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  1. Thanks both - I don't use primer but will try this next time - plus started wondering about washing before painting after I posted this so will try this too. Thanks for advice! Cheers Uggywuggy
  2. Hi - just airbrushed some humbrol acrylic onto 1/72 Focke Wulf - then masked with Tamiya tape to do rest but when tape removed some of the paint comes off with the tape! Maybe coat not thick enough or should've sealed with gloss/satin ? Anyone else had this problem?
  3. Beautiful build Libor ! I have one myself and plan to start tomorrow but doubt will be this clean lol Any technique when painting spinner or just careful hand painting ?
  4. Thanks Paul - will try the warmer water this pm !
  5. Nice build Airgunner - I'm doing the same myself and noticed your comment about the decals. My problem's with the leading edge, yellow wing decals - I can't get mine to fold over the wing edge and wondered what you did in the end - paint of use from another set ? Most interested to know ! Cheers !
  6. Hi All I've started appying decals to my 1/72 Airfix Typhoon IB and hit a small snag with the leading edge wing decals. These are the yellow strips which stretch along the leading edge from the outer tip of the wing to the cannons. Problem is even using Humbrol DecalFix the decals don't seem to become soft enough to fold over the wing - maybe I need to soak them for longer ? Any advice appreciated ! Cheers
  7. uggywuggy

    Banff Mosquitos

    You could have a look at http://www.cbrnp.com/profiles/quarter2/mosquitos.htm - handy reference as I'm looking for the same thing !
  8. Got the same problem with a Hasegawa RF4B Phantom and have just emailed them at sales@amerang-group.com - as suggested earlier. Did you have any luck ?
  9. Love it ! Have been thinking about doing a Sea Fury next and this has certainly tipped the balance. A beaut !
  10. Lovely Model and very professional photography - most impressive. Care to share any photography tips ?
  11. Hi All Bought a Revell Vario airbrush the other day and actually read the instructions before using it for a change. It says not to use normal thinners as this can 'irreversibly damage' some of the seals. So have got their brand name airbrush cleaner for enamel paints. So far so good but if I want to use Alcad primer/laquers through the airbrush - what would I use to clean them out ? Any recommendations ? Cheers Uggywuggy
  12. Hi Les Lovely biscuits - should have thought of going to Martin Baker first but never thought this much detail would be as easy to find ! Sad as it is will have to add these to my favourites - but not tell my mates for fear of anorak label Many Thanks Uggywuggy
  13. Evening All Thought I'd try one of the Aeroclub ejection seats for a change. This is my first attempt at doing one of these and it's clear where the 'big bits' go but I'm not sure about the others. Does anyone have a guide / completed build or instructions I could have a look at ? Cheers Uggywuggy
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