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  1. Just heard that the club I'm in is having a bring and buy and one of the lads has a Roden Gladiator so I think I will go with that. Thanks for the info gents
  2. I like to build a wood model alongside a plastic kit of a subject that I'm doing at the same time. Just my way but thanks for that. Heard the Edudard Gladiator is the same as the Roden one
  3. Just wondering of peoples thoughts on what is the best Gladiator kit on the market. Scale is not important to me
  4. Thanks for the help guys. That helps me no end
  5. Thanks Bill. That will do me nicely. Hence the reason why I failed my medical when I went to join the RAF in my teens
  6. Sorry this is a copy of the box art http://www.ebay.com/itm/Eastern-Express-1-72-Canberra-B-1-Mk-8-Aircraft-Model-Kit-/251191264765
  7. Hi Guys Just wondering if anybody could help a colour blind modeller. I have recently picked up an Eastern Express Canberra B1 Mk8 kit and wish just to model it with the kit decals. The trouble for me is that there is no paint references in the instructions ans being colour blind I cant decipher the colours. Any help if anybody knows any of the popular paint references for the scheme.
  8. Hi Jockney, sorry but everything went in the bin. That moment when your just totally hacked off and dont think ahead . Your right, it might be a bit tricky for an 8 year old but good luck anyway with your Victory. Might have another go later down the line..
  9. Its never going to happen but I would like to see British Leyland stuff. Morris Marina Austin Allergro On another note I would like to see items such as Austin Cambridges and such like. It would make a nice change to get these in kit forms instead of die cast.
  10. Ages and ages since I posted about this. Things were going great but alas my daft collie knocked it off the bench and then attacked it. Bin bagged, the model not the collie though he was close. Maybe in the future I will have a another crack at it as I was enjoying that build.Back to my aircraft for the time being . Maybe a bit of armour too just to break things up.
  11. Not a civil aircraft fan but you sure have amassed some cracking builds.
  12. I have a nice wee site that I park the car at and get a good view South over East Fortune. Binocs to hand ,picnic seat and a picnic. The dreaded cones haven,t found there way there yet.Plus I get out of doing the repairs on the garage roof that Im meant to be doing. Local knowledge is a handy thing and it doesn,t hurt my wallet.
  13. That wants me to throw a large wad of money at some plastic. Tis a beauty that is.
  14. This is my workbench that my son shares with me and Im forever getting on to him about tidying up after him.
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