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  1. I wonder if any one can help me please, I have the new 1/48 Airfix Meteor, and just behind the guns the panels are distorted, is this to simulate blast damage from the guns? Also the landing light under the wing seems to fit which ever way you put it ( the opening to mine is slightly damaged) is the light flush with the wing or does it poke out of the wing?
  2. Yes I did prime it, but by the sound of it you may have had some trouble have you? As it happens it was in the wheel wells so not to much of a problem but Iam now not happy about using this product on the main part of the model, your comments would be of value please.
  3. Ancient One

    Vallejo paints

    Can anyone help me please I painted a model 4 days, ago with Vallejo model color 70.886 green grey diluted with the same manufacturers airbrush thinner. I accidently made a slight mark on it { AFTER THE 4 DAYS} and thought a little spit on my finger and a rub would get rid of it. But the paint started coming off again (it did not peel} it just went to wet paint and came off. I have not used acrylic before, is this not color fast?
  4. Thanks Chris, I was hoping that someone may have had the Accurate Armour kit, but at that price perhaps not.
  5. Thanks Chris for the info: but do you know if there are any plans drawings etc of the periscope and air intake etc.
  6. Yes they were very visible, as I made the point they were lumps ,which I had to take off with a large file before using various sanding sticks.
  7. I believe that a firm called accurate armour brought out an x-craft, does this have any more detail on the periscope air intake etc than the merit model?
  8. Just to cear up the point about the nose section The lumps I had to file off were large irregular rough lumps nothing to do with the details you mention
  9. I do not have a camera or phone with camera sorry.
  10. Much against my better judgement because Iam so taken with the Mosquito aircraft, I went back and repurchased the kit thinking I could sand out what were actual lumps of plastic on the nose section [ NOT FLOW MARKS] this I have managed to do. But I wonder If someone could advise me about, where the wing meets the front fuselage there are two slots it almost looks like some thing should fit in there yet nothing is mentioned in the instructions,the slots are on the front fuselage section and are noticable from the top view when the wing is offered up to the fuselage. Also two other problems, in the leading edge of the starboard wing is a rectangular indentation it extends to the top and bottem of the wings should this be there? Lastly the strake above the hatch on the rear starboard fuselage has a shape around it representing the same shape as the strake but is not aligned with it. It makes it look as if there are two strakes. I think this is representing a fabric patch, should this be aligned with the strake?
  11. No I cannot post a picture as I have returned the kit as some other aspects seemed off register as well. But the photo posted of the yellow Mosquito in this topic only shows one strake so unless the Identical shallower second strake on the model, does not show in the photo in the photo of the real aircraft the kit must have been faulty.
  12. No the strake which is duplicated is on the starboard side of the fuselage at the rear of the trailing edge by a hatch, And the wavey lines are on the side of the fuselage below the cockpit
  13. I do not think I have explained myself well enough, the nose section has some wavy lines like the tape covering on the fuselage and I cannot see these in any references of mine. The strake on the starboard side has what looks like another strake displaced below it and slightly to the rear of the strake and is shallower. This being the one I could not erase without taking off the proper strake. Am I wrong? Should there be two strakes there, and should these wavy line be there on the side of the nose
  14. No I thought they were there, but on the nose section there are wavy lines. Also the strake which runs back on the Starboard side has a line by it which I cannot see on any references of mine, it just looks like the strake is duplicated, it is the same shape as the the strake.
  15. To help anyone who is thinking of buying the Hong Kong 1/32 Mosquito Beware !!! I purchased one Yesterday and took it back today to get my money back, all down the fuselage are lines of slightly raised moulding marks some of which would not be able to be taken off without taking detail with them. This problem also was on the wings to a small extent. I have e-mailed Pocketbond and it will be interesting to see their reply. I certainly would not part with that kind of money for that standard of quality control.
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