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  1. Underwood was a couple of courses behind me at IOT at Cranwell. Someone pointed him out to me (this was a couple of years before his first cap) and said "he'll play for Engalnd one day". Obviously, I poured scorn on this - still no idea how my mate could predict that, as I don't think he'd ever seen him play.
  2. A stunning pair. Really like that finish as well from the W&N can. I'm going to get some..
  3. Here's my first lockdown build, a not very satisfctory rendition of a memorable (for me) JP3 from the Airfix kit. I was a few courses behind Fritag at Church Fenton Unfortunately, my piloting abilities were somewhat less proficient than his, and my RAF flying career ended after a horrible trip on a miserable day in November when I failed a flying test for the second time in JP TMk3a XN595. I'd been struggling, so no great surprise. Anyway, I've added a few vents , scoops and ariels which are missing from the Airfix model, and added bits to the seats from an Eduard set. It's the first model I've finished for a few years, and I was quite pleased with it - until I looked at the photos. They don't half highlight the flaws! I like the Airfx kit though. Might do the JP I soloed in next (XN552 since you ask . . .) now that doing XN595 has brought some sort of closure.* * It hasn't.
  4. "Ejection seat pins all removed and stowed". Except they weren't. Still embarrassed over that mistake from one of my JP3 trips. Lost my solo cat temporarily as a result.
  5. That is modelling of the highest standard. The detail and the finish are exemplary in themselves, but light and sound too . . . . you are one very gifted fella!
  6. Stunning work - I'm smelling the avtur from here, and remembering feeling the old anxieties arising as I strapped into a JP3 for another 60 minutes of bollocking . . .
  7. It was Rareplanes I think. I did one in '82, currently in bits in my loft. It was incredibly difficult to get right, especially due to the complexity of the wings I seem to remember. However, it did look the part once finished, and was obviously the only game in town for a 1/72 Victor back then.
  8. I was on 16 course at CF, and our course badge was an *ahem* schoolgirl (as in sweet 16) holding a small JP3. From memory, a New Zealand stude on the course came up with the concept, and I drew it for the badge makers. My artistic talents are limited to say the least, and clearly, political correctness was some time in the future! Unfortunately, my mother chucked out a load of my stuff which I left at home in Scotland, including that badge. Perhaps just as well, really!
  9. What magnificent machines these were. Last time I was on one was coming back from a rugby tour in the early 90s. For some reason, the captain or someone decided we might be trouble, despite us being pretty tame by any standards. A huge engineer from "below decks" or something was sent to watch over us, armed with a large wrench. In fact, he was a very pleasant Geordie who couldn't see what the problem was, so just chatted with us for the duration of the crossing. Still annoys me to be treated like that though!
  10. Superb rendition of an iconic (well, at least to people like me) aircraft. The obituary of George Hislop, who designed the Rotodyne, was in The Telegraph today (died on 24th July) - fascinating reading.
  11. PDon't think it was 16, but then again, it wa such a long time ago, I couldn't really be sure!
  12. Outstanding work - it's certainly brought back a few very distant memories of my time at FSS. Difficult to believe that you've not been modelling day in, day out for decades, given the levels of skill and finish.
  13. I was on 16 course at Church Fenton - did I see John Boxer feature briefly on one of the stills?
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