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  1. Amazing model, rarely seen such a fantastic model build. Good job !
  2. Great diorama, I really love the mood. How did you the side and roof panels ?
  3. I'm not very interested at this period planes but your building makes me love them. Fantastic job Olivier, superb "trapanelle".
  4. Wow, rarely seen 1/48 figures like yours. I'm stunned, what's your secret ?
  5. As always from you, a superb build. I would love to learn how you do your painting and weathering process.
  6. Love this plane and this scheme. Beautiful model great job
  7. Hi Matthias, fantastic model build, super paint and weathering. I've some of them to build, could you please tell me which colors you used, Including the bottom and the yellow on panel behind the cockpit ? Thank you
  8. Superb model, the way I love them. Have you done a step by step description on how to make this kind of painting ? I would be interested to learn how you did it so to improve my skills
  9. Fantastico ! Superb build, I keep tips and colors for my own build, thank you for sharing. I'm particularly interested to know how you did the exhaust pipe and the intake tubes. Bravissimo !
  10. Great building... Not a figure painter either but I've seen good results with a simple light drybrushing just to add a little volume... Also don't forget other seatbelts as shoulder ones are the most visible when you look at pilots
  11. Hi, I've started this hasegawa model a while ago but I spent a long time filling hasegawa rivetting... So far I've filled rivets The Aires cockpit I don't know if navigation lights and panels on tails need to be sanded as they seems to be flat on real aircraft If anyone could help me on this as I've a doubt
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