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  1. Each to their own I suppose. Having been to shows where Revell and Tamiya have had really impressive stands, Glass cases displaying new & coming soon kits etc... I was expecting something a bit more than an Airfix poster and a table with a few average build models on it. And the few guys I spoke to around the 'stand' seemed to be thinking the same.
  2. Just got back. Great show. Don't know why 'official' Airfix turned up though. They put zero effort into that stand. Twas a disgrace.
  3. Can't wait. Twas great last year
  4. Tried to get a replacement main wheel for my 1:48 Typhoon (it was half built and when I came back to carry on, the wheel has disappeared). They couldn't help as its an old kit but were really nice about it. Used them a couple of times now. Recommended!
  5. I'm having Klear problems I've had a search and read up on (old) Klear and yellowing and the consensus seems to be it's not the Klear but the white paint underneath.. and this happens over time. I white sprayed (aerosol) an Airliner and Kleared and it came out perfect. About a year later I repeated with my next airliner and the finish is very off-white. Almost creamy. Immediately after Klear dries. Very noticable when the two models are side-by-side. I thought something must have gone wrong in the paint/klear process.. but before I start my next paintjob (Concorde) I tested it by painting some missiles from a fighter kit and then Klearing them. After only one coat of Klear, next day they're noticably yellowish. Where the klear pooled near the fins it's extremely yellow tinted. My Klear is almost a full bottle. Not contaminated by anything other than air. It looks slightly mistier than I remember on purchase but not obviously yellow in the bottle. Obviously I cannot get hold of any more old type Klear. Any ideas? Could the spray paint (PlastiKote White Appliance Paint) have gone off in some way? Although, like I say, from the pooling on the test missiles it definately looks like the Klear is the yellowing influence.
  6. so.. why do they always print the red dot seperate to the rest of the roundel? Its a complete pig to get it dead centre.
  7. Cheers all. Won't bother with the cheapy one
  8. My brothers just getting back into modelling. Up to now he's painting with brushes. I've seen a 'Beginners' airbrushing set for about £15. You get an airbrush + aerosol can. Are these any good?
  9. Should have gone for the Rafaele-M - but then the press would have had a field day. "Britain buys french planes shock horror !!!" As for the carriers.. typical British farce. We still want to be GREAT Britain with the best navy in the world. Well guess what - hardware costs money! You either spend a small fortune and get the best kit.. or you accept we can't afford it and scale back the forces, and stop being the USA's little brother.
  10. philbean

    Apache colour?

    What's the best Humbrol or Revell match for the US Army green for an Apache? The kit (Italeri) seems to point to Humbrol 155 - Olive Drab but that looks a bit too brown for me. 159 - Khaki green looks more accurate. Any recommendations?
  11. Whats the concensus on the nearest Humbrol or Revell blues for the various BA paint schemes? For the current BA livery and the World Tails scheme (I assume the same blue for both?) Revell recommends their 350 - Lufthansa Blue. Anyone agree? This looks a bit dark to me and seems more like the old Landor colour. For the Landor though, Airfix suggest Humbrol 15 - Midnight Blue. I know Xtracolour do exact matches but I'd like to use my existing Humbrol/Revell stock if possible.
  12. Nope haven't started yet. Twas cheap in Hobbycraft - only reason I picked it up.
  13. About to start the Airfix 747-200 in BA's landor scheme. Anyone know what the upper fuselage colour is? It's like a very slight blue/greyish white. http://www.airliners.net/photo/British-Air...236B/1138149/L/ Don't suppose anyone knows of an exact match for this in modellers paint?
  14. Another Klear question.. I have a Revell 1:24 GP car. It has rubber tyres that will need decalling. Is it OK to Klear coat the tyres?
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