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  1. Hi Folks, I’ve also been trying to nail down what these rails looked like for a FIREDOG Beaufighter project I’d like to do. I’ve found a few details that might help in the search for drawings and additional records. The rails and mount were manufactured by Malcolm Ltd, the same folks who made the Malcolm Hood for the P-51B/C. There are some side-view drawings in the October 2003 issue of Scale Aircraft Modeling, page 549 by David Howley. If anyone knows David, perhaps they could contact him and see if he has any detailed images that might help. Knowing that Malcolm made the mount and rails might help in a search at IWM, Hendon, or Cosford for additional info or records. Another source of pictures of the vertical mount and rails is Air Enthusiast, Nov/Dec 2005, Page 120. This shows the Malcolm racks and rails on Mustang III, RX983, at Boscombe Down. I look forward to hearing if this helps and to seeing what you can find on your side of the pond. Cheers Geoff Hays
  2. Hi Folks, Can I make a plea for caution and a temporary suspension of discussions about on-going military operations in and around the Med. These folks are flying no-kidding wartime missions and not only are they, but the support teams, and anyone else associated with them could be in real danger from a well-intended but ill-timed word. We'll all have a lot of time, and thanx for the spotters that have been talked about elsewhere a lot of great primary source material to talk about when this is done. If I can paraphrase a line from the movie "Strategic Air Command, "Let them do it first, and then we'll talk about it.. Thanx folks. Geoff Hays "Former Intel Puke"
  3. Yufei Congratulations on being published. I'll hunt down a copy. Cheers Geoff Hays
  4. Hi Folks, As soon as the crew names are released could someone please post them. My son was stationed at Lossie for three and a half years until Dec 2007 and we're worried about friends. Thanx Geoff Hays
  5. Hi Ray, Thanx for correcting me. Sorry about that! Geoff
  6. Christopher, Have you tried S&M decals from the Aviation Workshop? Geoff Hays
  7. Patrick, The simple ideas are the best. Thanx I will give it a try. From the photo on your login, when did you visit the USAF Museum? Cheers Geoff
  8. Hi Folks, While researching a model project (a French AF F8F-1B at Dien Bien Phu in March 1954) I ran across a number of images on the French Ministry of Defense Office of History site. http://i1100.photobucket.com/albums/g409/g.../DrawImage5.jpg http://i1100.photobucket.com/albums/g409/g.../DrawImage4.jpg http://i1100.photobucket.com/albums/g409/g...Bear_Lebrun.jpg The images show F8Fs at Dien Bien Phu airfield armed with a napalm tank I can't identify. It uses standard AN-M16 WP igniter's, but it may be a field improvisation of some sort. Since the igniter's fit the filler caps, I'm guessing they are aircraft drop tanks or some kind; or at least started out that way. Does anyone have any idea what the tank is, or what tanks they may have used as a basis for a field devised napalm bomb? Appreciate any help you might be able to provide. Thanx in advance to all for your time and attention. Cheers Geoff Hays Dayton
  9. Yufie, I have just discovered this thread on your superb Shenyang F-6. It is indeed an inspiration for me to get started on a long awaited effort to build a 1/48th Pakistani F-6. May I impose and ask a research question. Two reliable sources (the first Air Enthusiast magazine, January 1972, page 33) indicate that the first Shenyang F-6 delivered to the Pakistani AF was camouflaged in a brown, tan and green over blue color scheme. (As soon as I learn how to insert images I'll included a copy of the drawing.) Another source, the ACIG site ( http://s188567700.online.de/CMS) , indicates at least two aircraft were painted in a similar camouflage during the India- Pakistan conflict in 1971. (http://s188567700.online.de/UserFiles/File/IndianSub/Shenyang_F-6_in_PAF_Service/paf_f-6a_823.jpg) Does this information match any information you have run across in your research of F-6s in the PLANAF or PLAAF? And even more importantly have you seen any photos of this scheme on Pakistani or PLAAF or PLANAF F-6s? Finally it has been long rumored, but never officially acknowledged within the US Air Force and Navy that there were many engagements between US aircraft and Chinese aircraft during what we know as the Vietnam War. To see the Chinese article on the engagement the aircraft you modeled was involved in over Hainan Island was very, very interesting and helps to confirm what have been for us, only rumors. Is it possible that there were other engagements along the (at the time) North Vietnamese China, or Laotian China border during this war? Please accept my complements on your beautiful model and my admiration for your great skills in this hobby. Thank you in advance for your time and I look forward to receiving your reply. Respectfully, Geoff Hays, Former historian at the USAF Museum
  10. Hi Nimrod, I'd like to be on the list for two sheets. This bird has been a long time favorite ever since I read an IPMS USA reprint of an Ausie article on combining the Frog Shackleton with an Airfix Lancaster to create a Lincoln. Many thanx for this offer and I look forward to hearing more if and when they're ready. Any chance you could add a pair of 100 Sq RAF crests to the sheet so we could do an RAF out of Tengah as well? Thanx and Cheers Geoff Hays Associate Editor Aerospace Modeler Magazine
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