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    I have a love of Sci-Fi and 1/32 WW2 but basically up for anything. Dipping my toe into AFV, vehicles and 1/48 kits that interest me too.
    This site is bad for my wallet, good for my kit stash :)
  1. Very nice. Great kit too. I loved doing my one. J.
  2. Looks great to me. I beat the crap out of mine so weather away I say J.
  3. Thanks guys. Glad you like. As all things in this hobby I'm still a learner on weathering but loving the processes involved and always love a weathered kit more than a pristine one. Have to agree, these Fine Molds kits are great. I still have a Y-Wing, Tie Fighter, Obi Wans Starfighter and Drive Ring plus Boba Fett's Slave One left to do
  4. Im calling this one done. The first of 2014 but started way back in early 2013. Its the Fine Molds 1/72 X-Wing from Star Wars made in Red 3's markings . Painted in the majority in vallejo, some decals, some sprayed markings and mucked up with various Mig Washes, filters and pastels. I hope you like and as usual constructive criticism greatly appreciated.
  5. Thanks John, Alclad undercoat, dabbed with Maskol from a scouring pad to give an irregular coverage, painted with the camo then removed, also some light sanding to take camo back to the alclad. Worked OK but a bit heavy in places so its a work in progress technique methinks. J.
  6. Thanks Karl. The weathering is my 1st real try with filters. Gloss coat over the decals and then using various brown, tan, red, sepia, yellow and white oils dabbed in irregular dots on the kit. Then one streaks with a brush slightly dampened with enamel thinners in the direction of the airflow. Once dry, a couple days later, you can matt clear coat it. It looked awful at 1st but you just have to keep adjusting, adding some removing lots, until it looks OK. I'd recommend anyone tried it. I'd love to eventually put it on a floating water base but thats another thing I haven't ever tried but am keen to have a try. J.
  7. Hi all, Probably my last for the year this one. I'm calling this one "Finished at last". I've been at this one on and off now for since its release but finally got round to finishing her. Only additions are the brilliant canopy set and masks by Alley Cat, metal machine guns in the nose and rear gunner and some of the PE that is in the Eduard Big ED Set. I didn't use it all as some of it just looked too fiddly and I was keeping the panels closed anyway. I guess I could have got away with just the cockpit set. It was an enjoyable, if a little protracted build. As usual constructive criticism greatly received and expected. J.
  8. Thanks guys. Will have a look J.
  9. All, It seems the Cutting Edge decal set in 1/48 is almost impossible to find. I'd like to build XE601 in memory of an old friend who passed away recently. I guess all I need is standard codes and roundels which shouldn't be too difficult. Does anyone know if the fuselage serials and under wind serials are available anywhere? Thanks in advance, J.
  10. Sad news. For those, who like me, remember XE601 with her favourite pilot JT at her controls its with a heavy heart that I pass on news of JT's passing. A gentleman, a rare humble Fighter Pilot and a hero of mine. You will be missed JT. Blue Skies and Fair Winds old friend. RIP.
  11. Something I've only just started doing Breaker. Mold agent on mine too so its had a good old soak and is now drying off Thanks for the warning. J.
  12. That lit up kit really works. Its convinced me to light the black one (that'll be the 2nd one I do) up. I agree on black plastic, what a pointless thing that is. Do kids actually buy these at these prices and then not paint them? Its the same as the early Revell Red Arrows 1/32 Hawks. Does no one any favours. Agree with the box tightly packed too, Moebius must have to 3D model the box contents to get them to fit so tight yet safely. That said from the manufacturers opinion you just cant win can you? To tight to look and put back to bed versus so free running they get bashed up, we moan either way. Thanks for the links and info too Breaker, much appreciated J.
  13. Thats the one Kallisti. Don't expect a massive collection as its just a corner up on the left side half way down the shop. A lot of Hornby trains etc but a not too bad collection of plastic kits and a very good selection (whole range?) of the new Humbrol paints and weathering washes/powders so not bad at all. I'm going back maybe later in the week, this time with the 20% discount voucher out of this months Airfix Magazine J. This might be the 1st ever kit I light Breaker. Ive always wanted to try one but this is the 1st I'd feel happy about chopping up to do so I think. After a closer inspection of the parts I now want another for the Sand/Tan camo version, which I might do 1st I think, just to be different. J.
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