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  1. I am really looking forward to this!! I am Nigel from "Nigels modelling bench" on You Tube and as some of you will know, I am going crazy looking at B-52's and making corrections for them. Just one point on this kit... the FLIP panel is a separate part.. I hope they dont intend to give us a flat panel and shorter nose for an Early G/H option? The slope under the nose is steeper on an early bird. Edit... Perhaps they did it that way to get the detail on the inner faces of the pods? I see also they have moulded the screen ala Revell and Modelcollect.. I wish the manuafcturers woul
  2. Hi, I'm after a little advice. I am currently building a 1/144 Revell Shuttle on my YT channel "Nigels modelling Bench" and will more than likely recreate the enterprise on the back of N905 in American Airlines livery as I saw this combo land or take off back in 1977 (Can't believe I dont remember if it came in or left)!! Anyway, I will need the Draw Decal set if I want to build that model so I have two questions.. 1. Is there a UK supplier that carries this sheet? Draw charge $15 postage which means it'll get caught up in customs and I'll have to pay
  3. nigelr32

    HK Lancaster ?.

    I think you are referring to the parts I show here in my review? Go to 10:25 to see the only radiators in the kit. I was always under the impression that B1/111 rads are oblong?
  4. I have done a review in three parts on You Tube Jerry. I know some people can't stand video unboxings, but mine will at least give you the chance to see the wings as moulded with the Merlin Nacelles. Go to 7:20 to see the wing moulding.. I think you could be very happy?
  5. After putting together my video and looking at this subject again, it is clear there are more issues than i mention in my video.. The external tanks should point upwards by about 2 or 3 degrees, along with the engines. I have also just noticed the U/C legs must be too short, (mentioned inmy video), as the gear doors are almost touching the ground, particularly on the FB images of the 'H'. There is also a concerning issue with the nose scribing.. all the panel lines are there, but the shut line between the nose cone and the rest of the fuselage is missing?? It's like fu
  6. I've just made a video covering the Revellogram B-52D, The AMitaleri B-52H and The MC B-52G. It's amazing when you start digging just how many errors there are with the AMT and the MC kits. I find it incredible that, in the 60's kits were being produced, in moulds that have lasted 50 years and the accuracy is far better than kits of today? But I also find it incredible that Monogram produced such amazing aircraft, like their 1/48 Bombers for example, yet AMT were producing kits that, shall we say, werent as good in the same time period? Still, the video is around an hour long..I wi
  7. I will be uploading an inbox sprue review of this kit later tonight. Next will be a side by side comparison with Revell and AMT. look up “Nigel’s mustang and models” on YouTube.
  8. In my opinion theres a lot more than just the vertical line error as mentioned above. The "lump" on top of the nose is too small, the lower forward looking pods are the wrong shape, the sensor is too small and disproportionally high in comparison to the photo and the shape going around the nose is incorrect. Look at the seam at the rear of the nose cone.. the real thing appears to be like an upside down U in shape, whereas the kit has a circular form. I hate to be down on a new release of this beautiful plane, but I get so frutrated at the fact that monogram were better
  9. Hi all, As promised, I have got some pics up together of how I got all the wheels in line, square and level. Basically, due to the many pivot points and parts in each assembly I managed to get it all wrong, some corrective action was needed... In this picture we can see three of the axles have a round shim on them. (Some of the shims have a shim on top to square the face up. This will get all the wheels sitting the same distance from the centreline of the chassis, so, all in line... Next I had to make a small cut in some of the upper axle pins, and gently bend them to get them square to t
  10. Thanks for your patience guys.. I've been busy on "Other" stuff and have also been busy on the Scud trying to get the suspension all lined up so that all eight wheels sit vertical to the ground, touch the ground and form a straight line when viewed from front or rear. Let me tell you, this is not an easy task, but I think I got there.. pics to follow tomorrow. Right now she's sat drying in the jig. On a negative note, I have noticed that trumpeter have missed out some very visible steering parts under the drivers cab.. the Meng kit has them...
  11. Yeah Baby!! Thanks for posting..
  12. I oove this aircraft, the kit and the job you're doing!! I have one that pops out now and again. I have spent literally hours on those intakes and have made resin exhaust shrouds to replace the inaccurate kit parts. May I ask, what are your intentions as far as the trenches for panel lines are concerned on the upper fuselage?
  13. Hello everyone, We've now completed step 6 of the instructions with all the wishbones, hubs and shafts fitted. Everything is clipped together at the moment. The shock absorbers will support the weight of the vehicle. I intend to weight the hubs down between two lengths of steel bar and glue all the pivots whilst restrained. This should ensure all eight wheels sit square and touch the ground. On the subject of detail and what can be seen when completed, here's a shot of an old Maz kit compared to this new Trumpeter kit... Just a small difference eh?? Look at the underside
  14. Yes Phil, there is a lot of work going on here. Lots of clean up is required on all the round shafts and tubes, but all in all, the kit has been a stunning build up to now.
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