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  1. Hi do you still make the 1/48 Raptor pod?

    Regards Keith

  2. Parts are back now. Just final fettle to fit. Dont know how to post photos on this site so any advice will go down a treat.
  3. Just received the scans and they are spot on. Should be getting the printed examples very soon. Once I have them in my sticky little fingers, I will take a rubber mould off them and then fettle the fit using a resin casting. No point messing up the originals.
  4. I'm about to start on my most ambitious project so far. Haven't mastered any parts for 6 years and thought I would have a crack at the RAF Airseeker in 1/72 scale. The masters have been scanned and a 3D print of all the bits and bobs are with Lancashire 3D in Preston.. Should have them back on Wednesday and then taking a silicone mould of them to fettle the fit for the AMT/Italeri stratotanker. I will post pictures as it progresses. Should make one heck of a model.
  5. how about him in the F35 flying up against a third world country that bought a full force of harriers for just £100 million.... err !!
  6. The cammo scheme is wrong but the nose, tail and intake splitter plates are spot on for the Jag prototype, only the nose profile remaining on first production machines, the tail being raised and the splitter plates being cut back. I remember seeing a couple of Jags identical to this operating on the M61 motorway before it opened or was it the M6. Hope that helps Steve
  7. Halfords do a reasonable flourescent yellow in a rattle can which has a lime tint Steve
  8. Sorry to add my 2penneth in to the mix. There are actualy two distinct shades of IRR NATO green. One for airframes and one for vehicles. I have rattle cans of both to paint my models and the vehicle version is very different to the airframe shade and quite a bit lighter. The vehicle version is half way between the Lichen green and airframe nato green so could it be that this was the colour used ? It would account for it being described as Nato green but a few shades lighter than the Nato green we associate with RAF aircraft. Just a thought Steve
  9. Actualy there is a Lady in Canada selling the Bobcat Harrier T4 for around £5. I bought ten Shackletons and a couple of the Bobcat models a few months ago. She's on @BAY as MODELMAAM Hope this helps
  10. Forgive me if I'm wrong but in order to negate the effects of a nuclear flash, the canopy was coated in pure gold. This was applied using a process called vacuum metalizing. A thin strand of gold has several thousand volts put through it, instantly vapourising it. In a vacuum and with an electrode fitted to the canopy, the gold forms a very thin film on it This is also used on the F16 canopy and several other front line aircraft. It's possible that the tint you see is created using this process. Steve
  11. I've just received a couple of pods and they are excelent. Well done Shaun. Put me down for a Terma pod if you make them. Steve
  12. Libya may change its markings soon so I wouldn't rush into marking it up just yet
  13. Yes and no. The Aeroclub bomb bay is more accurate than mine as you have to remodel the depth of the nose on theirs to match the depth of the forward bomb bay. On mine, I grafted on the existing nose profile so the depth matches the kit without further sanding/reinforcement. Not strictly accurate but neither is the frog model. As its done for my own use primarily, I wasn't too worried. The only issue I need to overcome is resin shrinkage making a slopy fit but I.m working on it. My next mould will have a sliver of plasticard inserted along the bomb bay centerline to widen it so when I rema
  14. Actualy, if you read the "how to make a radome " above, it's an Airmodel moulded radome on an extended Modelcraft bomb bay, Steve
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