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  1. Superb job!! Congratulations!!
  2. Thank you very much Mitch; The fittings are bad, but the clear parts are the worst. I recommend to change these parts. Vacuum form parts could be considered. Cheers.
  3. It is my last finished model. This MPM model has bad fitting. It is not easy model. I used Mr Hobby colors. Cheers.
  4. Very very thank Fuad. This information will help me a lot. Best; Cristian
  5. Superb job Fuad. I really liked this camouflage and colours. I am researching about this scheme using AMT-1 (or A21m) / AMT-4 / AMT-12 and AMT-7 in my IL-2m3. Did you use acrylic paints? What colour or formulate do you used? Best; Cristian.
  6. Hum, interesting note. Thank you so much. I will observe this point in my next job. Cheers!
  7. Thank you GrzeM. Yes, it is 1/72 scale. Excellent kit. Cheers.
  8. Thank you mate. Interesting research.
  9. UOlllll. Nice painting. Stunning job!
  10. Wow, good tip, my friend. Thank you so much!! This was one of my doubts that I couldn't solve in my research. I will do this in my Pzl 42 which is under construction. Annotated tip! Cheers!!
  11. Amazing! Superb! I already ordered my kit! Cheers!
  12. Thank you Dogs! Thank you my friend! Cheers!
  13. Thank you Martin! Cheers! Than you Invidia! Cheers!
  14. Thank you Jerzy!! My great-grandfather was Polish and I really like Polish aviation. About color formulation, I used this follow process: - Alclad base; - Pre-shadow on the lines with Natoblack; - Panels, I used this Tamiya formulation XF-52:4 + XF-3:2+ XF-51:1 + XF-2:1: - And Polish khaki, I used this Tamiya formulation XF-52:1 + XF64:1 + XF-2:1 This IBG kit is fantastic and I will definitely build others. Cheers!
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