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  1. That does look nice! I think I'll judge with my eyes, rather than base my assumptions on the video though.
  2. I finished this off yesterday - built OOB from the Club kit boxing with the decals supplied (lovely Cartograf ones, I might add). Like the Gladiator I've just put up it was a great non-AMS build from start to finish and involved a good dosage of fun, which has to be important! Cheers, Owen
  3. I've finally got some photos of this Great Little Gladiator Up! http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.p...mp;#entry349511 Thanks for reading! Owen
  4. I finished this one off a couple of weeks ago but never got round to putting any photos up. A great little kit from start to finish, I built it in three days and was brilliant fun! It might not be the most accurate of beasts, but I enjoyed it immensely! Cheers, Owen
  5. Now to say that was stunning would be an understatement!
  6. Julien - they were the ones provided by Tamiya in the newest boxing of this kit.
  7. So many lovely builds! They're all smashing!
  8. Alright, that error has been dealt with! An inside out printing error by the looks of things (this is quite an old issue kit)
  9. Thanks Nick. The panel lines where done with a light wash of my Burnt Umber/Dark Grey/Washing up Liquid mix but I tried to keep them quite subtle. The panel lines seem quite fine so I suppose this helped. Cheers, Owen
  10. For fun? That's what I did it for!
  11. I've quickly been knocking together the Airfix Gloster Gladiator kit together over the last three days. My first thoughts on the kit were - "primitive". It's the first biplane I've done properly so was a sharp learning curve. The fit was bad, the parts poorly moulded. First up, after a bit of filling sanding and guesswork with the scraping away of plastic the bottom wing set was on: With much fiddling, the top wing set was attached to the struts and masked up. At this point, I think the number of parts used accounted to the number 14... The masking was followed by a covering in Halford's Grey Primer, and subsequently Halford's BMW Silver: This evening I've done what I've never done before - doing biplane rigging. Going by a couple of photos on tinternet, I went for this basic pattern which seems to fit the bill. I'm out of superglue, so had to use two part epoxy instead, which took a long time to set! I think it was worth the sticky fingers and cursing in the end! And now by this evening it's covered in decals and pretty much finished: Having built it, I've found it much more rewarding than I thought it would ever be. Yes, it probably isn't the most accurate of machines, those panel lines are something less than desired but it was fun! Lots of fun at that, I'd recommend it! Cheers, Owen
  12. All thanks to the canopy masks that Tamiya include with the kit - a very nice inclusion! Perfect fit! Cheers for the comments chaps Owen
  13. Built for the FAA/RNAS GB over the pond on the ATF, in FAA Colours: Overall, an enjoyable build. It was a good chance to apply some new techniques like preshading and using Flat Base to weather it down a bit. Cheers, Owen
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