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  1. No it's an old Academy FR. XIVe I had gethering dust in the loft, was silver 2 Squadron Wunsdorf 1947. Added ICM wing tips out of spares box,ex ICM HF. VII kit.
  2. Thanks Miggers, the white is on !!!
  3. Is there a UK stockist for Red Pegasus decals? Trying to source their 1/48 decal sheet for Spencer Flack's Spitfire FR. XIVe. G-FIRE Rich.
  4. Love those two, if you look carefully at the photo of the real MJ627 you will see that the u/c doors are on the right way, the black of the invasion stripe confuses the profile also if they were wrong the u/c would not retract into the wheel wells !
  5. Nice build, you've done well with that, it's a little fatty though isn't it !!!
  6. Very true Troy, I once knew an ex bomber barron who had flown both, when he was shot down in August 1943 in his 405 sqn Halibag Mk.II srs2 he said if it had been a Lanc he would have died.
  7. Very nice, I've got one in the stash, I want to back date mine to a Mark Ia of May/June 1940. They do look good kits and uild up wonderfully.
  8. Great model of Grp/Capt John Spencer's Lightning. The last station commander of RAF Binbrook. John Spencer passed away late last year.
  9. What does it retail for in the UK ?
  10. Never mind the issues it looks like a Whirlwind to me, a lovely build.
  11. Fabulous Hawk that, different scheme from the norm and most welcome. Well done
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