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  1. Thank you very much for the kind words guys!! John
  2. My first try on NMF!! Hope you like it, really apppreciate any comments!! First things first, i have to thank a member here in the forums, Duncan a.k.a. ''Sabrejet'', for his valueable help, explaning details, providing info and clarifiying things regarding this beautiful aircraft and my build specifically. Thasnks a lot Duncan, really appreciate!!!! In progress, here... John
  3. Good evening guys, My last update on this beautifull bird. After finishing all the stenciling i sprayed a highly thinned future on the model and i started weathering her with wash first. After that i played with oils, raw unthinned, in order to capture some wear of the aluminium. Dont know if i really succeded!! Last i sprayed a light, again highly thinned, hand of xtracrylics satin varnish to seal everything. None of the future or xtraclylics seems to alter the finish of the metallics!! I had no luck to my tests with alclad varnish or the ak's gauzy agent!! Hope you like it!!
  4. Mostly aluminium, very little paneling with polished aluminium and mrp's duraluminium!! I think ak's duraluminium is a bit off!! What really surprised me is the seen of the aluminium on the gloss plastic, but you should spray it very light...not heavy!!
  5. Good morning lads, Time to show some progress.... After checking everything for imperfections i polished thoroughly the kit plastic. I decided to use Ak xtreme meta for thiw build and i also decided not to prime the model and to spray the color on the polished plastic. I think that, even if the photoes really dont show the real thing, the outcome is really nice. Here i worked with the different shading of the metal. As Duncan a.k.a. ''Sabrejet'' has pointed out many times, this shading is due to the different way of threatin
  6. Thanks!!! I dont mind at all, i am honored!!! John
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