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  1. Hi guys, many thanks for the kind comments! To answer your question, Logical, the spotting effect on the 109 was accomplished by mixing a shade approx. 50/50 of the colour mixed for RLM 65 with RLM 02. I then used a fine paint brush to paint on the areas randomly, until I liked the look of the effect created Cheers, JJC
  2. Hi guys, I'm a long-time lurker of this forum and have recently decided to show off a few of my builds (they've never been anywhere close to good enough before now!) Everything in this thread has been built since January this year (I've made a return to modelling as a stress-reliever between pieces of uni work!) So without further ado, here they are...not upto much compared to most on here, but I'm quite proud of them... All C&C welcome, let me know what you think! :smile: Italeri 1/48 P-40 Kittyhawk Pips Priller's FW-190 (Italeri 1/48) Adolf Galland's Bf-109 E-4 (Airfix 1
  3. JJC

    1/48 'Smokewinders'

    Amazing info - thank you muchly gentlemen!
  4. JJC

    1/48 'Smokewinders'

    Hi guys, I'm about to start a series of projects based around European demo F-16s. A staple of these display jets are the smokewinders seen fitted to wingtips - does anyone know where I can procure some, or if some can be easily fashioned in other ways? Cheers, JJC
  5. My favourite mustang scheme, bar none! Fabulous looking aircraft and build
  6. Very smart, especially the 'chipping' effect - very rugged and realistic :-)
  7. Great shots, not somewhere you see everyday! Looks like the Turkish have a good grasp on preservation of their Air Force types
  8. Unusual looking (typically Russian though!) Fantastic :-)
  9. Love the Pembrokes :-) Belgian roundels look brilliant Also a fan of the golden hawks Harvard (texan?) Great!
  10. Incredibly wacky yet brilliant!
  11. SA sure does have a brilliantly varied aviation scene awesome that ThunderCIty are back
  12. In awe of builds like this! Looks like it could be out on the flightline!
  13. Thanks very much for the advice my friend! I appreciate any and all comments for improvement of my shots, I'm still a relative novice! Thanks for the kind words, JJC
  14. I thought the series was an interesting enough look at an absolutely fascinating period of history! Certainly a subject which I find myself able to read widely about, without loosing any interest
  15. Stunning! The phantom looks brilliant in this scheme!
  16. Just the one, from Duxford's September airshow - a shot I've been after for a while! C&C welcome Thanks, JJC
  17. Certainly unusual! Lovely looking build though
  18. The grey really suited the hawk, looked great as a frontliner in my opinion! The 92 tail really sets the scheme off though
  19. BOAC aircraft always look excellent, such a classy scheme
  20. Great diorama! The F-16 sure is a looker, hard to believe it's coming up 40! Great 'retro' feel to the prototype though
  21. Something lovely about the Tiger Moth, as there is about the DG/DE over yellow RAF training scheme
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