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  1. Ohoo, thank you. I will check it. Cheers!
  2. Thank you F-32. I will check this article. Do you remember what edition month / year? Cheers!
  3. Great job Opus999! The metal surfaces are superb! Cheers;
  4. Thanks RMCS!! Thank you Russ! Cheers; Thank you so much Opus! Thanks Mike! Cheers!
  5. Thank you so much Miguel! Thank you! Thank you so much Paulo!! Cheers;
  6. Thank you so much Greg; I bought this set in Modelimex. Cheers;
  7. Thank you Pete J; The OWL certainly has sets for 1/48. I recommend. Cheers;
  8. Thank you Malcon; I found this camouflage very interesting. It is unique and not black. Cheers; Thank you Vinnie!
  9. Thank you Mike! Dornier series are my favorite war II flying machines. Cheers;
  10. Hi guys; This is my 4° model finished this year. This model is really good. Fine lines and very correct. About RLM's, I used a mix of Tamiya paints. I riveted all model with a Dousek Riveter and I used OWL FUG 220 lichtenstein set. Thank you for your attention!! Cheers.
  11. Superb job my friend!! Congratulations! I really loved this. Cheers;
  12. Thank you Drake122. Yes, I made a big mess here with my references. My gosh ... Thanks for the tip. Cheers;
  13. Thank you mate; Dilution versus pressure in the airbrush is difficult. It's hard to find the ideal paint point. I have experience with Tamiyas which are easier application. Cheers;
  14. Hi guys; I finished this Zvezda 1/72 last December. I used Mig acrylics and Eduard PE set. I really liked this kit, but I had difficulties with Mig paints. Here some photos: Cheers;
  15. Superb job!!!! A nice piece of art!! Congrats!
  16. Thank you guys. Thank you so much! My next It will be a Pzl.42! Cheers.
  17. Thank you Gregory. This interior is a mix of photo-etched IBG kit parts and Yahu panel set. The Interior detailing is excellent. No scratch-building necessary. Cheers;
  18. Hi guys; This is my 3° model finished this year. I really like IBG models. I had a good moments building my Karás last year. This Łoś is a beautiful model. I used Hataka paints and a Yahu panel. Cheers.
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