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  1. Hi all, are they visible differences on the DH. Vampire versions (shape, dimensions, cockpit, ejection seat, etc...) ? I know of nose difference for Swiss Vampires but couldn't find visual reference for differences for each versions. Thank you for your help.
  2. Amazing model, rarely seen such a fantastic model build. Good job !
  3. Great diorama, I really love the mood. How did you the side and roof panels ?
  4. I'm not very interested at this period planes but your building makes me love them. Fantastic job Olivier, superb "trapanelle".
  5. Wow, rarely seen 1/48 figures like yours. I'm stunned, what's your secret ?
  6. As always from you, a superb build. I would love to learn how you do your painting and weathering process.
  7. Love this plane and this scheme. Beautiful model great job
  8. Hi Matthias, fantastic model build, super paint and weathering. I've some of them to build, could you please tell me which colors you used, Including the bottom and the yellow on panel behind the cockpit ? Thank you
  9. Superb model, the way I love them. Have you done a step by step description on how to make this kind of painting ? I would be interested to learn how you did it so to improve my skills
  10. Fantastico ! Superb build, I keep tips and colors for my own build, thank you for sharing. I'm particularly interested to know how you did the exhaust pipe and the intake tubes. Bravissimo !
  11. Great building... Not a figure painter either but I've seen good results with a simple light drybrushing just to add a little volume... Also don't forget other seatbelts as shoulder ones are the most visible when you look at pilots
  12. Hi, I've started this hasegawa model a while ago but I spent a long time filling hasegawa rivetting... So far I've filled rivets The Aires cockpit I don't know if navigation lights and panels on tails need to be sanded as they seems to be flat on real aircraft If anyone could help me on this as I've a doubt
  13. Thank to all for your answers and comments. I'll make a choice while making the pilot's figure. Hope I'll post soon the scene on the site. Have fun modelling Gabriel
  14. Hi, I'm making a diorama of Spitfire belly landing on France during D-Day's period. I would like to show the pilot on the wing but I have a doubt about pilot's pistol. Did Spitfire pilots have a pistol while going in combat ? If yes, which model would they have and where (waist, boots,...) I've read a forum question about this question but answers were really contradictory and most were more guess than real knowledge. Thank you for your help and have fun modelling. Gabriel
  15. Fantastic job, the scale modeling like I really love ! Looks so real. It's there any wip, even in spanish, as I'm really interested to know how you did some of the weathering. Thank you
  16. Hello, I would like to build a Harrier GR.3 in 1/48 scale. I've actually 2 Airfix GR.3, kinda a very old scale model. Would it be possible to convert the Kinetic FRS.1 (actual standard scale model) to the GR.3 ? Probably a lot of chirurgical work will be needed to fit the front part of the Airfix to the body of the Kinetic's one, but before starting, is the body of FRS.1 similar to the GR.3 ? I've seen the vertical fin (not sure it's the correct name) and the front part (cockpit and nose) are different, but don't know if there is something else. Does somebody know the difference between them ? I don't want to wait for a future release of the Kinetic's GR.3 (has already been announced 2 or 3 years ago I think...tired to wait). I know about Harrier SIG group, but I'd like to have advices from people in Britmodeller. Thank you for your feedback.
  17. The 1/48 MB339 wasn't intended to be a full new mould from Italeri ?
  18. Hi all, In a few pictures in a book, Mirage RS where in metallic schema with some parts in red (very first delivery schema if I remember, similar to the unique Mirage IIIC delivered to Switzerland). Those had no canards. There is also the "Holloman" mirage (J-2302, so it's a Mirage IIIS and not RS, J- is for S, R- is for RS), the one with a big circle in black and white on each side, which was used for testing purpose, in mettalic schema and red parts but with green camouflaged nose. Some pictures of Mirage S in 1987 are seen in 2 tones camouflages without canard (J-2311). same year the J-2322 is seen without canard in 2 gray tones and a shark mouth on nose. take care as if you do the mirage without canards, you have to build it without RWR sensors on tail and wings and some IFF/UHF antennas. Interception light was not on place too, so you have to fill it in the Kinetic kit. Nose strakes were already on place. Also the modernized Mirages had a new ejection seat, old one was Martin-Baker SRM 4, new one was Martin-Baker SRM 6. Not sure for Chaff/Flare dispenser, but think it has been installed with canards...Finally I found some pictures on Internet (source http://www.wings-aviation.ch/16-SAF/200-Aircraft/Dassault-Mirage/Fighter.htm): Hope it can help.
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