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  1. Thanks Edgar! It's good to know that I wasn't totally imagining the dark color on the armor plate in some early Spitfires. It would seem from all that I read here that by August 1940 the armor was most likely painted in the same interior grey-green as the rest of the cockpit. I am in the process of coverting a Tamiya MK.Vb back to a MK.I (cannon), R6776 QV*H, as flown by Flt. Sgt. George Unwin during August 1940 and the armor plate will be interior grey-green. Happy Modeling, John R.
  2. HI, Another Spifire MK.I question. Approximately when did armor back plate and headrest begin to be seen on squadron a/c? The other question is what color was this armor plate painted? I seem to recall it was a dark color, black? As always any information will be greatly appreciated. John R.
  3. Many thanks for the info Jim. I though there was something that needed doing with the Tamiya struts. I will use your suggestion on reducing the length of the oleos 1mm. I will also take a harder look at the ICM kit gear legs. I am glad I asked as I am still at the stage I can tweak things without a lot of undoing things. Now let the build being. John
  4. Hi all, before I get too far along on the three (1/48) Tamiya Spitfires sitting on my work bench I need to know if there are any probelms with the kit's main landing gear legs. I vaguely recall reading a post that hinted that they were problems with the length and or rake of the legs. Or just possibly it's the ICM kit that has the gear leg issues. Any help with this will be greatly appreciated as would any other thoughts on the Tamiya Spits. John R.
  5. Thanks for the information. I had suspected that this vehicle wasn't in wide spread, if at any, use with the RAF. If it had been I am sure it would have been used in quite a few diorama over the years. Hopefully we will see some main stream kits of RAF vehicles at a reasonable price in the near future. John R.
  6. Hi first post. I am lucky enough to have the old Bandai 1/48th Austin 3 tonner K5 truck kit in my stash and would to know if this particular vehicle was used by the RAF in WW2 and if so during what time frame. I would assume if it were it would not have been painted in Blue-Grey during the war. Many thanks in advance, John R.
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