resin, that needs 18 tiny exhausts adding to it! After a bit of paint it looks like this: There are a couple of gaps in the exhausts- the carpet monster got those!
  11. MadNurseGaz

    A boy called Sue, or Lesley or Marion or even Yvonne?

    The Links Market used to be one of the highlights of my year, along with motorbike races in Beveridge Park. My Dad and I used to go to watch Stock Car Racing at Cowdenbeath footy stadium on Sundays. As far as footy went, I was only interested in Raith Rovers, and even then, rugby was of more interest . . .
  12. MadNurseGaz

    A boy called Sue, or Lesley or Marion or even Yvonne?

    Born in Kirkcaldy in 1954 of native Fife farming stock, went to school with Gordon Brown and Val McDermid (the crime writer), and spent all my adult life in Northern England.
  13. MadNurseGaz

    A boy called Sue, or Lesley or Marion or even Yvonne?

    In my childhood, I knew a male Lindsay and a female Ainslie. My stepdaughter is called Kim, and my son's mother-in-law is Beverley. All my kids got gender-appropriate Biblical names, except for my eldest son, who, after being born with a full head of ginger hair (copper wire coloured!) was blessed with Gaelic names in the Gaelic spelling (he's Alasdair Rhuaridh and at 26 years old he still has trouble spelling Rhuaridh!)
  14. MadNurseGaz

    Best Intro's (tv and film)

    "There was a demon . . ." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2hC-tgGQbrc
  15. MadNurseGaz

    Misheard Lyrics.

    Alanis Morrisette: In "You oughtta know" she supposedly sings " It's not fair to remind me of the cross-eyed bear that you gave to me" What she actually sings is "It's not fair to deny me of the cross I bear that you gave to me"